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And say here after considering Na Yu an[db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]桐龙凤论坛 Xiao Gong to get on a car, xiao Gong sits stiff on the seat, her hand is twisted nervously will be twisted, use canthus beyond light cautiously to look at Gu Nayu secretly at the same time, plainspoken, xiao Gong feels this considers record of Na Yu small off year, older than oneself however father is even experienced even earnest, when facing him, oneself always are met very nervous, fear a bit even.

After Gu Nayu fastens good safety belt, old a long time, see Xiao Gong sits in so locally, move disturbedly will be moved, do not see she stretchs his hand namely strung safety belt, laugh in his sleeve in the heart, you! This is small Xiang Yu the Conqueror, be not bestowed favor on so that the day is not afraid that the ground is not afraid of, saw oneself also are met unexpectedly nervous. Actually, he feels oneself besides do not be fond of Yan Xiao quite, other also it doesn't matter! At least, oneself remember seeming never fierce cross her.

Consider the safety belt that helpless him unlock has fastened Na Yu, next Fu body has extended an arm, pull a Xiao Gong to rely on a safety belt there, answer a body to think her strung safety belt next, result, one passes forcibly fierce, gu Nayu's lip brushs powdery lip of Guo Xiaogong gently so.

Xiao Gong's face vacates the ground at a draught red arrived at the back of ear origin, she is small piece of move labellum, nie Nie ground: "You... you " just did not speak a complete sentence to come a long time, eye glare is gotten round.

Gu Nayu also is to be stupefied, this, the lip that is a girl? Slip slippery, carrying trifling faint scent, resemble jelly same, another sees the little face that was like red Na Zhanggong to appear, how to discover this piece of face grows quite lovelily actually previously, resemble a red apple, still be Bai Li rubicund the sort of. "Hum! Hum! " Gu Nayu coughed gently uneasily twice. Murmurred next sentence: "I am sorry! " , this ability fastens good safety belt to Xiao Gong quickly.

Gu Nayu finishs this a series of after the thing, just start a car, the way that goes Home Xiao Gong sails. And Xiao Gong is to rousing cheek all the way, furious angry goggle at considers Na Yu, at the moment in her heart actually the tear ran quickly: Toot toot! This big bad wolf, this can be the family's first kiss, be done not have so! Toot toot!

Wait for a car to arrive Xiao Jia, ability general will stop firm, xiao Gong rolls out door energetically, want to rise to go toward the car suddenly next, the result is turned over by safety belt direction is resilient on the seat. One face looks at Gu Nayu jokingly Xiao Gong this one act, finally is to cannot bear really the heart looks at her again so him do sth over and over again, this ability reachs a hand, the side is like red unlock safety belt.

General head also does not answer the arrow that the Xiao Gong after safety belt is loose resembles leaving spring to develop Xiao Jia, gu Nayu looks at Xiao Gong's so childish act, it how is OK to feel unexpectedly so lovely, so interesting, be no good, must amuse more later amuse her! He sits on board, left hand is faltering different face, rely on on car window to be being recalled, want to feel more more coke, spent good a long time, gu Nayu just starts a car to return visit the home.

Right now Gu Nayu still does not know, was interested in a woman when you, that actually, it is you those who like a person begin.

And after be like Gong Chong to come home, also do not pay attention to the greeting of servant of leave a door unlocked or unbolted, gallop all the way so a room, her bang ground door of lock main rooms, throw the bag to sofa casually, kick shoe next, throw oneself to the bed, not self-conscious light kiss crosses her hand oneself lip, feel to subdue in the heart extremely. Suddenly, she has pulled a quilt suddenly, oneself whole individual cap-a-pie includes inside the quilt.

The next day the day has not shined greatly, the bud that consider bud gets up to abandoned two friend to send a railway station, after serving a car two people, the bud that consider bud just drives review a filling steam again to become aware, began her by a definite date from this the summer vacation of two months lives.

