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After 10 days, two parents met the 2nd times eventually.

This year the beginning of the year when, home Han person goes up together Gu Jiabai spent the New Year, han Yun follows Gu Cheng two people are to meet then hate evening, in those a few days, two days from morning till night, place chessboard fight closely, consider pa to breathe out continuously: Did not come up against so good banner to accompany for ages, can issue a satisfy a craving at lon魔都新茶论坛g last. Han pa also is follow happily all the day consider the play chess below pa, now and then two people still can gather, collect to the full room that visits father talk cheerfully and humourously.

And Ruan Xue Er fo[db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]茶工作室llows Xu Meizhen, when just beginning to meet, two people are more overcautious still, after that, in the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces below make impromptu comic gestures and remarks, two people or talks about dish how to be done preserve one's health, delicious, the dress of what brand is good-looking, how to protect skin, immediately, two people still kissed than full sister, sweep market via often can making an appointment to go shopping together, and bud bud is considered on the belt even every time this is small pitiful, say really, the bud that consider bud is long so big, the head sees two energy is so abundant middleaged women, you think, this two people, can keep rambling all day long bazaar, this is a youth, a lot of also do not have a law to accomplish.

The good foundation that because meet for the first time,lays, meet the 2nd times, although know Han Jiashi comes to those who talk about the marriage of two children, consider pa to follow to consider Mom or can laugh at those who recieve, wait for hear Han Mom to say, they had been in B city house of try to win sb's favor, waited for two people to marry, their husband and wife also can settle to B city, when arriving, two family ambulate rise some more convenient also.

After hearing this news, considering a city to follow Ruan Xue Er is not to repel the daughter got married so early more. Look, old family Home Han is typical, what him speed up considers this, and, see the strength that this often is fond of bud bud twice, after, also can hold oneself baby girl in both hands in control for certain, what does oneself still have dissatisfactory. The daughter is big also, morning and evening should marry, said again, small ocean really not small also, this year 32 years old, home Laohan so height child, early this are anxious suffer from excessive internal heat, calculated, put oneself in the place of another!

Immediately, in two family discuss below, wedding day has been decided, order a religious service after Gu Meng produces day, namely on October 1.

On September 22 this day, it is the birthday that considers bud bud 24 years old, han considers two early agreed, hanjia comes to fall in this day of meeting hire.

This day in the morning 8:00, han Jialao carries kin good friend twice, the betrothal gift that taking massiness came to come. Bilateral course negotiates happily, began at 9 o'clock, celebration is hired to begin below, han Yun serves as n/COL the head of a family person of Han Jia, take betrothal gift detailed account Gu Cheng.

The go-between that asks designedly holds emcee concurrently there also is a detailed list to begin to call a rite on the hand, go-between was to say a string of big lucky word first, open the betrothal gift detailed account that just took next, preparation begins to call a rite, this, hanjia prepared to hire gold...

Go-between is staring at that to string together a number, carry subliminally hand move him move eye, drop a hand again next, a number is counting a number, , 10, 100, 1000... 100 million, go-between pharynx buccal saliva, signed up for aloud next come out: Hire gold 888888888 yuan.

As the be born of one's voice in speech of emcee, xu Meizhen is laughing to give on one piece of card to give Gu Cheng.

One clique has received Gu Cheng indifferently, and all round surround the person of view, it is whisper to each other rise: "Cannot think of, old Han Jiaju has money so like that, be to look not to come out really! Be to look not to come out really!!

"Can not be, I made neighbour of a few years with their home, I also had gone to their home a lot of times, can not discover their home is invisible plute, hear, home of new a form of address for one's wife is quite rich, you say, this hires gold, can be home of new a form of address for one's wife take, charge outer p江宁大学城足疗攻略art? Charge outer part??

"Look according to me, home Han has so much money also is normal, you did not look, family son can be a big star, that income, tall. Tall..

