The 46th chapter: Active (Can int南京新茶的联系方式SDense branch line)

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This thing happens very wonderfully.

Wonderful the first time in Shen Wei is active, wonderful be kissed in Piao Canlie's first time.

More wonderful in, their red is heard come true.

This is the story between Shen Wei and Piao Canlie, not be Ji Wei.

That is the 3rd day after front courtyard careful ends, it is the first day when understand him intention thoroughly in Shen Wei.

Although she cannot in the bitterness from in the past complete extricate oneself, but her meeting will be best oneself appear in him before.

Want to remember Piao Canlie shows the giggle of become known tooth only, shen Wei's mood also can be in improve instantly.

Lot is a wonderful thing really, two people wrap up bag to turn, push turn block, still went one case finally.

Since the intention that understood oneself hind, shen Wei is being prepared all the time profession.

At the beginning encounter, brush gave scintilla.

All the time since it is Piao Canlie active, greet sb actively, do anything actively for her.

This ah, change Shen Wei comes active.

She is being engineered meticulously, piao Canlie is made an appointment with to talk downstairs to his dormitory in the evening on Sunday.

-- perspective of the first person.

I so the station falls in dim street lamp, awaiting bored to deathly.

Lamplight so on the body that is made in me.

White coat, of white get sweater high, white scarf, white cap.

Those who open system is white in this inky night particularly abrupt, do not live unusual however beauty, at least Piao Canlie is so those who think.

"Osmund! " Piao Canlie cried gladly, but what to realize again it seems that, cover at once tightened guaze mask, trot falls to street lamp.

"Wait very long? " the button that Piao Canlie tightens my coat, ask.

He covered coat of a black to come out only today, loafer still was worn on the foot, with a rustle quivering before my right now.

I solved scarf immediately come down, freeze him quickly red face is wrapped.

"Otherwise says on us? Here is quite cold. " the body that I look at Suo of his Duo shiver, so softhearted that be in a complete mess, made with body photograph with respect to difference.

"Ah? Bai Xian is returned above. " Piao Canlie still has a few self, it is not easy that he can not think good her active appointment at this point bubble soup.

But what he does not know is, bian Baixian was not asleep, unusually sober instead.

"Hum. . . . . . That such. There is piece of airline ticket that goes to London here, on November 17 in the morning 9 o'clock. Just these days announce of it doesn't matter, you should go out to play circuit. " I take a bank note from the pocket at the same time, at the same time say.

"Osmund osmund don't you go? " had delimited in Piao Canlie's eye a lose, delimit in the heart that took him, for a long time is not changed come.

"Go! These days so tired, want to be loosened of course. " the career that I make I am open-eyed with a kind is answered, look at atmosphere to have bit of awkwardness, complemented rapidly again second half sentence.

"That is good. " Piao Canlie is low low-lying say.

"What? " I saw him questioningly.

"Not. " he laughed, say.

"You had taken the bank note, 17 see. " saying, I forward the night runs, the cap that before be being faced, still gets on the head picks was in with respect to the lid on Piao Canlie's head.

Piao Canlie is so foolish foolish the ground is stupefied was in place, experiencing scarf and cap to upload come, belong to me, special flower is sweet.

Jump into me on car driver's seat quickly, expression also is stupefied.

The heart is beating in high speed ground, telling me clearly: What did I just do.

Osmund hair irons cheek osmund, this snow-white skin by much whiter the portion is red, appear charming is spruce bit more lovely.

Centering god launched a car, should go implementing next plans.

Arrived all the time so November 17 in the morning 8:30, piao Canlie had not seen my one side again, a short message had not sent a telephone call.

At the moment the expression on face of plain Can intense, had been former no longer was mad with joy.

The sense that whole person gives a person is. . . . . .

Hum. . . . . .

General like Fu be enmitied by what the husband abandons, the expression on the face subdues the utmost.

And be in just one electrify word, the heart instant that lets him drops cereal base.

I call tell him to say: The company has temporarily thing, the likelihood comes not know clearly.

And mood is very anxious appearance, piao Canlie also does not have overmuch ground what to say, it is to let me rest well nevertheless fasten too tired.

But I listen from his mood however went out grumous feel to the lose that does not change.

Be in so flashy, I have had wanted to plan this to cancel, in growing the bosom that enters his warmth directly next, but, I am not OK.

Engineered meticulously so long, it is to give him a special birthday present.

Think of here, I am ypll一品楼江苏more sturdy also in the heart that hold read aloud.

Still await the Piao Canlie of machine in the airport, also have so flashy, want to be impassable London.

But, this is osmund osmund give his airline ticket.

With the Bai Xian side its for company that fellow is in the home to play the several game of the day, still be inferior to going out to breathe fresh air.

Embracing such idea namely, he stepped the plane that goes going to London, and my plan, also succeeded largely.

Namely such, piao Canlie spent 10 days not to calculate in London ignorant ground on the holiday of holiday.