Summer vacation of very short time spent an in part much, the main task that this paragraph of time considers bud bud is well accompany the person that accompany the home, oneself are bigger and bigger also now, can accompany the time beside parents to be sure the meeting is less and less later, so she is cherished very much accompany every minutes of every second beside parents now.

Now and then, the bud that consider bud also is met with Xiao Gong they agree a few times to shop together, boudoir honey also can follow when shopping to the course puts · fire on the ice of course people go be being held in both hands to simile together sing the praises, after term begins, the school when arriving leaves far, also did not have method to often go.

In August the middle ten days of a month, the bud that consider bud received her domestic dear is small the telephone call that arranges He He. "Hello, hello, I am small bud. I am small bud..

"Small bud, I am He He, most urgent, most urgent, most urgent, important thing says 3 times " He He's opening remarks listens so that Gu Meng bud thinks show the whites of eyes, alas! Oh, what important matter? So one Jing one suddenly.

"Belle of standing grain standing grain, what circumstance? " consider what bud bud enrages weak god idle at the same time to asking, continue to gnawing a red apple at the same time.

Immediately, the bang in He He Pi the ground discusses the course that had a thing " small bud great mind, do you know? I receive silver-colored star company today piece the phone of BOSS, my day, big BOSS Ye of Yin Xing. Your affirmation is very curious, what is he calls to come to those who do? It is such drop, he calls the telephone number that will look for me to want you, because did not ask for those who get you to agree, I am bad also act on one's own give him, from the back piece BOSS lets me send word to you, say " just good " had filmed of 10 months long, be about to kill blueness, play staff there say you did not go look passes, act on the attention to you, although know you are very busy, silver-colored star company there still hope you can be dialed all-time go watch below, such if have dissatisfactory also can let a play staff undertake modification immediately, he still said, if you are really,do not have empty, he can agree with you ahead of schedule time, will receive you to go together. " say a paragraph of so long word, he He just closes mouth to rest rest.

Listened to its course, the bud that consider bud is fine thought finely to meet, the heart wants to look is this to refuse not know clearly. She is common and accidental also have listen to father to had told Zhang Yinxing, knowing this person is judged in the wind of industry still is pretty good. This " just good " dispatch the person of so big Ga will appear personally invite oneself to head for a field explore class, or else goes, that does not know no matter in what way namely. Still be inferior to, ride take advantage of an opportunity of a form of usury in the old society. Although oneself are not afraid of because the meeting does not displease him to Zhang Yinxing face, but come from personal identity keep secret impossibly also forever, morning and evening is meeting exposure, will consider the home and Zhang Jiatong to handle market after all again, sometimes bad also to be troubled by too deadlocked, look up not to see those who lower his head to see after all, said again, the family is elder after all, oneself a junior, also must know honour old love young goodness ah.

"Standing grain, such, I am free after 3 days, your address the play staff, connection means falls to me, the myself after 3 days goes class of play staff explore. Was opposite, if you have fun at, I also can be accompanied to go together when arriving. " the bud that consider bud decides good time quickly, put forward to invite to He He incidentally.

This He He has the telephone call at a draught the dot is stupefied, this, this, this agreed, was she daydreaming? Agree this so readily? Immediately He He felt relieved, the outer part that still is piece of BOSS is large, do not see monk face see Buddha face: "All right, then I go below the reply, the address of the play staff follows connection pattern, I send behind schedule to go up to your mobile phone, do not cross small bud great mind, I estimate after 3 days is to cannot accompany you to go together a field, although I am super also and super,want to see you yourself, but companies of 3 Queen of heaven have a very important meeting, all tall canals can attend the company when arriving, I so the nobody can do not have courage absent. " He He is regretful extremely ah, actually at the moment her heart is dripping blood, once had the main chance that sees image, result so hand push be kissinged by oneself was dropped.

After 5 minutes, " just good " on the mobile phone that the position of the play staff and connection means sent Gu Meng bud.

