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They put the light that evening, also went back with respect to empty-handed, lamp of road start off is not very bright, gu Moyu is pulling Su Su's hand all the time.

When getting on for the home, he asked sentence, how does that red bag do?

Su Suxiao is worn say, "Since give you, you are being taken, it is an intention only. It is an intention only..

Gu Moyu asked Su Jin again, "Should I also wrap you? "Should I also wrap you??

"Elder sister's husband your person is really nice, nevertheless need not, my elder sister has given. " Su Jin jokingly after him, want this red bag without true mouth however.

[db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]里spa性价比高u Moyu some are surprised, also understood finally, she this little sister just is behaved so livelily droll, still be very sensible actually, with the word for the view of normal person. He understood to be told in teleplay a little, the child early husband of poor home, not be an empty talk.

Before Su Su sleeps that evening, said to Gu Moyu, lie between a day they want return to one's native place to go, one is to give kin of home village or town to pay a New Year call, also want grandfather grandma pay respects to sb at his tomb additionally, ask he goes he there live.

Then morning of early in the morning considers silent eaves to t南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路o them first not, say to want to make the same score prefectural hold a memorial ceremony for ancestor. Of course he still went really,

When Lin Bai is barring Xu Yunfei does not let him looked for Gu Moyu in the past, it is to considered silent him eaves to go by, and let Lin Baisong hand.

He knows Xu Yunfei has a word to be told to him, he also has some of thing to want to chat with him euqally, that company that just shares with them did not concern.

"Your father did not come back, do you come back however ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for? " Xu Yunfei does not think Gu Moyu has the ancestry that respects him so.

Gu Moyu knows he is what meaning, also did not conceal, "Her return to one's native place went, I am to come over incidentally. I am to come over incidentally..

Xu Yunfei is very angry, and he feels he may not end this kind angrily, unless he puts Su Su to go really, "Is the child not bad? "Is the child not bad??

"This and you are irrespective, put in the home nevertheless, I am old dad can look consider. " Gu Moyu is not to want to say these to him very much, his care he also very be fed up with, but he still is enduring,come down.

"Is she not bad? " Xu Yunfei also does not feel Gu Moyu can talk about these with him, still couldn't help asking however.

This Gu Moyu did not reply, "After 3 years, you can try to be contacted with her. You can try to be contacted with her..

Xu Yunfei terrified was in over there, this word says Gu Moyu too suddenly, he does not have reaction to come over a bit.

Gu Moyu said to go away, he is to had promised her 3 years by a definite date, but he feels all the time inside this time, he can let her change mind, it is at this late hour only, he had some of inaccuracy to decide. So he said such word to Xu Yunfei, if after 3 years, he puts her to go really, he hopes Xu Yunfei can continue to help him take care of her, he still cannot be found other righter person.

Gu Moyu was not in smooth county stay, it is to have a few old houses there, but essential nobody is done, he still answered Yun Fu's villa. Drilled two days of musical instrument, arrived come to an agreement or understanding meets Su Su come back first 3.

3 evening considered silent eaves to return Home Su first, lie between the 4 returns namely days at the beginning of the day.

Revive pa revive Mom did not send too far, su Jin sent them to go station, the Gu Moyu when be being faced gave her a red package stealthily. Su Jin plans to wait for the car on the elder sister originally go again, but they have two people, she went back first with respect to oneself.

After coming home, ravel the Su Jin of red bag is frightened foolish over, this thin thinking thin should also with respect to not better than a piece of money, but inside it is a piece of paper actually, the number that 5 digit kept on paper lets her think was to spend an eye, and that is a piece of check clearly, even if had not seen before her, but be today,saw.

Su Jin had answered a god to put check, sent message to the elder sister, the content that Su Su returns her is, "He amuses you to play, that is not what check, it is waste paper, had better be rip off. Had better be rip off..

Su Su is with Gu Moyu at that time on Lin Bai's car, she gives Lin Baidao a lot of apology, because let him Lin Bai,a person passed in villa year and compunctious. After receiving the information that little sister hair comes to, she just saw Gu Moyu, did not challenge him.


His common sense and Everyman still were differred too much, probably his father crosses annual meeting to give him to include red package so, so he also was done so the thing of clumsy. She does not want to censure him with respect to this thing, from before the issue that he makes, she feels he does not know common sense this thing, on some kind of meaning for, not be an evildoing certainly.

After reviewing the home, su Su saw a son, held in the arms for ages do not agree to let go, gu Moyu amuses a son to play by all the time.

