Ji of secret of introduction of duty field new people of a new type


In Sep[db:标签TAG]ember, taking puerile bashful, a batch of this year's undergraduates enter duty field from the tower of ivory, promotion becomes duty field new people of a new type, and of white-collar, elite, backbone " essence of bones of the dead " , be the dream that countless girls struggle. But want to make choice of bones of the dead, can not be so easy, do not have shortcut to be able to go not only, and fall is met one after another, model " essence of bones of the dead " , the experience that reads summary of a n experienced person first.
   Into door phase border of new environment new personality needs to stand fast

New personality, always be before new job new environment cannot one pace suits, when encountering various difficult problem, the pliable but strong that needs undergo self-imposed hardships so as to strengthen one's resolve to do sth is strong. Brand-new working domain, brand-new human relation, from study condition changes working position, suit hard quite. This moment, want to analyse the reason that does not suit above all, join oneself closest profession program, measure oneself after all to need not to need to hold to afresh again; Want to look for good leeway to oneself next, do not want blind abdication, according to his specialty the hobby defines the goal of very next attack; Again, had made even charge plan, if discover oneself ability does not suit this job, come down to think whether oneself are deficient in the ability of some respect calmly, if charge,can solve this problem, so might as well the study that uses the job a few knowledge.

Had these experience that stand fast, duty field new personality is in " essence of bones of the dead " the meeting on growing road takes many roundabout way less.

   "Won't place an issue " change oneself

Duty field means income and position, those who follow the tower of ivory is pure do not have law comparing, how does female of new job field encounter dispute to should do again when be faced with complex human concern net?

Say honest, if you feel you are not " place an issue " ace, might as well adopt " with changeless should 10 thousand change " next this a bad plan, the heart that maintains a goodness namely then gets along well with the colleague, handle the work with the state of mind of active health. No matter encounter what kind of dispute, had decided for oneself, be not disturbed by the environmental place of the outside, "Cannot change others to be forced to change his " , probably this also is the plan that an ego that handles dispute adjusts.

  Fosan night net Fosan night net"Alluring " it is test Gui Zaicheng sometimes economic interest is encountered in believing on-the-job field, of short-term profit " alluring " be unavoidable, face undesirable temptation, countless experience tell us, should stand fast principle, do good own job. Have some of time actually, look be like is a big cake, itsDongguan night net Dongguan night netSolid it is a few test. Had held to oneself principle with respect to need at that timeShanghai water mill Shanghai water mill: Be an upright person want sincere letter, dependable devoir, be an upright person simply principle, solve best method of the thing namely.

   Promotion phase

Above these are the main points that make duty field new people of a new type, and should become " essence of bones of the dead " still need to have a lot of ability, be good at change one's view according to circumstances for instance, the duty field appearance that is good at him change with acclimatization, on try to gain chip. So might as well master a few law, let you rise in the post on add cent, but also cannot have when the operation lose sense of property.

   To boss explain should " I do instantly "

Above all, the job that respondent boss explains wants " I do instantly " . Make such response quickly, can letting boss feel you intuitionisticly is a job tells efficiency, processing the issue is decisive, the good subordinate that and be subject to leads. If you are indecisive, can make boss unhappy only, can leave indecisive impression to boss, next time significant opportunity is potential annulus be less than you.

Want to reflect a group in the job nextShanghai water mill Shanghai water millTeam spirit, say than as usual " the idea of XX is really good " etc. May some oneself originality and plan did not get boss is admired, but other staff by commend, not be oneself at this moment and sad or envy, work in the same place in boast of the boast inside the sound of boss as far as possible. In the duty field of strife openly and secretly, be good at admiring others, can let boss think you are kind-hearted, have group mind, give you more credit thereby. Additional, as duty field new people of a new type of the female, the Huang Duanzi that rejects the office is very the thing that be necessary. If male colleague leaves " yellow antrum " , make you intolerable, can say with them " this kind of word does not suit to be told in the office oh " , this word perhaps can let ground of their know how to behave in a delicate situation shut up.

   The first reaction that suggests to the mistake is to accept

Want to be good at admitting error on the job, be brave in to admit oneself error is very serious, shirk responsibility can make the fault is added on your fault only. Nevertheless, admit error also has tricks of the trade, do not let all mistakes namely oneself are carried, after affirming fault, the respect that points out a few affirmation even will divert the attention of others, him desalt error.

Also be inevitable to criticism above the job, face criticism or accusing, Shanghai water mill Shanghai water millNo matter oneself have undeserved place, do not write dissatisfaction on the face, but should let the other side know, you already accepted his information, neither haughty nor humble let you look self-confident sedate, be worth to respect more, can say with them " thank you to tell me, I can consider your proposal carefully. I can consider your proposal carefully..

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