Class of explore of 26. play staff, just know the identity

After 3 days 2:30 p.m. , the falbala short sleeve that considers bud bud to wear a 5 cent sleeve, the A word skirt that one builds to bestrew put apart of bottom of big chrysanthemum and leaf of Chinese ink green to grow region of about 5 centimeters of white below, grow long hair to plunge into high horsetail, because she wants herself to drive today, wore the shoe of the four seasons of color of one double blank so. Consider Mom to follow plum after the mug-up that elder brother's wife is helping the bud that consider bud had become partnership of a few people and sweetmeats are put into the car, consider what mom is not at ease to say: "Bud, otherwise, still let Xiaosong send you the past? Still let Xiaosong send you the past??

After closing the door of mothball box, the bud that consider bud pacifies the ground to take the hand of Ruan Xue Er: "Mom, be at ease, I myself drove much car one year, my trick-cycling is good Lie, you did not worry about, I can drive slow point, say a place again not far, from us this also with respect to 40 minutes, the car on pathway of this time place is less also, I went to a place to be able to phone you immediately. You put 100 hearts. Ah! Go into house rapidly, today the sun but big, if bask in the mammy with our beautiful home bad, my pa but forgive not me. " Gu Meng is saying by the side of bud, bianchao plum elder brother's wife is blinked blink an eye, plum elder brother's wife also is a get rid of appear, immediately knowingly, there is Ruan Xue Er to be gone to before going up go inside the room.

The bud that consider bud is driving a car smoothly, after 45 minutes, come a field outside, she made a telephone call to Ruan Xue Er first the newspaper is restful, the play staff that just dialed He He to give next contacts means: "Hello, hello, I am to consider a small bud, are excuse me you Ms. Huang Yun? Be such, I had been in now a field outside, haw, that can bother you to help call 9 people to help me move next things, weather is quite hot today, I prepared some of bit heart and desert to everybody, the thing is a bit much, a person may move myself not. A person may move myself not..

After agreeing to meet in the parking lot with Huang Yun, what preexistence of the bud that consider bud ensures public security is how-to below, park the car to the parking lot. Passed ten minutes probably, door is had rhythm ground is knocked, gu Meng looks outside bud face window, the station outside the window is worn two female two male, wind is hanging working card, the staff member that should be a play staff.

The bud that consider bud opens door, the movement walks out of a car gracefully. She is hoping to stand in 4 people before, laughing to make call: "You are good, I am to consider a small bud, are excuse me you " just good " the staff member of the play staff? Are excuse me you " just good " the staff member of the play staff??

Is standing 4 people by at the moment this young girl shines blind eye, regard recreation as the working personage of the circle, belle of their handsome young man does not know how to much had seen, but still do not have a few to equal really at the moment of this girl. Cheek grows very delicately, facial features matchs just just, height 172 the left and right sides, those who comparative is young, figure this are thin thin, this some place however also very be proud person, day, who says, considering a small bud is shameful ugly female, so ability dare not appear before the public, be the rhyme that who makes after all, procrastinate rapidly go out execute of on the spot.

The woman that still stands in a the closest from the bud that consider bud to wear professional suit about 35 years old year finally takes the lead in extending a hand to grasp with the bud that consider bud: "Hello, consider a small bud, be name of I have long been looking forward to meeting you really, I am Zhao Xue, " just good " the assistant director of the play staff, very glad to see you yourself "

The bud that consider bud is busy laughing to extend a hand to grasp with Zhao Xue: "Zhao elder sister, hello, I am to consider a small bud, very glad to see you! Very glad to see you!!

Back-to-back Zhao Xue continues to introduce a 3 people beside her: "Consider a small bud hello, the field Wu Huang Yun that the lady that stands beside me is our play staff, these two men call He Xiao and Liu Yan, also be a Wu. " Introduction Zhao Xue is over, huang Yun, He Xiao also follows the bud that consider bud to make call one by one with Liu Yan.

It is good that the bud that consider bud is laughing to had asked one by one, open mothball box next, ask a few people to help carried mug-up to go toward the play staff with the desert, 4 people are barring do not let consider bud bud to promote a thing, more the two tactics of strive to be the first carries two schoolboys completely.