Why to say not to calculate on holiday?

Because of these 10 days he is to be in cranky in spend, how had not given a hotel basically, considered a hotel downstair to surround a large number of vermicelli made from bean starch, how to also go down to had made call with them.

Nevertheless, the 10th day.

He seemed to feel matutinal dawn.

In endless darkness, that light is how dazzling, but so Yao cannot be reached.

He was received come from London eye the staff member's invitation, want to go for he sits London eye.

He is at first strange also, his fame also did not arrive greatly the tourist attraction close down of so much of discharge inviting a customer is late let him sit skyscraping annulus.

The staff member says be arrangement of season young lady later, he understood naturally also.

Jump at invite.

That day in the evening, what he dresses up himself is very handsome.

Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad broken bits is hanged entirely, the face also should be washed clean, although the dress is worn very more, but do not appear however overstaffed, divulge the move is handsome everywhere instead.

Look at a mirror in handsome oneself, bright laugh.

Piao Canlie was hit from the back door of the hotel, go going to an appointment befo江宁大学城足疗攻略re.

And at the moment I, sitting silently it is in skyscraping annulus, look at the colour of [db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]网419sky that pales gradually outside the window, initiated slow-witted.

I think, he still should be on coming road.

The fact proves, my guessing is right.

Arrive truly when curtain of night, should go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern, he so before appear in me.

Asing if is sacred clique like the angel that gives me, guard the left and right sides in me momently, do not leave do not abandon.

I laughed.

Send the laugh from the heart.

Encounter so perfect man for oneself and laughed.

I am laughing at face his beck, let him come over.

He also is laughing.

In my memory, he is laughing.

Whatever moment, can laugh.

Piao Canlie is striding big long leg, on sit to me.

A piece of table was lain between among us, a not big cake was put on the table, but two people eat just appropriate.

"Birthday joy. " I am hoping what reveal between his eyebrow eye is glad, laughing to say.

"Thank. " he some feel embarrassed the ground flinchs afterbrain spoon.

Skyscraping annulus had been started, turning slowly.

Mix like me he is same, going slowly on the road of love, what will take love eventually is terminal.

But the beginning that terminus is marriage however, it is the continuance of love, also meet be close affection be born.

"Promise. " I had ignited the candle, insert on cake.

"Hum. " he nods heavily, subsequently both hands put the palms together, close an eye, promise piously.

My clutch good time, when skyscraping annulus reachs culmination, left hand presses his old hand, the right hand holds his face in the palm, rise bow, so kissed go up.

Two labellum, taking tepid, stick closely in together.

Piao Canlie so be stupefied was in place, had not reacted coming over is what circumstance.

So odd atmosphere, after lasting near 3 minutes, as my departure, and change once more.

I want to leave originally, did not think of old hand of plain Can intense is scooped up however, tick off me into his bosom, and be opposite against the law of my desire travel.

I checked at once he.

Look at the expression of his one face grievance, I am active however collect before going up.

Because,not be softhearted, just think oneself are active purely.

such, be in exceeding the skyscraping that warm up annulus in, we ate cake.

"Can intense, you had a desire to come true. " my eye co南京喝茶交流群FDntains a smile, look at him to say.

"Hum. . . . . . Is what you say which ah? " Piao Canlie still ground of one face slow-witted bud looks at me, but with different former days is, he did not conceal pupil this the love in and bestow favor on be addicted to.

"Yourself knows ah. " I some felt embarrassed, the eye glances sideways to somewhere else.

"My desire came true. " he still bestows favor on ground of be addicted to to laughing, still blew the nose that issues me with the hand.

"Good! Piao Canlie! How do you think these are little completely in brain every day unfavorable thing. " my assume a posture should hit him, which think of he pulls me in his bosom afresh again.

"Did not think every day, just think when seeing you. Wanting to have you, have you. Thinking everything what can happen between us. " still be that grave organ, but listen in me come, how so hold up person.

"Hum. " my dissatisfaction ground hum.

"Good. " saying, he shallow pecked.

"Kissed me to want to hit you really again! I can not want to will be patted by the reporter tomorrow the lip is bloated. " I am proud tender land casts aside a head.

"Then you are the relation that does not plan to announce us cough up. " Piao Canlie's eyelid is hanging low, the person in the bosom hold in the arms closely, for fear that not careful lost like.

"Such be still announced with us? It is completely not good to get a marriage certificate. " saying, my face was ironed again rise.

"Hum. . . . . . Those who say also is. " Piao Canlie does not have overmuch ground open-eyed, be like this thing ought so same.

"Where does our wedding do then? If having honeymoon, I want to go to your home having honeymoon. " Piao Canlie still is my cuddle in the bosom, laughing to say.

"Little frame-up classics. You make betrothal gift first sufficient besides. " I made mask used as a toy to him, sit again across.

Actually I do not want what betrothal gift, before the thing that just does not have a season home in me has been handled completely, still cannot marry.

At least, now cannot.


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