10南京珠江镇spa会所AH3. woman has the heart of a the Eight Diagrams

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This day, the bud that consider bud comes to an end the thing on at hand temporarily, she rises twist twist a neck to extend straighten one's back, arrive again next kitchen bubble scented tea, cut dot fruit, think of very long did not chat with friend and vermi[db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]茶工作室celli made from bean starch, open chatting tool.

"Belles, have be in? " the bud that consider bud saw next boudoir honey group in, the head portrait of boudoir honey, discovery is gray, still be pretty made acoustical call.

"In, god-given You, consider great mind to have doctrinairism unexpectedly we. " La Yueer meaning points to the ground to say somewhat.

"Be, how? Your home big star takes sport into the play staff, at long last kongfu pays close attention to us now a few " Yan Furong also appeared, this two people, it is anxious really do not leave from Meng Meng anxious, want to one appears only, another sure be in around.

"Girls, how, is this? How to feel you two grievance are very serious ah " Gu Meng says to chatting record is examined by the side of the move by the side of bud, this is examined, if really let her discover a problem, group li of chatting record of this paragraph of time, be had pity on less! Follow lotus besides month two people now and then risk next bubble, 4 of own dormitory, appear rarely.

"Girls, I am wrong, true, I am wrong, but recently is to do not have method really, this not, accepted a job recently, want to write my novel into the play, plus, this semester has been about immediately, my project should begin 南京珠江镇spa会所AHto prepare a data, si南京spa哪里好玩sters, you look at human relations home also is very painstaking portion go up, excuse me, ? ? " the bud that consider bud is over, accessary still several have pity on expression to wrap.

"Hum! " some month this still is proud on charming.

"Did not choose actual sex, do you think so passed? " Yan Furong selects a subject directly.

This two people, it is to hit a snake to go up along with the rod really

"That, what profit do you mean? Speak out to listen, as long as we can be accomplished a few times, certain and contented. " having is dead path friend path of not dead deficient, the bud that consider bud does not have Jiang Xiaogong of ground of sororal personal loyalty very much a few people also drag sb into the mire.

"Old one, you also too not generous! " He Ying also appeared, she goes up inaccessibly line, see someone made this kind of move that sells a friend come.

"The old, you also came. " the bud that consider bud is saying, say then again: "You but cannot blame me, alone Le Le is inferior to numerous Le Le, are we friends not? It is difficult that the friend should not have blessing to be enjoyed together become together. It is difficult that the friend should not have blessing to be enjoyed together become together..

"Go, go, skimp we cap of a few height, time reveals a person's heart of time reveals a person's heart, this is, want at the outset, just entered a college, I think you are flower of one clear pure Xiaobai all the time, who knows, take a look, this is a rose that brings thorn obviously. " He Ying a paragraph of words, say the Wen Bingmao that get a picture, the bud that consider bud finds both funny and annoying the ground looks at this paragraph of word. And La Yueer follows Yan Furong, indicate approval in succession.

"Alas! Feeling I ought not to appear today coming, add up to move partner to bully me, toot toot! The old, I should call our home big star to beat flat your home He Bing, still have you 2, this Chou Xianji fell " the bud that consider bud thinks, oneself but cannot be bullied for nothing, instantly moves backer.

"You, you are being written down first, when arriving, I look for a black path ace to go when the boy friend, ah! " Yan lotus abdomen says blackly, hum, when arriving, still knowing is beats whose Lie.

"Hey, everybody is good, tonight but really lively! " the Xiao Gong with cheerful mood go up line, see group li of a few people in firinging.

"You, see color forgets friendly person came again. " La Yueer sees Xiao Gong, buckle to her immediately on an exaggerated epithet used to categorize a person.

Xiao Gong sent a bashful expression, haw, is the family intended really? Common busy by day move goes to work, night is be pulled forcibly by someone education feeling, be very busy really!

This word, a few lone female in succession twitch one's mouth, hey! Did not send work this is, two every day beautiful conjugal love.

"Pistil, fast fast report for duty, otherwise all consequence are conceited. " the bud that consider bud issued final give public notice.

Just returned boarding house, the Su Rui that opens computer, just just saw this one, reply at once: "To "

The bud that consider bud an expression that applause, say then next: "Good, at long last complete member rally ends, come, come, open an informal discussion, talk about everybody's closest current situation? Especially of emotional respect ha. Especially of emotional respect ha..

"Hey You! Old one, your stand or fall oh " -- He Ying

"Right! Come back especially after heel someone is together " -- La Yueer

" , you not the Eight Diagrams? " small hole of eyebrow of the bud that consider bud is small carry

"Haw " -- Su Rui

"Good, since everybody so the Eight Diagrams, that comes first with respect to me " , xiao Gong calculates time, also should announce the good news that issues oneself with everybody.

