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"Childe, she had not had a thing two days. " the say that servant looks at a surname to hope to embarrass.

"You go down first. " a surname hopes to had received the hamper in servant hand, go to the room.

"Rise have a meal. " a surname hopes to look at crouch in the corner motionless Er is elegant, cold say.

Er is elegant hear voice, raise a head painfully, see a surname hopes low first, two days did not eat the injury that adds mind to already let her consciousness become ambiguous.

"Was heard? Rise have a meal. " a surname hopes to staring at Er elegant, does she think such do oneself take her to do not have method?

Er is elegant know a surname hopes to had become indignant, these two days everyday he can come, oneself from will be had not said a word with him by her, he boxes up himself is to cope with Su Yu, does the meeting that can you be Su Yuzhen compromise for oneself and him? He just treats himself as shadow stopped, perhaps oneself are dispensable only to him, so he says " just appear because of oneself. " it is this meaning, either oneself also can be others.

A surname hopes to look at the Er that disregards his elegant, put hamper on the table, walk into南京哪里spa性价比高 Er elegant, stretch his hand to pull her.

Er is elegant think revolt, but the whole body is faint, can allow to be hoped to pull oneself by a surname only rise.

A surname hopes to experience the softness that conceives go-between, peculiar mood is born in the heart, lower his head to look at Er elegant, complexion is cadaverous, make her soft beauty heavier 3 minutes, of the girl fragrance sweet around in nose needle, she makes a person infatuate so unexpectedly.

"Unlock me. " Er is elegant speak painfully, oneself do not like his propinquity.

A surname hopes Er elegant on the chair that is put beside the desk, "Have a meal, do not let me try to force you eat. Since I catch you, won't put you to go easily. Won't put you to go easily..

Er is elegant did not reply, she won't eat, hopeless also he lets off himself, this just feels the heart is very tired momently, perhaps died so it may not be a bad idea, do not know worldly what still is worth to be reluctant to leave, gu Xi has laugh, he will be happy, oneself died to be opposite for Su Yu perhaps also it doesn't matter.

A surname hopes to see the thrill through in Er elegant look that is wiped absolutely definitely, can't help feeling astounded, what did she produce after all, why to meet suddenly a person walks from Su Zhai, if not be such, oneself also cannot capture her. Did not think of Su Yu actually burn one's boats, 1000 prevent 10 thousand prevent did not calculate umbra to be able to cooperate with you actually, even if such can how, all right you can pull down night, who is defeated by to win to still do not know.

A surname hopes to walk into Er elegant, stretch one's hand hold Er elegant chin to raise the head with elegant Er, "Do not eat? "Do not eat??

Er elegant eye looks at a surname blurredly to hope, "I won't eat, you killed me. You killed me..

"Good, should let play first to death enough. " the before lip on the kiss, atrocious and chill.

Er is elegant those who experience a lip to go up is painful, was indifferent to.

A surname hoped to experience Er to be abse南京spa哪里好玩nt elegantly, can't help annoying in the heart, deepened strength, the hand extends Xiang Erya交流论坛南京桑拿梧桐论坛's waist, close feeling lets Er elegant tremble below, gradua南京珠江镇spa会所AHlly a surname hopes to breathe become be agitated, feel the more that oneself want, never generation of pair of a woman cross such mood, begin oneself to just want to frighten frighten her, can be this momently if she became her woman, oneself are OK of be perfectly justifiable leave her.

The jacket with elegant Er already by come out, air cooling is blown, the consciousness with elegant Er is gradually clear and bright, "Not, I am darling have a meal. " although oneself do not care about life and death, the person that but cannot give oneself,oneself do not love.

The reason that a surname hopes has been lost, did not hear the request with elegant Er, the kiss falls to ear, neck.

"Beg you, not. " tear slides.

A surname hoped to sto南京个人spa联系方式FDGp movement, the flavour in the mouth lets him restore reason.

"Not, I am darling have a meal. " the sound that loses infirmly is transmitted, a surname hopes to look up see Xiang Erya, slender finger gently the tear on erasure Er elegant face, help her had worn the dress.

Er is elegant taking chopstick little eating a meal, the hand of handholding chopstick is asp and faint, a surname hopes to look at her, feel a be perturbed, "Eat these completely. " say to go outwards.

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