Thirtieth 2 chapters: Meet again (2南京喝茶的地方你懂)

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Install song strong equipment to go out early in the morning the following day, the phone rang: "Its treasure? "Its treasure??

"Do not have time and you to chat a little well recently, have a meal together midday? Have a meal together midday??

An Ge hears the voice that Fu Jichen transmits to have some of exhaustion in the phone, she is very clear he the exhaustion that this comes to day after day, but force him dissemble, "Lunch is afraid be no good, " silent, still be firm does not leave a heart after all: "Is otherwise made an appointment with in the late evening? "Is otherwise made an appointment with in the late evening??

"Hum. " the sound of the Fu Jichen in the phone is having apparently light cheerful.

Hang a phone, an Ge takes a taxi at once went static Jin group, what think with oneself is same, liu Huaijin is iron of the heart do not plan to see oneself. But besides wait for his him unanimity here, an Ge cannot think of to still have the method with other what really. Look at the hall in now and then the staff member of contact, an Ge feels some are subdued suddenly, she after all err what, liu Huaijin is opposite so by what oneself. An Ge desperately want to seek a bit solution, also can not manage finally to give one man to nod main threads of an affair, installed a song to also struggle no longer finally simply, him at one's convenience looks at glazing slowly. The sunshine in the morning is aspersed through window bend come in, again warm sunshine, also cannot warmth installs a song at the moment that is cool thin heart.

Resembling was to sit a century is so long, an Ge looks at the downstage young lady that goes to oneself slowly later: "Install a young lady, at 12 o'clock, do you need have dinner? Do you need have dinner??

Downstage although do not know at the moment what do this wife that calls An Ge and land always have to concern, but pass,Shenyang aided the telephone call that makes especially yesterday, also knew to cannot slight downstage An Ge.

"Thank, need not. " Ange thanks courteously: "Excuse me land always where does he have a meal midday? "Excuse me land always where does he have a meal midday??

"This I am not quite clear, I am only downstage. Nevertheless I just see article young lady was carrying eat box to go up, most propbably is to give land to always send lunch. Most propbably is to give land to always send lunch..

"Article young lady? Is Wen Ling shown? " An Ge is like what think of somewhat to ask.

"Yes. "Yes..

"Good, thank you. " say to installed song face about to walk out of the hall, perhaps do not see Liu Huaijin, can try to see Wen Ling is shown. Oneself and Wen Ling did not celebrate a festival between dew, do not know she can help herself.

"Huai Jin, will quickly taste this soup, my Bao one morning. Still having these a few is the vegetable that you love to eat completely. " Wen Ling dew comes out dish from the end in hamper at the same time, at the same time accost land conceives Jin.

"You need not help me prepare these, small Li Hui prepares lunch. " Liu Huaijin changes the line of vision Wen Ling show a body from computer, "Put a holiday inaccessibly, you rest well, I do not think you are too painstaking. I do not think you are too painstaking..

Wen Ling shows the movement that halts a helper to go up, the look that looks at Liu Huaijin is affectionate and dedicated: "Anyway my at a loose end also is at a loose end, at least you can eat a meal well. At least you can eat a meal well..

Liu Huaijin rises past language goes beside 0 dew: "My person also does not have so much, eat together. Eat together..

Outside carelessly solved lunch, an Ge was driven hurriedly come back, the hope can be shown in Wen Ling of doorway meet unexpectedly. But the day fails the person wishs, installed a song to wait to also did not see the sign that Wen Ling shows afternoon, some inarticul南京spa哪里好玩ate are depressed, she did not know how to should do really. The time that He Jichen agrees also was gotten on for, bring the left Liu Huaijin company with a little decadent song.

Just ended a meeting, shen Yu hints land conceives journey of Jin the next chronically: "Land always, there is bureau of a meal with Wang Zong tonight. There is bureau of a meal with Wang Zong tonight..

"I knew, your announcement is downstage, let that woman come up. " ground of Liu Huaijin mention lightly puts forward to Shen Yu, as if that downstair woman is footy really.

Shen Yu was stupefied, after response comes, conscientiously groun[db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]茶的地方你懂d replies: "Land always, installed a young lady to had left. Installed a young lady to had left..

The person in front stays offal pace suddenly, although did not turn round, ke Shenyu or the shoulder that stretch tight closely from Liu Huaijin and the boss that float white fist sees oneself at the moment be angry. As expected, a word also did南京新茶的联系方式SD not say Liu Huaijin, consider oneself from returned the office, shen Yu knows the more quiet Liu Huaijin gets angry the more.

Eat dinner with Fu Jichen, an Ge insists not to want Fu Jichen to send his again and again, let him handle him issue, fu Jichen is helpless be obliged to make a car to An Ge, let herself reply a public house. Just went to the public house is big, an Ge sees him government of one new man goes: "Hello, install a young lady, I am land total assistant, I call Shen Yu. I call Shen Yu..

An Ge some are stupefied be stupefied the man before the ground looks at an eye, good just react a little while come over, the laugh of some embarrassed embarrassed wears immediately: "Hello, shenyang assistant, do you look for me occupied? Do you look for me occupied??

"This is land total address, if you are occupied,look for him, can go according to this address. " Shen Yu the mood of南京夜网419 a pair of do official business according to official principle, although why Boss of not clear oneself lets at the moment this wife goes his private villa looks for him.

An Ge receives Guo Shenyu to give the one page paper that come over, although some are unidentified so, but still smiling to thank to Shen Yu.

Return a room, an Ge took a bath, changed the clothes with clean body, hurry to private villa of Liu Huaijin hurriedly.

An Ge sits on the beautiful stage edge of roadside, the cool wind of night slowly blowing, come out by day of burning sun glowing, the heart that the moon with cool and refreshing late wind and bright and clear move lets An Ge is fretted also floats subsequently removed filar silk dimple. Thinking back to to just ensure public security if saying: I am sorry young lady, here is private villa, prohibit 南京场子全部关闭2020alien is entered. He returns the owner land gentleman that you should look for to did not come back, ask you to wait for him outside. Ah, look time of 8 years can make become ulterly changed yesterday really.

When land conceives Jin to come back, see the woman that is taking by the side of beautiful stage aloof, although passed so old, but he or can identify her. Think memory becomes ambiguous already originally, but see she just knows the precipitation as time, all concerning everything her is engraved already deeply into the heart, the sort of longing, the sort of anguish can grow in intensity as the elapse of time only.

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