"Welcome " -- Yan Furong

"+ 1 " -- Su Rui

"Be such, I should marry with peak of our wife and children. " He Ying abandons this gules ** to come directly.

"True? " -- Xiao Gong

"Date? " -- consider bud

"Truer than gold, date has been ordered, of the traditional Chinese calendar at the beginning of December 8, from there still is a many month now, so I this paragraph of time can compare rare sky to accompany you to chat. " He Ying still does not forget to be washed for oneself fall in vain.

"Good, allow a bride, on the share that sees there is legitimate reason in you, excuse you. " Yan Furong very say magnanimousingly.

"Yes, was opposite, the old, if I was not misremembered, your home He Feng is of B city, should the wedding when arriving be to be in what B city holds? " Su Rui fine fine after-thought below, before seeming it is to have when old introduction had carried so.

"Right, the place is in B city, when arriving, you want to come certainly! Who does not come, I was impassable with who. " He Ying begins to invite a person.

"All right, certain and present, who still has a circumstance to want to report? " the bud that consider bud continues to examine minutely. A many month did not see, do bad, have very much new information again.

"Small bud, seemingly, you had not undertaken reporting! " La Yueer decides to draw fire to body of the bud that consider bud, this person, of enough thief, ha!

"Be, hurry, below the report. " Yan Furong also begins to examine minutely, she does not have in any case now any circumstance, this kind of moment, the Eight Diagrams that listens to others is best.

"Do you want not to want to know a the Eight Diagrams? Consider great mind about us " Su Rui cast lightly give.

"What be? What be? " Xiao Gong is active and corresponding.

"Want "

"Say quickly "

Su Rui a few maw buccal attune is enough, just eventually be willing to part with or use speaks out: "The thing is such, time: Before half many month, place: The home of Han old handsome young man group. Incident: The word says, our national husband finished that day after the interview, his home group in, one caboodle vermicelli made from bean starch discusses their home male god what to what say is南京200——400的场子汇总 in in program series in succession, had come up against the schoolgirl that admire in the heart, this thing in trying hard. Next, a vermicelli made from bean starch was held about them male god polls of emotional state of affairs one at present, have 4 option in all: Grass of lone dog, name has advocate, see the parent, mount guard that hold card, voting undertaking getting like a raging fire. Voting undertaking getting like a raging fire..

Su Rui cup of the water since end drank a tea, just continue to type next: "Unexpectedly, at this moment, somebody released an information, information content is as follows "

"Take things easy, modern elder brother's wife of future is in ten minutes ago group in. " Su Rui respecting here, stopped, intended condole is worn their appetite, ah, this kind of feeling is too good really.

"Wow! Who sends this message, han old handsome young man? " -- He Ying did a bold guessing, nevertheless, according to the fact, also should do not have whose meeting to dare put this kind of word, besides party.

"Next? Next how? " -- Xiao Gong is urgent, this is old 3, oh, speech how so hesitate in speech, urgent dead individual.

"Say quickly "

Corners of the mouth of the bud that consider bud is small smoke the ground to look at screen, alas! Be worthy of is literary bound, as expected, literary do not break up with recreation!

"This word, instantly group the Korea pickle in was cheated to scamper南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路, their course affirms, confirm what release personally to information is male him god, begin to examine minutely which prospective modern elder brother's wife is next? Nevertheless, their home male god is very bad, lighted fire, removed, whats did not reply, finally, group advocate through eliminating, listed one reachs the list of 456 people, those people are to be in what great mind says this word before 9 minutes to be absent to before 11 minutes of the line. Pass an innumerable trials and hardships track, final, this list arrives cut now to 65 people. Ah, I say old one, you can get an attention, can bovine B bangs the group of vermicelli made from bean starch of Han old handsome young man, careful, which days you this advocate come to next insolating to put the sun to uncover "

"Lean, I say old one, this hand card makes your home great mind good, this conjugal love, beautiful, click of the tongue! " He Ying can'ts help be Korea pickle people sad wail, on booth so God, it is to play a the dead really not ground of pay with life.

"Ah! Ah! Ah, still have providential, cruel is dead lone dog, this is " the admiring jealousy that La Yueer sees is hated.

"Very sweet! Swollen do, look so that the family has to want to talk about amative impulse. " Yan Furong's heart, it is to be moved really, should oneself give that person a chance?

"Look, my recent situation you are clearer than me, then I also was absent to say to breath out more, anyhow a word, in interacting seriously " the small tail of the bud that consider bud wants cock to come, elder sister has skill beautiful conjugal love namely, refuse to obey, refuse to obey you will bite me! Reckon Gu Meng thinks in bud heart, if was known by honey of her a few boudoir, can have head of a pig fresh give heat.

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