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"Ah! " Chou Xiaoxiao is swung to from the back, nimble of Wang Ji of if it were not for, she affirms meeting trip.

"How? Crural that's all right? " Wang Ji asks the Chou Xiaoxiao that sits on the ground to helping foot, lip up to be about to bite haemorrhage.

"Delay one delay with respect to have nothing to do. " Chou Xiaoxiao's hard mood, what fool knows to affirm is not light.

Kuang Kefan has not arrived in front of, wang Ji had pulled Chou Xiaoxiao's trouser legs, help her carefully take off next shoe, look carefully: "Dilocation, come, bite into my dress, do not want to be afraid of, not quite ache, good. Good..

Say, wang Ji handed Chou Xiaoxiao left sleeve, see she is bitten went up, the right hand feels the position, exert all his strength to be pulled send, "Ka " , listen only next " ah " cry greatly.

"Put a mouth? Dawn, put a mouth. " the edge says to push by the side of Wang Ji, this ability was pushed bite the Chou Xiaoxiao on him arm, pull an arm quickly next, an embossing orderly permutation, bled quickly: "Dawn, be to let you bite the dress? Be to let you bite the dress??

Chou Xiaoxiao's face red: "I had not gotten ready, you began, I too ached, did not notice... "

"Aha ha, my Mom, what do you call Wang Ji? I look, bled quickly, dawn, look quickly, wang Ji is brushing tear actually, aha ha, washed-up, you him, hahaha, you bite him cried, haha上海419桑拿会所论坛ha... " azalea is holding what abdomen laughs in the arms to be no good, connecting Kuang Kefan also is those who laugh again and again aphonia.

Wang Ji is the laugh that ache does not come out, the laugh that Chou Xiaoxiao is awkwardness does not come out.

Wait for two people to laugh enough, king brandish aing thoroghbred horse brandish arm, feeling a lot of: "Dawn, you cannot walk, I will carry you on the back, come. " say to stretch one's hand go pulling the Chou Xiaoxiao that sits on the ground.

Chou Xiaoxiao hid: "Do not have a thing, I can go. I can go..

"Still be I will carry on the back. " before Kuang Kefan also walks up, go: "Dawn, cannot flaunt his superiority at that time, want obedient. Want obedient..

"Ah, kuang Kefan, you carry Xiao Xiao on the back, who carries me on the back then? " azalea cries greatly: "I also went to be not moved, otherwise, does Wang Ji carry me on the back? Does Wang Ji carry me on the back??

Do not know why, cuckoo of enemy dawn Xiao Ting lets Wang Ji carry her on the back, some are suddenly anxious in the heart: "That, that still lets Wang Ji carry me on the back. " say, the feeling is a little strange, complemented again rapidly: "Can altogether, after all azalea and Wang Ji are not quite ripe, the back is worn always not quite good. The back is worn always not quite good..

"Can altogether, quickly, you look, wang Ji has gone far. Wang Ji has gone far..

"Who calls you to eat so much? Too heavy. Too heavy..

"Can altogether, exceeded them, fast. Fast..

"I want tired died, you carry otherwise on the back I. You carry otherwise on the back I..


Listening to a[db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]茶的地方你懂zalea two people all the time rearward brawl, enemy dawn Xiao Yizhen is comical, put the head to Wang Ji's shoulder gently, experiencing the warmth on this man body, she feels unprecedented ease suddenly, she has a bold idea actually, she wants to admit to enjoy this warmth really, , with respect to this last time.

Then, she lived with hand annulus Wang Ji's neck, changed the face to Wang Ji's side the face, serious look this Jun Lang's enthusiastic man up and downing has, see him choosing stay carefully seriously, relaxed and strong and vigorous pace, let oneself do not feel bumpy almost on Wang Ji back.


Leave home in old far, a few people heard hubbub.

"His aunt, my truth says, so old, you but cannot talk not to calculate a sentence, 170 thousand of come to an agreement or understanding, that or I am softhearted, otherwise, but won't so of volubility, neighbor people witness to me, say what girl says I am big manage? " a big voice the woman is crying greatly.

Chou Xiaoxiao is a little anxious: "Wang Ji, put me, seem to have a thing in the home. Seem to have a thing in the home..

"You set your mind at to be being waited for, those who put you to come down to still carry you on the back to go as me is fast, arrived immediately. " Wang Ji was saying to also quicken pace.


