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"That, how do you feel tonight? " weekday late Su Su did not take exercise in school work, also do not have nosh, when bathing very quickly to lie to the bed, try to because,ask her active and active and the Gu Moyu that appears very happy.

"What? " the person that the Yu Bao that consider silent stayed in beside, play shallowly deeply in her lip edge, "Are you ask me pair of your apology what impressions is been show? I was accepted. I was accepted..

Su Su is foolish, of what apology had shown? After that she is clear, is because didn't break one's promise accompany him to look afternoon,he thinks she does all these tonight circus wagon? Be she is done not quite apparently? The shallow kiss that he is by the side of the lip and the in enthusiasm between the bag is disparate last night, it is buoyant only amusing her just, su Su also can know, such, estimate him tonight is to won't accomplish that one step. Should a bit more active?

Su Su swallowed buccal saliva in a low voice, stretch one's hand go out to answer embraced the person beside, hand too tremble, it is to be in the quilt fortunately, she spent a lot of time to accomplish this one feat eventually.

Gu Moyu kissed greatly on her face, give out very canorous sound, "God-given you do not become a problem tonight, breakfast sleeps. " say him to shut an eye happily to rest. Revive element have no way to back down, also do not want to give the way with more active what after all, and the other side states he wanted to sleep already clearly...

Calculated, what does estimation do today, he meets regarding as is her apology to had been shown, after Su Su thought so, want to take the hand that answers oneself, did not succeed however.

"You can hold me in the arms to sleep. " after Gu Moyu prevented her, returned phonate to approve her action, su Su is speechless.

The following day morning Su Su enquires to Linbai rapidly on board yesterday afternoon her guess, can be gotten result is without a relation.

"Miss Su does not think a young master with the ordinary pe南京珠江镇spa会所AHrson's thinking. " in the abnormality that Lin Bai is sighing to thinking a young master much, he when does bother about pass the woman's age?

What Daolinbai says Su Suzhi is true, but do not know what this and her problem has to concern, likelihood Lin Bai's meaning is the childe did not touch she and her age to also do not have a relation, "That... how can he just do the sort of thing, when? I am to say, does he have when be willing to do the sort of thing particularly? Saturday day? Or 135? Or 135??

Lin Baijiao gets Miss Su to do not have full understanding to his word yesterday, "Miss Su wants not repellent childe only stand by, very should fast can happen naturally. " his home childe reads the state of mind, at any time OK. Go up Saturday want a breakthrough apparently, he feels exclusive to possibility is Su Suyi be in continuously defy, so the childe just chose to escape. But last Miss Su is to drink much, after such specifications, should do not have a problem next time.

"Oh. " Susu has only vague idea nod, look this issue does not come urgently also, although she thinks what redo nods to be able to accelerate a process very much, but if happen really, she also worries about herself can risk one's life is counteractive. Do good psychology to build to oneself first, su Su so plan.

She arrived 3 buildings, unexpectedly acquaintance is in outside their class door on footpath.

"Xu Yunfei? Are you to seek a person? " Su Su glances inside the classroom, guess the schoolboy may come their class seeks what person, the plan helps him.

"Hum, will look for you. " the schoolboy was laughing to affirm her, "Do I hear of settle on of the eaves that consider silent you? "Do I hear of settle on of the eaves that consider silent you??

Su Su complexion one white, how can pass fastened a class to know, and his name even local tyrant is clear.

"I will help you. " Xu Yunfei said a such words then.

S全国凤,凰楼信息网站u Suyou is open-eyed, also have a surprise, shook after instant first, "Need not, I do not have a thing. " Xu Yunfei and she is classmate of junior high school, two people be mixed is not much, also do not consider a relation particularly good. She knows those who come to the schoolboy is countryside, the situation in the home is not very clear, but offend for certain removing Gu Moyu is beyond question however.

"You need not worry, 2 father's younger brother and my his pa are same approved comrade-in-arms, he won't be right I how. " 长沙喝茶的高质量妹子normal person is like the logistic train of thought of Xu Yunfei's classmate and her, need not want to know what she is worrying about, gave up immediately her apprehension.

"So artful? " Su Su is done not have special set one's mind at, it is she also did not think of to there also is military background actually in schoolboy home really only. There has been contact now and then when junior high school, do not calculate hand in greatly but common friend still calculates on, had not communicated the circumstance in the home.

"Ancestral home of the house that consider silent is us over there, his pa takes in former years he comes back together ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for when, I also had seen him. " Xu Yunfei still is bringing a smile, "His pa and I 2 father's younger brother are more than it is a comrade-in-arms, still be fellow-townsman, the relation calculates pretty good still. The relation calculates pretty good still..

Su Suyou was believed a few minutes, but still have bit of concern, "Why should you help me, and, how can you help me? How can you help me??

Make Yun Fei listen to her so say, look the first bank is to cross the past, although be him himself,put forward to want to help, did not think of the schoolgirl considers more instead for him however, for this, he changed proposal of one party, "Our anyhow also is a classmate, see you are deep-set fiery pit, pull you one always has not been been. How is respecting helped, I have offer, saw you dare be done. Saw you dare be done..

