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October considers silent eaves the 2nd week to have the competition, he also did not search before going old father talks, when be being come up against, said sentence, "Mean your thing, do not do redundant thing. Do not do redundant thing..

Considering lord is shallow only laugh in order to be opposite, although this smelly boy is clever, but life experience is too little, to Su Su, he does not need to do anything, can bring her into play.

His son nature does not have a thing to return him, consider lord nevertheless not anxious also, although be heard at that time,be frightened not gently, but him son nature how he or part hold, do not force him to hopeless situation, he won't choose so dry.

The midday of this the world that leaves home in Gu Moyu then, consider lord to manage to find time returned the home, made an appointment with Su Su to carry gazebo prattle on the head to the building. The weather of October has had a place cold, should not be originally just chat in this cultivate land, consider lord nature to have be not such doing cannot reason. His son arranged people on one's own side in the home, although he knows, do not prepare to be removed however, this to him character is not evildoing.

"Element be the girlfriend that promised to do that smelly boy really? " consider lord to open a bright aim, did not say some of polite formula with her again.

Su Su also knew, consider lord this is to take the advantage of Gu Moyu to not be in the home, want to say to choose open-armed word with her, "Do not have, just made agreement of 3 years. Just made agreement of 3 years..

Consider lord to nod, what this girl says with Lin Bai really is same, especially other and tenacious, arrived stubborn degree.

"Element be to like that smelly boy actually, be? " consider lord to looked at the schoolgirl before to speak this to guess directly, but he had had hold entirely.

Astounded of ground of Su Su amazed is over there, look at those who if bringing smile commonly before,do not have to consider lord, good half talent answered a god, "Uncle you why so say? "Uncle you why so say??

"Because you want this child, is this only explanation? " considered lord to sigh, this kind of simple truth, also only amid of his son body just can look do not understand.

Su Su strokes belly, he a moment ago kicked her, she is low first. She did not think of this thing at the beginning, she thinks she just wants this child, but go back to the motherland hind, she begins to think him, never had had previously, in these a few months particularly intense, and cannot restrain.

"Uncle, no matter my happy event does not like him, I won't promise to do his girlfriend, won't choose to be together with him more, we had agreed, he can put me to go after 3 years. " Su Su is final just so answered, this is the place in her heart thinks, also be the thing that she can hold to to do, she and Gu Moyu, it is improper after all.

This share that considers lord to agree to them still had Jing, "Did he promise to put you to go? "Did he promise to put you to go??

Su Su nods, "The uncle need not worry, you won't accept me such daughter-in-law, I also do not have this plan, such life I do not suit, 3 years already too long. 3 years already too long..

Visit lord head in recombined all circumstances very quickly, su Suhe his son is different, she is do not wish to indulge the person in feeling, even if knew him heart 南京性价比高的场子90分钟is belonged to somewhat, did not want to lose freedom accordingly however, and look clearly to reality, also do not have plan make friends with a man of higher position. Gu Moyu is antipo[db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]网419al, he is brought up to have wanted person for the first time up to now, begin too abandon got everything also lost the most important thing however, had answered a god he learned a change, enduring a lot of returning got him really most want, it is he himself still does not know only.

But Gu Moyu can promise to put Su Su to go, this is the issue that considers lord to did not think of absolutely, with respect to current condition, he does not think the son can promise this work now, even if be the acceptance after 3 years. If 3 this years he never knows Su Suxi is joyous him, then he is not the sincerity that has gotten her really, put her how possibly to go. And if he knew this thing, won't put her to go more.

"If I say, be willing to accept quiet do my daughter-in-law? " the case that considers lord to may happen to will come made a query ahead of schedule.

The father that Su Sujiao gets Gu Moyu is very peculiar really, the thing that she feels impossible to can happen, he was done, "And do not say to consider the home to want me such daughter-in-law is used without what, meet only provoking mock, I also cannot be blended in such place and such life, you this possibility that if do not have,holds water, I won't be accepted absolutely. I won't be accepted absolutely..

Considered lord to sigh, his makings is medium, this girl too too obstinate, even if like him son, also won't choose to be together with him absolutely, won't be willing to marry him more. If after 3 years, gu Moyu did not become weak to her, that son does less than putting absolutely she goes, but the thing son that has agreed also won't go back on his word absolutely, have this one day really, he also cannot see an outlet. Even if he retreats 10 thousand paces to be willing to admit Su Su to do daughter-in-law, the schoolgirl also won't promise this work.

"Element it is a very special girl really. " consider lord to be being taken laugh said this, took the floor below Su Su.

If the thing takes that one step really, this girl before with what method he also can leave an area for the son, even if be the meeting after she stays,be born be inferior to dead, inevitable even trend dies, he also will not grudge. This is his choice, anyhow, he can choose side with him son.

Consider silent eaves to came back to know this thing, wait not as good as he is old dad comes home, within an inch of develops him the place that old 南京梧桐夜雨网FDGfather handles official bussiness looks for him, lin Baizheng does not bar, it is Su Su saw a person, called him, "Do you just come back to want to go out again? "Do you just come back to want to go out again??

"Don't you think I go out? " Gu Moyu went by, condemned the award that departs this first, nature is the kiss of a longing.

Su Su sees Lin Bai hint given with the eyes, held the post of him to kiss enough, ability mouth asks him, "What should you go out to do again? "What should you go out to do again??

"Hear I am old does dad look for you to had talked about a day? What does he say with you? " he is afraid that he is old dad tells Su Su he still does not have a thing to still go back, she can take this thing to come accusatorial he.

"Nature is the thing that says you, say you are much not obedient, do not respect him, let me help his certainly you. " Su Suhao scattered a lie forthwith. She feels to consider lord to want to affirm next think of a way that she did not want to stay in this home namely just, she feels the concern that considers lord is redundant, she does not have this idea really.

Gu Moyu casts aside twitch one's mouth, he just does not believe him old father is met only so hole he is one, also did not plan ypllt一品楼江苏to ask from her mouth nevertheless, turned topic, discuss the case that had this competition to her.

"The voice with very special what to hear? " Su Sushun is worn he said.

Thrill through is in head of the world that consider silent a picture, disregarded however, "The most special steel tweedle that is me? "The most special steel tweedle that is me??

Shameless, although Su Su is to think so, do not have however so speak out, "Does that play me to listen? "Does that play me to listen??

"Won't be bored with? Should want me to take you to go out to play? " what the streak before Gu Moyu drills also is this melody, where to have what play again is necessary.

Su Sufa shows him or such, although used a heart to be in Lian Qin, but appear,piano platoon is at the back of her back, "I like to listen, do not like to go out to play. Do not like to go out to play..

Listen to her to say to like to listen, hard to avoid of the eaves that consider silent is some more complacent, still played her to listen, and because complacent still have bit of be beside oneself.

Su Suting came out in his piano sound different, should be who gave him new inspiration it seems that, with the match before differ somewhat. She also is not not to want to go out, it is she knows here only unlike Yun Fu, it is a little place, she does not go out to be afraid that others can know this scandal, how can go out again go wake a sleeping dog.

What there is the eldest son of money other people to play a woman in this Beijing city won't be little, but the affirmation that plays an illegitimate child is not much, still receive come home the estimation in is more peerless, this is a scandal completely.

Her estimation visits silent house namely this kind of person, do not have a friend completely, just can consider a Reagan to come without the person originally look is lively.

Her guess was opposite half, because consider the person that lord is not a hospitality,still having an in part is, although often go to an appo魔都新茶论坛intment, ask a person to come home rarely however come.

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