Film recently had gotten on for end, the relaxation with proper also play staff site plan, be old hot days, male people has the on the spot with some of garment not whole unlined upper garment to lying to rest. Whole anteroom is in disorder ground lies then full person, be in at this moment, the life production of the play staff entered come in: "Each male sisters, fast, fast rise pick up compose to pick up compose. I just receive urgent information of Zhao Dao, she says " just good " the playwrite that fiction writer holds this drama concurrently visits wife and children bud has arrived a field outside, because age of the other side is still small, let everybody be arranged rapidly arrange, notice light is installed, can not psych out family little little sister, they can arrive after ten minutes. They can arrive after ten minutes..

The each one with original and slack anteroom, listened busy rise clear away, turmoil of war.

Very fast consider a small bud to come this information follows class of play staff explore whole play staff is spread everywhere to quickly like growing wing, hear this news, total director Zhang An also gives orders the play staff suspends filming first rest below, the person of whole play staff is the curiosity that comparative then to considering a small bud, do not have method, the mankind always is having exuberant curiosity to sealed thing.

This considers a small bud from begin to release a novel to now to also had had 6 years, up to now, had not shown a face before the person, the about her hearsay on the net is the sea then go, what say have. Some saying that she grows 5 short 3 thick, its are ugly clinking, so ability dare not appear in popular line of sight, also some people guess respect of her body some has drawback... the staff member that serves as a play staff, pass this paragraph of time film, to can writing the person that gives so outstanding play, that is comparative admire, be opposite even experienced and knowledgeable Zhang Dao this playwrite very praise highly, actually this had been Zhang Dao to cooperate the 2nd times with what consider a small bud, he does not compare play staff someone else to considering the curiosity of a small bud little.

For a short while, whole play staff is so noisy that whole play staff follow market same, all people ground of in twos and threes gathers discussion move.

After ten minutes, when a 5 people appear before everybody, whole play staff is abrupt a static one root needle fall down to be able to listen get, all people, look at the girl that there are two small dimples on that pink Diao Yuzhuo, face, eye glare must be about.

Finally still is Zhang Dao and producer Wang Dawei takes the lead in reacting come over, a call makes before greeting: "Hello, consider a small bud, I am Zhang An, very glad that you can visit our play staff. Very glad that you can visit our play staff..

"Zhang Dao, hello! Name of I have long been looking forward to meeting you, but I look at what the teleplay that you guide is brought up as a child. " ground of natural and graceful extends the bud that consider bud the hand was grasped with Zhang An below.

"Hello, I am king greatly, see you yourself are consider oneself most fortunate really, you grow really beautifully, this not, see you, our play sta南京水磨信息网ff these small bastard each eye is about on the floor. Our play staff these small bastard each eye is about on the floor..

The bud that consider bud extends a hand to follow again king grasped greatly below: "King production, feel embarrassed, let your laugh at, you also are young promising, very glad to see you " make a call to the play staff staff member all around again next: "You are good, everybody worked hard, I am to consider a small bud, very glad to can see authority. I today from domestic inner tube dot bit heart and desert, this not, a person does not take myself, still let two elder sisters and two elder brothers help me promoted next things. " saying special thanked Zhao Xue, Huang Yun, He Xiao and Liu Yan.

This word, in still throwing water like a cobble, the moment that broke a play staff is halcyon. Enthusiastic ground surrounded the person of very fast play staff to come up, push production of Zhang Dao king went at the same time, greet sb with the bud that consider bud in succession. Because too much and the person is impatient,do not have alarmed perhaps, because,also do not have of position different and distinction is treated, polite instead had made call one by one. Practice of ground of this kind of treat equally without discrimination, won naturally reputably.

Wait for a staff member to had made call, go getting before mug-up and sweet soup, beside the bud that consider bud just at long last empty come down. Zhang Dao, Zhao Dao and king production just are able to follow the bud that consider bud to chat a little well. It is good to chatted a little while, zhang Dao looks, discover the actor that still has one share rests in anteroom, this ability is taking the bud that consider bud to come to actor anteroom. Carry first the hand knocks, just push the door, some is in actors to taking play exceedingly to consider then, some on deck chair lying that was asleep, in twos and threes is saying some criterion in a low voice word. See Zhang Dao they come in, what those were not asleep is busy before going up, say hello to, can mix inside the circle, that is person essence of life, know, it is important to hit good relationship to have many with the director.