"You say. " Su Su does not want to give poorer than the current situation condition, should choose naturally to save oneself.

"Gu Moyu is what kind of person I do not say you should have had knowledge, " Xu Yunfei sees a schoolgirl nod here, with respect to add go down, "He is the childe elder brother of typical rich other people, overbearing, think everybody should comply with he,[db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]茶的联系方式SD ego is a center, consider an issue from his angle only, but very babyish also, get angry very easily, very good also fool. Very good also fool..

Su Su cannot more approve of, can say Gu Moyu only this individual is too simple, informal what person can his detection.

"Although I am unwarrantable can let him pestering you no longer, but let you answer the school to live, still can try. " this word that Xu Yunfei speaks, let Su Su see a hope, want to answer the school to live only, mean her a week 7 days, cast off Gu Moyu 5 days at least.

Then the schoolboy said to want the job that she cooperates, but did not say what oneself can do, just let her be at ease. After the schoolboy goes, su Sucai entered a classroom, early study by oneself in scheduled time to had passed half, the thing that nature of the classmate in the class a moment ago did outside the door to her is very curious, wove very quickly more she the new old practice that a foot steps two boats.

After sitting to take textbook, su Su suddenly thrill through a doubt, if Xu Yunfei says to know she is wrapped to raise such hearsay to still be reasonable, why can you say she is deep-set fiery pit? Likely also nevertheless the schoolboy is the judgement that makes 3 years to her understanding from junior high school, of the person of a little clever still goodness on this world. This a fleeting thought went very quickly.

"... I do not think Susu has this appeal, want to consider childe a week not to see her a few times only, you person of the arrangement there was taken consider each district of childe whole nation to run, do not believe to give two Childe Zhou Gu childes to won't remember lysol element so individual. " Xu Yunfei to the phone so say.

"This and those who begin come to an agreement or understanding is different. " the sound on.

"But the successful rate of this method is very high also, be? " if succeed,basically be, can conserve Su Su. This also is the account that Xu Yunfei changes a mind temporarily, a moment ago the schoolgirl is not to resemble capturing immediately help straw seeks his ask for help commonly, became a consideration for many times for him however, this lets him be touched a little. More what is more,the rather that the classmate that they are junior high school 3 years after all, disposition disposition of the schoolgirl he is understanding, can endeavor to be saved, should try.

"If you can let a childe promise to let that young lady answer school accommodation, this thing still has the room that discuss. " the answer of the other side, the line was han南京梧桐龙凤论坛ged later. Look the judgement that the other side also agreed with him, gu Moyu is qualitative very poor, if a week does not see Su Su 5 days, the possibility that he leaves in Yun Fu is very small, the each district of person whole nation that should let look for Le Zi to him only takes him to play, perhaps leave Yun Fu, gu Moyu can forget have Su Su so individual.

Want how to let Gu Moyu promise to put Su Su to answer a dormitory to live as to him, the show that watchs Su Su two days this.

This evening Su Su also did not take exercise in school work, just got on a car expression is very sad balsam pear face, though she is ferial in do not have too much and happy look together with Gu Moyu, but anxiety of so direct performance is scarce really also.

"How, not happy? " Gu Moyu swallowed the bait as expected.

"The imitate yesterday is taken an examination of, take an examination of very poorly. " Su Su is bitter face answered him.

"That also does not have a thing... " if Gu Moyu arrives by the side of the mouth, swallowed, because he had said twice to be rejected by the schoolgirl, it is rile even she, he changed a mouth, "Take an examination of well next time. "Take an examination of well next time..

Su Su mouth sighed, "What stop together is the closest not quite speak with me, they lie I do not know the topic that talk, when having a meal together, a word is not inserted on. When having a meal together, a word is not inserted on..

Gu Moyu cannot understand her such trouble, but the trouble that still experienced her, "Should want me to accompany you to have a meal everyday? "Should want me to accompany you to have a meal everyday??

Su Suyao shakes his head, "Do not have a topic more with them in that way. " she has some of heart Jing man student offer, have some of Jing Song feeling smoothly to what talk tonight also. Because she never is used so similar the manner that act like a spoiled child complains get along trifling, still harvested accident surprise really. Schoolboy not only did not get angry, gave from oneself angle instead somehow support.

"Oh. " rejected oneself to accompany have dinner to her this thing, gu Moyu did not get angry.

"Can you let me will answer a dormitory to live tomorrow? " original work out a scheme delimits in, xu Yunfei did not make her so fast raise this requirement, dan Susu sees him god-given good temperament, cannot help or opened a mouth.

Gu Moyu gives off the person from the bosom will lower his head to look at her, he is considering.

Lin Bai worried from Su Su speaks this demand, couldn't help coughing twice again. Su Su changed a mouth rapidly, "Do not have a thing, I say casually namely. I say casually namely..

Gu Moyu went from the consideration, just still a mark stays in the bottom of the heart.

This one evening also was spent with respect to such as usual.

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