Go revive lived in be less than two weeks, discovery of nature of the eaves that consider silent or him home are comfortable, if have them only two better of course, even if add a smelly boy more, still also can bear.

And be together with the son, after all he is child father, she is child mother, such fact lets him set one's mind at, her of one mind is considering the child's issue, she thinks total have an easy time the home thinks parents.

That evening Su Su puts forward to want to sleep with the child Yo baby room, gu Moyu does not agree stoutly, he had two weeks to did not sleep together with her, she came back to be held in the arms one in the evening, still do not have enough!

The room that had been not circled finally or held eaves of child reviewing silent in the arms rests, susu is to think what sleep together to he follows no longer after taking the advantage of this opportunity originally, did not think of him and did not sleep, want the time before compensation instead.

Gu Moyu kissed her that evening very long, the sort of job should expand it seems that later, su Su dare not start work again hit him, but the child is in the room, she also does not want to do this kind of thing with him.

Finally is to considered silent him eaves to stop, still went the bathroom develops a bath, just did not use cold water this, however Wen Shui. He feels some are afflictive, obviously natural labor can do this kind of thing after two months, but she still is in,defy.

He himself has promised to won't do this kind of thing, so although be borne afflictively, he still stopped.

Su Su is in the sit up after he goes personally, she discovers he is more than never lie to oneself, and the commitment that he has made came true really.

The Susu when Gu Moyu comes out is holding the child in the arms to ask him, "Do I still go to otherwise does Yo baby room sleep? "Do I still go to otherwise does Yo baby room sleep??

"Not, I am no problem, you believe me. " Gu Moyu carries the child answered infantile bed to go up.

Su Su does not know him this is why bother, had not contended for him, be forced to lie answered a bed to go up. After this of the eaves that consider silent just was holding her in the arms to sleep one evening, other without redo issue.

Original Su Su returns afraid Gu Moyu this week of affirmative meeting cannot help, of coincidence is he passed one day went to abroad having a show, zhou Wu after coming back, gu Moyu is very tired, su Su has not fallen asleep he has slept sank.

Also accordingly, when lying between a day to consider silent eaves mobile phone early to ring greatly, su Su is afraid of noisy wake he, alarmed under the telephone call that received him.

Gave room Su Sucai to answer a word with English, because the other side appears to say is Japanese, although she is understood not, can knowing however is a foreigner, and still be a woman.

On replied very quickly with English her, "Feel embarrassed, I think is Gu Moyu, hello, I am tanaka manage draw, who are you excuse me? Who are you excuse me??

"Ah, I am his little sister, the elder brother sleeps very soundly, you have what thing, go to the lavatory to say with me? " Su Su scattered a lie not self-consciously.

"Ah, I am sorry, you there is now early morning be? " the female voice on apology j南京会所外卖工作室价格ust says, "I ask when he just wants to do obeisance to division after all namely, teacher every day talk about again and again is worn. Teacher every day talk about again and again is worn..

Su Sucai arrived, asked, "Be piano teacher be? "Be piano teacher be??

"Had not been he carried with you, a Mr. Mo Dou from him 13 years old when nowadays, god-given he says recently is to should do obeisance to division, can be to spend several months again, he has not embarked on a journey, I just ask. I just ask..

"The elder brother can go recently, bother you to say with the teacher, thank you to call will ask. " how didn't Su Su think to answer her so, on withered to hang a phone.

She did not think of the other side had taken Gu Moyu's telephone number actually, he won't tell a person these casually at ordinary times, because of the cause that he chats with passerby it doesn't matter mostly. The schoolgirl's sound sounds charming is spruce but person, it is about with age girl, disposition sounds optimis南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路tic and easy, su Suren does not live a little expected sad, also press next went down.

She a moment ago reply is not joking, he speaks of to encounter this girl last still is in her antenatal two weeks thing, namely in November, nowadays had been Feburary medium, spent 3 months.

She hopes he puts piano in front of her, but appear,he is the thing because of her, delayed more important thing. Su Su need not want to also know, he is to want her to go together with him for certain, but the child is impossible to be taken, consider lord to won't agree, and very no-go also.

Susu has some of kink, wanted for ages to just reply a house, handle machine replace on ark of Gu Moyu the head of a bed, sit in bedside to continue to brood.

She and the reason that he agrees are to can accompany the child to grow, but she does not go,his estimation won't be willing oneself go out alone attend school, su Su can persuade him without self-confidence, but she does not want to accompany him to go abroad, that agrees to the child character lost a sense.

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