Thirteenth chapter: Goddess is this above南京品茶信息网GD is hanged? !

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I can think amount to a purpose by hook and crook, consequence can be any.

-- text.

After the sad wail of a with bitter hatred, everybody understands him eventually next the task is what after all, otherwise I estimate, they can be here a hour is more than still.

Old pattern, I go in front forever, ground of bump of fart of bump of fart of plain Can intense follows at the back of me, follow the old like little younger brother same inspect already feel, incorrect, should be husband inspect already with what be at the back of martial wife adult feeling.

Piao Canlie is flat mouth, the grievance of one face, the thing that thinks in the heart can take theatrical work of a Han.

[My day, osmund osmund won't get angry! Osmund osmund won't get angry!!

[It 南京品茶信息网GDseems seemed to get angry really! [It seems seemed to get angry really!!

[Osmund osmund how to pay no attention to me! [Osmund osmund how to pay no attention to me!!

[Fast by osmund osmund cried urgently! [Fast by osmund osmund cried urgently!!

[Osmund, I know a fault! I know a fault!!

[I assured to won't stay up late again next time! [I assured to won't stay up late again next time!!

Piao Canlie is in after an inner OS storm passes, pull my sleeve tube cautiously, subdue the ground to say all over the face: "Osmund, I know a fault really! I assure next time guarantee against stayed up late! " see that manner, resembling is to issue one second to be about to fall on one's knees beg for mercy is general.

Wen Yan, I carry brows, tick off an one filar ponder unexpectedly, a little bad bad ground says: "How? Still want to have next time? Still want to have next time??

Piao Canlie listens this word is urgenter, the harbour in orbit became full innocent tear, as if below one second is met " bang Da " fall down general, say repeatedly: "Not not not, do not want to have next time! Do not want to have next time!!

" sneer. " I can'ted help laughing at sound, want to touch pet to touch Piao Canlie's head commonly, tenderness is much before the eyes that sees him also is compared, "Hum, good ~ "

The smiling face that Piao Canlie looks at the girl some become stunned, the appearance that actually Shen Wei laugh rises, very good-looking. Corners of the mouth still has two shallow dimple, if look not carefully,be only, still look at really do not come out.

Piao Canlie is the second collects tear simply, change again answer that pair to owe break pattern.

Good good, anyway I had minded to this kind of thing did not blame, this fellow is not which to use the ruse of inflicting an injury on oneself to win the confidence of the enemy, be like this nevertheless is the ruse of inflicting an injury on oneself to win the confidence of the enemy that makes me one active respond to him only.

Piao Canlie takes the chance to tick off me in the bosom, wide hand is put between my waist, calculate his be sensible, eat my bean curd without chaos, otherwise consequence can be very Bei urges, I also am taken office as be being held in the arms by him.

Disregard as far as possible beside this goods can the bestows favor on be addicted to eyes of the dead of be bored with, see the room beside wholeheartedly.

I last night can be here all resident were investigated, the nature in the heart is to be sure.

Nevertheless, I can be this purposeful quality.

And my ultimate goal is -- the road of young daughter Jiang Zi of Jiang group.

Road of this river catalpa also is enough life suffering, as a child with respect to nurturance disposition of size elder sister, but later however by one does not know to appear from where come hoyden top returned Home Jiang old curtilage.

Dad is not fond of a woman not to love, the idea of parents of him one's own is put in completely one is Home Jiang allegedly on the girl body of real volume elder sister.

Actually otherwise, the old young lady with true what, that girl is Home Jiang son's wife and her neverthel南京珠江镇spa会所AHess what first love is born is wild. Kind just, those who be is to whirl Home Jiang all belongings just.


What rejoice nevertheless is, road of this river catalpa is done not have so clumsy, still know revolt.

But, her current interest is insufficient still, add a fire again probably better. . . . . .

But the word says again, although river catalpa road again how unwilling, still want what address sb respectfully calls Jiang Zi that smoke " true " size elder sister elder sister.