"You say, this Home Han gives so much hire gold, to stylish a form of address for one's wife dotal how much must take? I hear of, but be in sb's good graces is gotten,this considers a young lady very, this falls child, han Jiazhen is gain "

Anyhow, those who what say have, and no matter what the person all round says, emcee is being taken slowly the heart that be pacified comes down, continue to singing betrothal gift: The 2nd betrothal gift is cat eye of diamond, He Tianyu, topaz, ruby, sapphirine, halcyon, agate, emerald, Jin Lu, gold, platinum, silver-colored headgear each one.

After the word of emcee says, the kin that Han Jia follows is held in both hands went up 12 big cases, each are the headgear that putting one a complete set of inside, all of catenary of hairpin of necklace, hair, hand, dangler, ring is all ready. Immediately is full chamber gloden, on Ruan Xue Er before, examined the past one by one, a satisfactory smile was shown on the mouth, quality of a material of these 12 headgear is very good, see, han Jia is true intention this.

The 3rd betrothal gift: The shop of Han Jiawei Yu Hucheng mart 12.

Next betrothal gift is candy of wine of top class Chinese caterpillar fungus, fim, bird's nest, smoke, fruit, biscuit.

After nuclear opposite betrothal gift, two family photograph talks very joyous, also introduced next each other relatives and friends each other.

Midday, consider the home to play the host, the hotel fete that is in Home Xiao Gong bilateral and all relatives and friends. After eating a meal, just follow the person that visit the home to say good-bye along with the Han Jiaren of travel and relatives and friends, they hurried back even the matters concerned that Shanghai city goes to continueing to arrange wedding.

Busy day always must be too particularly fast, arrived in an instant on Octobe魔都新茶论坛r 1 this day.

This day, all media are early arrived with respect to the assemble before the Yun Fan hotel of Shanghai city, do not have method, but have big accident,be born today, do not get stuck earlier, when be afraid of, squeeze crowded do not come in.

Namely 10 days ago, han Yang makes an appointment to bask in a finish marriage to register card on his small gain with the bud that consider bud, and make a speech: On October 1, I and you have about.

The small gain of two people, immediately with respect to bomb whole entertainment group, although, when the program is attending before, han Yang has proposed to the bud that consider bud in public, but everybody doesn't have expect, the movement of two people such fast, say to marry be about to marry, and still dare announcement the world.

That day, han Yang and Gu Meng bud still are in oneself exclusive in home, released a informations: Oneself will be in Shanghai that day on October 1 Yun Fan hotel holds the city marry celebration, to appreciate the support that each friend comes to for years, invite sincerely my Achates to head for the important matter in sharing my life together here, but because of the limitation when day show ground, bilateral relatives and friends is numerous, can take 50 places to my dear friend only, invite group of governor in can appropriate arranges these 50 quota of people, of course, the friends that fail to participate in, also ask those who follow group of administrator in to leave you to receive an address, we will send candy of a happy event to give you, ask you to share our good news together with us.

Allegedly, those a few days, of two people group in that is raise hell, everybody wants to go, but quota of people has only so much, of two people group in, the number is thousands of, go for who, who does not go, within an inch of roughhoused. You say to want to consider faithful level, that is fair say mother-in-law of public put in order says the mother-in-law is justifiable, everybody feels everybody is the most faithful, want to choose according to the far and near of the distance, when the vermicelli made from bean starch when Shanghai city place, also exceed 50 people far. Finally, the eye looks at a day to be approached every day, still do not argue to give a result, eventually, somebody recalled a way, complete member play a little game together, group advocate ask people of group of some potential energy in, designed a little game, everybody is in group in shake together dice, be restricted only each, the check the number that who shakes is the largest, go by who, of course, if the first round of shake-out is the biggest the more than 50 people of check the number, that by move some the person continues to shake severally again, the choice that has the 2nd round, with this analogize. This method, got group of accord of li of everybody pass, at least, this measure is fair, everybody has an opportunity, who to see bit luckier.

