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Went to Paris, the pony drives will carry them, gu Moyu asked him, "What is the teacher has the show that says below one is recommended? "What is the teacher has the show that says below one is recommended??

"Do not have, invite now turn to me directly about here, does the childe want him to carry? Does the childe want him to carry??

Gu Moyu not express an opinion, he is a bit strange, "Wait for me to had seen say again after the teacher. " probably his idea is right, the teacher feels he returns the thing that has a lot of wanting that learn, can not suggest he receives too much show so quickly.

"You come over first here, does manage draw have connection to pass? " Su Su asked this question then.

The pony has bit of jamming of cartridge or shell case, drive no-go also look round childe hint given with the eyes, do not know how the answer i南京spa哪里好玩s good.

"Say continuously. " Gu Moyu opened a mouth, manage draw can tell Su Su's thing, she knew nowadays, what still can be concealed.

"Tanaka young lady gives the phone has come in the home, after letting Miss Su come back, contact with her. " the pony chose to say an in part. Manage draw basically is to want to look for his home childe, saying is thing having a place, letting Su Sulian fasten her nevertheless is a well-advised formulation however.

Su Su nodded, want to go to manage draw a phone, gu Moyu had taken her mobile phone, "Rest below, dinner hind is hit again. Dinner hind is hit again..

Su Su did not object, it is she also does not know only, the mobile phone that she changed after Gu Moyu gets stuck, after this, she can make the telephone call of manage draw, but instant communication of Lin Shiliu won't be connected again however. Photograph comparing rises, gu Moyu compares Lin Shiliu to be close friends to the impression of manage draw, latter too cross a mouth not to have block, although once helped him had completed overall arrangement, but not authentic. Contrary, manage draw although at ordinary times not quite side with him, but the moment of truth however won't missay is too much.

After Gu Moyu does not know him a few days, meet to oneself this judgement changes think of a way.

Manage draw was contacted after Su Su dinner, manage draw just asked they came back, when had gone to the lavatory to visit she and Gu Moyu, before alluding, her phone is illogical, and the case that instant communication sends failure. Will look from here, gu Moyu's judgement still is correct.

Gu Moyu says he will want to go first tomorrow teacher the report there, he thinks weekday rest, so Su Su was in next week about with manage draw one afternoon, 11.

"If I take a friend, can he let me take the door? " manage draw asked ahead of schedule, because ask Gu Moyu regular meeting is rejected,南京建邺区会所推荐 it is to look for Su Subang of course so busy communicate for appropriate.


Su Sujiao gets a problem not quite, do not pass or asked more, "Be schoolboy or schoolgirl? "Be schoolboy or schoolgirl??

"Schoolgirl. " manage draw is a bit guilty, sounding right now is about Gu Moyu still can accept, but the development later, she actually very doubtful calm.

Su Su agreed for Gu Moyu, hanged a phone to just send word to him, although Gu Moyu is not quite happy, but since not be male, he was accepted constrainedly.

"I let Xiaoma helped you sign up for French crash class, use for the student studying abroad, too won't difficult, with your academic degree, my estimation is most you can hear of 3 months. " Gu Moyu is without discussed the ground to tell Su Su this thing ahead of schedule, su Su is stupefied unawaringly over.

"After will terming begins in September, you can go to in a school class of Parisian thirteenth college transmitting learned course, after obtaining school timetable, lin Baihui is in charge of receiving send you. " Gu Moyu said he is arranged the 2nd times then, su Su is done not have more amazed.

"OK? " the opinion that Gu Moyu just asked her after this.

Su Su does not know she rejects to still be used now, just remembered the word that has said in the Lin Bai when Chengdu, nodded finally, "Thank you. " always do not want to let him plan the life for her too much before her, also do not want to use his resource and fund too much, but he has been arranged this ahead of schedule, she chose to remove one condition, down him also it doesn't matter.

"Impolite. " Gu Moyu knows he is met certainly next particularly busy, the teacher calculates do not make him much receive a show, before also won't letting him resemble, 3 months live leisurely in that way.

He does not want to want working its be perturbed for her again, also do not think and her conflict this thing, go learning French it's nothing bad, the major that before read aloud her, reads aloud more it doesn't matter is bad. Although can have another some of trouble, but it is good that Gu Moyu feels to be compared so than rising, to her character also is better, she is original now the age that should be study.

Take do not take graduation card to be distinguished to what there is Gu Moyu, acquire a thing this thing itself is more significant. He had never gotten school education, this is the thing of of course to him.

Magical is, 9 Gu Moyu go teacher there, can not see A Mr. Mo Dou, teacher madam says the teacher went the other place has a show, had explained manage draw to say to him next arrangement. Although Gu Moyu feels puzzled to do not have what idea however, be not accused with the teacher that experiences before manage draw and other and prejudicial different, his it doesn't matter feels.