"Child his woman, little say a few words, of villager of home village or town, your conversation how so acerbity? " the sound that transmits a man then.

"Zhang Tiezhu, you are special Mom what mitzvah, can I know? What do not see family widow grow is beautiful, heard smelling of fish seeing coquettish, I say... "

"Old girl, you can close your foul mouth, I two innocence, in those days the brother that old elder brother of I and enemy has done obeisance to handle, I can indulge no matter? I can indulge no matter??

"Pull less with old woman trashy, his aunt, you say, you are to return money to still marry a daughter, give a word. " the woman cries greatly again rise.

"Woman, i, I do not want money, dawn, xiao Xiao is me, my wife. " tongue-shy sound, wang Ji listens to know is 2 dogs, the one share fury that does not have cause is burned from mind rise, wang Ji drove a few paces closely, squeezed from the crowd of gate mouth go in.

The stout woman that has a dress without solid worth and a man back that holding tobacco lever are standing to Wang Ji, enemy mother leans on guest room door to brush tear, 2 dogs to the woman, a king that saw take the door as thoroghbred horse.

"Dawn, xiao Xiao this is, be how? Fast, put quickly to me. " 2 dogs are saying to enrage king of hasty run to to a thoroghbred horse, there is energy of life in king heart aing thoroghbred horse, thrill through of a sideways, the leg is ticked off, 2 dogs came the dog gnaws excrement.

The chaotic that do not have a canal goes helping the person of 2 dogs, wang Ji comes to guest room doorway, to enemy maternity: "Aunt, did not cry, crural dislocate of Xiao Xiao, take a bench to let her sit. " saying to put Chou Xiaoxiao slowly, helped bench up to go up.

Need not ask actually, wang Ji and enemy dawn dawn had known the intent of bearer, at this moment Kuang Kefan and cuckoo also arrived.

Chou Xiaoxiao has sat, look at weeping mother, in the heart furious: "2 dogs, am I to call you to wait for me in the home? Am I to call you to wait for me in the home??

"Dawn, dawn, i, i... " what 2 dogs face Chou Xiaoxiao is accusatorial, actually confused look.

"Dawn, are you to still want to let me a 2 dogs wait for you 10 years? Today since you came back, still took a tough man, you say, you want how to be worn, still want to lay a person? " saying, stout woman looks at Wang Ji: "Boy, horizontal what? In pagoda tree collect this mu 3 distribute land on, who has not old woman been afraid of, dare call my son, I call you not to go to give this station child. I call you not to go to give this station child..

Wang Ji looks hear the news the old little man that coming hand takes the fellow assorted such as shovel, rolling pole, still gave a sweat really, sighed with emotion people's ocean is really powerful.

"Aunt, do you say how to many money want? " enemy dawn Xiao Ketai is clear全国凤,凰楼信息网站 about the mother of 2 dogs.

"Dawn, also not be aunt force you, you say so old, I want 200 thousand also do not calculate much, what is more,the rather that you had been returned 30 thousand, give me again 170 thousand, I know, you are not to look to go up I a 2 dogs, but this is in debt the perfectly justified that return money... " saying, stout woman also has some of look that feels embarrassed to say again.

Chou Xiaoxiao saw the key point is low head silent do not make a sound, persistently Da is worn the Zhang Tiezhu of tobacco, look not to say anxiously to give the 2 dogs of the word in feminine back all the time again, took out a piece of bank to get stuck from the bag: "Magnify uncle, it is my Chou Xiaoxiao Is am sorry you, 2 dogs, I also am opposite you, this has 200 thousand in card, calculate me to return today your, as to the favour that owes you, I issue all one's life to return you. I issue all one's life to return you..

"Ah, you see Xiao Xiao say, of what affection, villager of home village or town is assisted also is should, " saying to move toward Xiao Xiao, the eye is staring at the bank in hand of enemy dawn dawn to get stuck: "How much is this password, you still must say to be clear about is not. You still must say to be clear about is not..

Chou Xiaoxiao blocks issued a woman to extend the hand that gets stuck to the bank: "Aunt, in those days although I am small, but still also remember, is you are forcing everybody stood a written pledge at that time? Is you are forcing everybody stood a written pledge at that time??

"Yao, look aunt this memory, zhang Tiezhu, give Xiao Xiao quickly written pledge, from now on we two Qing Dynasty. From now on we two Qing Dynasty..

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