Zhang Dao sees the Han Yang that is asleep in the corner, the assistant Xiaoyi with signal foreign Han calls him.

The person that everybody brings personally to Zhang Dao is exceedingly curious, but also before dare going up, nobody goes to an inquiry, a lot of people are thinking, this is it possible that be get in by the back door? What if the actual strength such as this goes,can connect Zhang Dao is postern, unapt also when now, drama is about to kill blueness now, come at that time, it doesn't matter has the part of show share.

Zhang Dao nature is the doubt that sees everybody, nevertheless, what does he say without the mouth, follow along with the Zhao Xue of travel king greatly what did two people say, perform art circle, that can be the place of a very exquisite position in the family hierarchy, when person Zhang Dao comes out to mix, they still are wearing open-seat pants, they but dare not wanton before this old-timer.

Wait for Xiaoyi to take Han Yang, zhang Daocai started to talk to introduce to rise with everybody: "Come, next everybody is quiet breathing out, issue me to everybody introduction now beside this beautiful girl. You can not want crooked, she can not be the new personality that I should fill in in past play staff, believe everybody saw, can present the actor of the play staff this, rely on actual strength conversation. Of course, this girl, family although she is not an actor, but also have a meal by skill, next, with everybody grand introduction falls, this girl is called consider a small bud, believe this name everybody should very familiar to the ear, can imprint on the play of your everybody of the family sign. " say this banquet word, zhang An was looked around designedly below, as expected, see these actors in the play staff, actor helps strength, be surprised all over the face individually, hum! Pretty good, oneself introduction as expected very influential force, he is very beautiful in the heart.

"Come, small ocean, the big write a play that comes over to follow us meets. " Zhang Dao in the play staff very exquisite qualifications and record of service follows actual strength, contact with上海419桑拿会所论坛 Han Yang before not much, also think he is a beautiful frame work only all the time, till that interview ability is preliminary understanding comes here the person's actual strength, in the course so paragraph of time get along, the working manner with Han Yang's serious and civilized, responsible modesty moved however him, entered his small hole.

Han Yang is in the first times when see the bud that consider bud had not moved the line of sight, it is her actually, oneself can have a reason really with her, she herself grows even more good-lookingly than what see in video, absorbing.

In so much actor, the bud that consider bud also is the person that saw that ocean calling Han, he grows very outstandingly really, go up in this world even if have so kind person, although whats are done, just stand over silently, also can draw everybody's look, han Yang is this kind of person, 南京夜网419because day after day take sport, han Yang's expression shows exhaustion slightly, but still garment unlined upper garment is decent, if change an individual,believe, send even the axle so, of the slovenly in affirmative meeting La.

"Hello, han Yang, I am to consider a small bud, very glad to see you. " the bud that consider bud sees Han Yang looks at him to syare blankly, before going up first rapidly made a call actively, break silent.

Hearing familiar voice, han Yang called in feeling: "Small bud, hello, I am Han Yang " say the edge approachs by the side of him consider bud, closer and closer, reach a hand next, small nutation body, the volume that lowers volume to be heard with can letting two people only says " also be road. The volume that lowers volume to be heard with can letting two people only says " also be road..

Road, the ground with the open-eyed bud that consider bud looks at Han Yang, affirm: "Road, wait for you silently? " the sound that the bud that consider bud asks also was lowered, eye ground is to be surprised completely.

Han Yang nods for certain. The bud that consider bud looks at Han Yang silently so, searching oneself familiar place, the watch that bearing at the moment on his left wrist sends road road with oneself really exactly like,南京个人spa联系方式FDG and his circumstance also follows what he describes to resemble with road road, in the heart, what had believed he says actually is true, but, is this too artful also?

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