Bridal before today, both sides can participate in bridal vermicelli made from bean starch 100 times to be arrived at ahead of schedule in all, the matters concerned that Han Yang will give vermicelli made from bean starch to arrange accommodation gave a surname eaves, next, oneself are to continue to follow Feng Jingtian the specific arrangements that a few people are discussing wedding to undertake.

南京好的spa推荐ACBridal that day, han Yang rises early, after busying one time, change the dress of bridegroom, the famous makeup girl in waiting for a circle helps him had been drawn makeup hind, look, time is about the same also, getting 8 partner man, leaving to sneak away in all 52 super- run, a flock of people head for the villa that visits a town is in Shanghai vast and mightily.

All the way, this one luxurious blast battle, that is to suck sufficient eyeball, connect originally unwitting person, also enquire in succession, it is where home marries son's wife, so big blast battle.

Receive close team last a period of time 50 minutes, will consider domestic villa eventually, the person such as Han Yang was blocked in the first door, have preparative everybody early, the person that gives intercept in succession filled in red bag. As expected, take the intercept staff of quite red bag, get out of the way of ground of know how to behave in a delicate situation passageway, wait for took villatic entrance door, person of Han foreign group first by the father-in-law child ate snack first to dining-room please, wait for mug-up to eat, han Yang follows father-in-law and mother-in-law Lao crack with teeth in mouth in that with respect to the station, gu Cheng treats as look not to understand, pulling ground of Han Yang all over the country intentionally to talk about for a long time, eventually, ruan Xue Er sees no less than going to, before going up, solved to Han Yang surround. This ability gets Han Yang to meet new a polite form of address for a young woman in order to go upstairs.

Can not think he can receive new a form of address for one's wife so easily, joking, upstairs but have Gu Jiaji,dead defend to the last wears brother, to cross 3 wife's elder brother this closes, han Yang accompanies Lang Qinpeng's good friend with what accompany, that is exert all over skill, it is the one action with set exert first, red bag is then as snowflake, scatter so that fly all over the sky, but, the family has accepted red package calmly, but still wear the hand, without the meaning of a bit discharged. Man of a few partner looks, alas! This can be no good, go down so again, do not receive new a form of address for one's wife today, the happiness of that oneself brother is not to must fly, instantly, a few people also are before going up, rise with bargaining of Gu Jiasan's brother in succession, be cede territory and compensate, this says, visit 2 elder brother, our group wants extend this year, the project quality that hears of your company deal with is bar bar then, when the hope arrives, you can give well guard a pass, the matters concerned of this extend requests you; That says, visit eldest brother, I can be name of I have long been looking forward to meeting you really to you, we handle market together, this not, now your brother-in-law is after my this brother, we also this are great of contact...

The way of a few people, gu Jiasan's brother is opposite each other inspect, the appreciably when expression arrives becomes loose.

Han Yang carries the hand sees watch, those who write down sweatingly, he develops elder brother of 3 big mother's brother before say: Eldest brother, 2 elder brother, 3 elder brother, suffer little younger brother to be done obeisance to please, I pledge to the day, I can am opposite well certainly of small bud, after we marry, she says to go to east, I absolutely not westerly, she says to sitting, I won't stand absolutely. I meet everything with her follow sb's lead, I can have taken care of her, absolutely won't outer tick off 3 build 4, if violate this pledge, let my Gu old lifetime, unmanned attend upon a dying relative.

This word, gu Jiasan's brother just unlocks a passageway.

Arrived next the door of new a form of address for one's wife, nature is a matron of honour and small the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces guarding. When Han Yang arrives, see small the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces the small business suit that wearing a white, cruel cruel drop stands in that, bosom of both hands annulus. He shows an adulatory laugh at once: "Small the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, you today but really handsome, if go in nursery school, but can be confused,pour a big girl. But can be confused,pour a big girl..

Before if one complimentary, small the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces smiling face of affirmative meeting raise spoke sweetly with him, but today, han Yang observed next small wind child, although cover,discover him mouth titter below, can show priggish pattern again immediately.