Although my cerebra is reading all news of road of move and this Jiang Zi carefully quickly, but the eye still is not resting, in an another a person of extraordinary powers curtilage direct prowler, sharp vision has swept the crucial article that can prove these vil南京桑拿梧桐论坛la are master most one by one -- the costly degree of doorplate date.

See this many have money, brand of smooth guard the entrance with respect to all OK.

The adornment of doorplate date is divided probably for copper qualitative, silver pledges, gold is qualitative, crystal qualitative, jade pledges and diamond pledges eponymous, grade is natural need not I go dilatancy, it is diamond carve of course the door brand that act the role of is best, the word of jade, was slightly worse.

And river catalpa road lives, it is the door brand that with crystal and jade collective carve acts the role of, this kind of house, season family name bades only built business to do, saved me naturally also many things.

Very fast I found Na Dong villa.

I stemmed from courteous ground to beat the door 3 times, for a long time does not have a response inside, I its knocked not tire of irritatedly 3 times.

The ability after 34 minutes hears an impatient female voice.

Just opened the door, I see the Jiang Zi road of dress pink bedgown, a lollipop still was contained in the mouth.

She takes that next lollipop, ground of some be agitated asks: "Feel embarrassed 2, who to look for excuse me? Who to look for excuse me??

It is probably before the eyes that this individual sees Piao Canlie too too barefaced, I am subliminal almost protect Piao Canlie in back, mood is cold also 3 minutes: "River young lady, I think you should know " distinctive journey " this program, this transcribe needs to be in here look for a house to live, do not know Miss Jiang to you can deny have sb in one's care we are 5 days? Do not know Miss Jiang to you can deny have sb in one's care we are 5 days??

After river catalpa road listens, interrogative ground frown, say: "Feel sorry, alien does not live here. Alien does not live here..

Say her to want to close, my eye disease is swift-handed, a leg has been in house.

"Hello! You want to work! Illicit enter civilian curtilage ah! But I want to call the police oh. To moment the face of your this starlet can all gone oh ~ " Jiang Zi road also is not very urgent, just smoke of the closest Jiang Zi the movement there is bigger and bigger, the issue is thornier and thornier also, she is already busy terribly defeated.

I am used very special and special small voice, by the side of the ear in river catalpa road stealthily say: "Want Miss Jiang to agree to let us live 5 days here only, I can assure, season family name will be your most powerful backup force. Season family name will be your most powerful backup force..

Wen Yan, beautiful eyebrow of Jiang Zi road is carried gently, a pair of appearance that does not believe asks: "What do you take to assure? "What do you take to assure??

I slowly laugh, a pair of situation is in must appearance say: " by me be. . . . . . ..

After the identity that hears me, river catalpa road is one Jing first, open the door very quickly next, let I and Piao Canlie live to go in really unexpectedly.

Camera lens the program series there is mad also, also know road of this river catalpa is the be impervious to reason that gave a name, should know exact thing only never release what is held, goddess is this above is hanged? ! Is this done decided?

And be in all the time the Piao Canlie outside the door, it is a pair " I know my wife is very good " expression, very lively removed impediment.

-- Lu Han here.

How is Lu Han and Zheng Xiuyan are not knowing to face this new place good when, zheng Xiuyan is pointing to suddenly in front a direction, say excitedly: "Fawn fawn, do you see not? There is an individual to seem to want to be away on official business over there hey, we go to otherwise ask, look can help him look after the house. Look can help him look after the house..

Through Zheng Xiuyan and Lu Han those two shiver tongue, persuaded Na Dong's villatic master assistant eventually.

They do not know this villa has many luxurious, knowing that doorplate date is like only is done with jade.

-- Bian Baixian here.

They are successful live in the teenager house with a docile disposition below, can remember doorplate date going up dimly, the glamorous sheen that those crystal send out.

-- Wu Shixun here.

Their luck is not quite bad also, fu of a pair of an old 南京好的spa推荐ACfellow like me allows them to live below.

That is surnamed to Fu of an old fellow like me forest, light is to see the diamond on that doorplate date feel identity of this pair of couples is not common.

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