Teacher madam shook after Gu Moyu goes first, went looking for him husband after that, ask why he doesn't see his student.

"He says to run, running is two months, by what he says to come back, he comes back I am about to see him. " the share that A Mr. Mo Dou showed him adequately to go up and consider silent eaves resemblance in disposition, this may be the talent's common fault, some say not clear strange.

Weekday Su Su accompanied Gu Moyu to rest one day in the home, say to want to go when dinner snack inn sees the boss previously, two people take a walk after the meal in the inn that went working before Su Suzhi.

That time nods fir cropland nature to be absent, because Gu Moyu is on the side, su Su also did not ask more. Inn grows to still laughing to ask her otherwise wants to come back to work again, su Su hesitated this to refuse none. Because this humor is good still,visit silent house, she should be to accept him to her next arrangement, and do not have too much go against turn over psychology.

Su Su of Zhou Yi early in the morning went French class attends class, lunch still comes back to eat, when she comes back in the evening, the friend that manage draw is like to having takinging her came, su Sujin door heard the musical voice of 2 buildings, and do not have piano reputation only, still have a kind of musical instrument.

Su Su goes upstairs see there are 南京400以内大活场子3 people in musical instrument room, black of a palm reachs that woman student that she does not meet neck bingle, blue eye tall bridge of the nose, grow particularly beautifully to have temperament, make her flashy some look stayed. After that she just notices the other side is in fiddle, pose grace, expression took some of inhospitality probably.

Gu Moyu is playing piano originally, see Su Su stopped, guest also as stopped, view the past toward the doorway down his look.

Manage draw is about to start to talk to make the introduction to Su Su, the Yu Yezheng that consider silent is gone to she there go by, guest opened a mouth first, and those who say is German, draw of Su Suhe manage is to be stupefied.

"The men and women concerns even if one is chased after, one runs, you also can choose to do that individual that runs in front. You also can choose to do that individual that runs in front..

Stanch of the eaves that consider silent footstep, the instant turns round glare manage draw, and called her full name, "Tanaka manage draw! "Tanaka manage draw!!

Although manage draw does not know what her friend said, but be afraid was to involve Su Su, and make Gu Moyu very angry, "I am sorry, auspicious graceful speech is directer, you excuse me. " she this was to accept a what hard job, take pain to completely not to please.

Ji Na had come over to make self introduction to Su Su especially, "It is good to call me Ji Na, I am the friend of manage draw, invited consider the piano that makes my end show to accompany. Invited consider the piano that makes my end show to accompany..

Susu is a little ineffable, after holding a hand, stretching one's hand still is not to know to say what is good, when wanting a mouth to make self introduction, the other side says she had known. Gu Moyu also answered a god at this moment, came over to hug Su Su, removed one condition, asked her hunger not, otherwise should have dinner.

"Arrive today here, you go back first. " after that he issued order for guests to leave to two guests.

"Are you willing to stay eat dinner? What to eat today, gu Moyu? " Su Su took a settle or live in a strange place however.

"Did not prepare the dinner of so much person today. " Gu Moyu is goggle said lie, he a moment ago was enraged terribly, if not be the thing that manage draw told Ji Na spy he and Su Su, how can the other side speak so inurbane word, still used German painstakingly.

"Those who thank you is well-intentioned, did not disturb today. " Ji Na him spy not, although manage draw still wants to mix revive element talk about the past, but estimation is improper today, also as went.

After going out, she asked what Ji Na spy a moment ago said to Gu Moyu after all, get also be to t魔都新茶论坛hink dead after the answer, "Ji Na, I know you are very special, but Gu Moyu also is such person, you do not comment on the thing of he and Su Su again next time, also do not give him what proposal, ? ??

She did not say to Ji Na actually too much, just consider should facilitate she and Gu Moyu cooperate, just said next Su Su's things probably, although auspicious is graceful the idea that's all right that carry is incorrect, but not applicable to Gu Moyu and Su Su, their relation estimates very difficult change.

"He pleases the other side to be able to escape of course blindly, he should have done himself only present thing, nature of the other side is met conversely angle him, he is more relaxed, also can put idea on piano. " Ji Na does not think his proposal is wrong especially, although experience of love of her it doesn't matter, but beside there is no lack of to be in to overtake her the man that make arduous efforts.

"Ji Na, he can promise to cooperate had been very rare thing, the work that he promises can endeavor to do, you need not ask painstakingly he more attentively. " manage draw knows to consider Ji Na special to be persuaded in that way all the time, gu Moyu also won't listen, meet only in the main rile he.

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