Look, use is big action. Han Yang heart thinks, immediately, he gives small the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces with respect to a place of strategic importance one exceeds big red package, follow small the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces next say: "The name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces good, such, you let uncle past now, pass a few days, you are put on the weekend when, uncle takes you to go to the zoo and marine world playing with your aunt, how? If you agree, we pull a hook, uncle assures to won't lie. Uncle assures to won't lie..

Look at Han Yang to set upright the finger that have, child of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces that visit a day does not keep out the temptation that play eventually, "Good " , he says, extend a hand to be ticked off with Han Yang next.

Next this closes a matron of honour, set a lot of difficult problem, a few people close, it is to be solved one by one at long last, good receive new a form of address for one's wife not easily, saw time have not enough time already quickly, han Yang holds a bud that consider bud in the arms to go to with respect to go downstairs. All the way, he keeps rejoicing, not bad, oneself have gymnastical habit usually, not bad, small bud is not heavy, or, today but with respect to dry ration big.

Wait to hold the bud that consider bud in the arms get on a car, waited for the close friends that visits the home to get on a car, motorcade just leaves vast and mightily toward hotel way.

Next, all people witnessed an extremely royal ground to marry celebration.

Gu Cheng is pulling the daughter's hand, slowly, stepping on effectively pace, one pace goes forth, ruan Xueer and the others consider an a few people, it is orbit small red land looks at this one act, right now, in their heart, clinking do not abandon, before long, that is small, the person that can call oneself sweetly mom, elder brother with ringing organ, had been brought up to be able to marry a person unexpectedly.

Little elder brother of oneself of dress of the bud that consider bud the bridal formal attire of elaborate design, as father, look at ahead that summary belt nervously pretty man, one pace, going forth slowly, from today in the future, her life, be about to turn over a new canto, she believes, awaiting oneself, can be happiness and happiness.

And Han Yang, look at oneself beautiful new a form of address for one's wife, such, him government of one pace ground goes, a few short meters road, why at the moment he feels time passes that kind is adagio however, he waits for this momently, had waited fully 5 years, from quarter that to her confess, he tells himself in the heart, she is met in the future is his wife, can be the mother of own child.

Eventually, gu Cheng is pulling the hand of young daughter, before Han Yang the station is decided, he is examining this husband that gets the family is approbated consistently, see he is nervous and excited expression, see he is crazy crazy the eyes that looks at him baby, see ground of his eye ground is in love with, dedicated, serious, this is engraved, his orbit is small red, but the hand that pulls a daughter sturdily still, slowly on the hand that puts Han Yang to extend: "Now, I my this all one's life is the most precious, most be fond of the baby that bestow favor on to be handed in in your hand, after, you should are opposite well she, should be fond of her, love her, protect her, if, you have any Iing am sorry her place, we visit the home, can fling caution to the winds the ground takes away her. Can fling caution to the winds the ground takes away her..

Say a word, gu Cheng feels his nose is small acerbity, his baby, he remembers forever, in one's childhood, he comes home every time, bud bud holds his ham in arms on the meeting, the voice that uses glutinous of soft soft glutinous says: "Father, you came back, small bud can think you " in those days, want to see a daughter only every time, see her innocent laugh, he can feel, all difficulty do not live hard oneself, he can feel, the infinite warmth in the heart.

"Father, you are at ease, I can am opposite all one's life certainly small bud is good, I pledge, in the life that did not come in me, I can see her more importantly than my life, this all one's life, I can follow small bud certainly one's whole life of one two-men. I can follow small bud certainly one's whole life of one two-men..

In the everybody of spot attend a ceremony, be touched by this act, can not be, to a woman's best acceptance, it is one's whole life one two-men.

Old hind, han Yang follows the friends of vermicelli made from bean starch of the bud that consider bud, still can leaf through now and then in those days their setting that two people marry, plaint next: Be worthy of is my God, they are accomplished really at the outset oneself acceptance.

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