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Su Su the good news here is, the Zhou Er after Gu Moyu goes begins, the book that consider inscription had progress suddenly, learned to call mom at a draught, susu is happy daylong.

Su Su the bad news here is, she tries two days to want to search in Zhousan and Zhou Wu consider lord to chat, zhou San is to consider lord to come home fitly will visit close grandchildren, touch went up she is in look after children; Zhou Wu is herself that after the book that consider inscription is asleep, went first floor sitting room consider lord to come home.

Of course, these two are Lin Baihui when the newspaper gives Gu Moyu, him Gu Moyu divides kind.

After that face this message, lin Bai is after asking to consider lord, lord assented let him answer Gu Moyu. Meanwhile, consider lord to make king old also said this thing to Gu Moyu.

Zhou San that he is not intended, if know,be Su Su is in look after children, he will be evasive; Zhou Wu that apparently Su Su is intended waiting for him, consider lord to just say too late, let her look for him on the weekend again.

From Zhou Sansu element asks that his question, considered lord to guess a few minutes, lin Bai asked a few after this, knew completely. She should be the issue that lays a mother in curious Gu Moyu, because was told to her before Lin Baizhi a few, so she wants to look for her this party seeks testimony again.

Consider lord to be indifferent to give Su Su taletelling, before the son goes, just explain repeatedly, his plan foretaste tries spirit of this call art.

The fact proves, this is the call means like the god simply, lie between a day 25 Saturday midday, gu Moyu came home, the Zhou Wu that this shows to he hears a news drove a plane to fly that evening. Consider南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路 lord while part is funny, also part dreariness meaning, if one day his be laid up, do not know this son still can be done not have after a month hurried back come.

The Su Su that can not see Lin Bai before lunch still does not know a reason, when the lunch on yellow Mom exceeds her daily volume apparently, she still also is suspecting, after that she is clear.

This Su Su does not have a surprise really, however complete open-eyed, she is not clear why he just went 4 days, came back again?

"Very tired, ate a meal to rest first. " Su Su did not examine minutely his reason immediately, after allowing to convey longing a little while by him, said so.

Gu Moyu actually not bad, flew twice inside a few days, his time difference had not been clear about.

And he the circumstance there, actually not good.

He goes to Zhou Er teacher there played a little while, was interrupted by the teacher.

"Consider, what to produce, you go magical very fierce, didn't yourself listen come out? " the teacher feels he can not concentrate mind apparently.

Gu Moyu has not listened really come out, after all he is to taking a look, oneself can discover, return call away god? "Teacher, when can I receive the show of this melody? When can I receive the show of this melody??

"By the circumstance before, I feel the latest namely next month, can be now your this condition, return not likely to be able to be become next month. " the teacher replied according to the facts he.

Gu Moyu mouth sighed, "Su Su went back to the motherland. "Su Su went back to the motherland..

The teacher is not clear, they are not the circumstances that had not parted before, last he takes him to went out to run a month, he does not have abnormality, "Did you part company? "Did you part company??

Gu Moyu shakes shake one's head, this and last different, she is in Paris, it is his category, she is in Beijing, basically be him the domain of old father, he can not have what variable certainly. Although he is old dad should the thing with whats won't do strange, but feel different.

"I think as soon as possible show end goes back t南京梧桐龙凤论坛o the motherland, teacher, can you help me? " mouth of the eaves that consider silent said such word.

A Mr. Mo Dou is very helpless, he has worried about this circumstance formerly, from last he still thinks is not so essential, but this Gu Moyu is apparently whole mind is random, "You center spirit to come again, you think breakfast goes back, be about to had drilled first now this melody. Be about to had drilled first now this melody..

After this circumstance stand or fall of two days, a Mr. Mo Dou is helpless also, he has wanted to want to pull out at the beginning the Su Su influence to Gu Moyu. But large half an year went, had done not have an influence apparently, the circumstance changes together, below all floating ice dark emerged to go up with respect to Dou Chong surface.

Zhou Wu, gu Moyu received a telephone call when Lian Qin afternoon, say good-bye directly.

A Mr. Mo Dou hopes Su Su still can answer Paris, his some words want to chat with her.

When Gu Moyu rests Saturday, pulled Su Suyi, su Su does not have drowsiness completely, she is very few noon break. Consequently she is asleep in Gu Moyu hind, opened an eye to see him a little while, guessed the reason that he comes back suddenly.

Be to think her particularly? Such wanting that be like some shameless, su Suyin and slightly red face; Forget take a thing? Seem not to need to come back to take designedly, they can send the past; Still want to eat the meal that yellow Mom does actually, want to take yellow Mom to go together? Seem to be able to call yellow Mom the past directly; Did the teacher have a holiday to him? Just be to contain next week on November 1 the autumn holiday of Zhu Shengzhan ceremony, but he is not,be in school student.

Final Su Sujiao is gotten or the first reason can hold water possibly most, but such wanting that have some of self-partiality really, she is pressed in the bottom of the heart went down, wanting to waited for him to wake up ask again.

The person beside was kissed chronically first after Gu Moyu wakes up, look after that it seems that colour of sky is late already, want to do the sort of thing.

"Still be by day. " Su Su prevented him with this word.

Gu Moyu is very frustrate, why after she says to be not done by day, he listened to her really, she still takes this manage origin to reject him now.

In the room very black because pulled a curtain,be, su Su is truth fact says, "Why to come back suddenly? "Why to come back suddenly??

"Think you very much. " the truly that Gu Moyu says, just still a reason makes him so urgent wear come back, he did not plan to tell her.

Su Suren does not live ticked off a lip, look she does not have a bad shot, "Can your week just goes, still be less than 5 days. Still be less than 5 days..

"Zhou Er thinks, be no good? " Gu Moyu did not lie, oneself the first evening that a person sleeps in Paris, he is whole insomnia.

"Do not have prospect. " not quite serious ground said Su Su note he is one sentence.

Gu Moyu presses a root to be indifferent to actually, no matter be blackguardly,still be rogue or birds and beasts foolish still, he is paid no attention to, "Hear your some things want to ask me old dad, what be? What be??

Su Su nods, "I listen to Lin Bai to tell, the uncle follows the love long-distance race that there are 7 years between auntie, married the 3rd year to just give birth to you, some are interested... "

"Those things, you ask I am same. " after Gu Moyu knows reason, the mood was loosened come down, begin to be in prepare the job. If cannot be done by day, then he can grind a day so black, anyway he is not hungry still.

"You do not want Gu Moyu... you are told to me first, be the uncle that auntie chases after really? Be the uncle that auntie chases after really??

Gu Moyu does not think he has what to do, he just prepares to fall ahead of schedule just, "Be, my Mom should be an eye blind, also may be young not s[db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]茶外卖ensible, 18 years old follow grandfather grandmother to go army, one medium I am old dad. One medium I am old dad..

"Also be nevertheless in reason, one grows old Chinese girl in abroad, a tough guy that enlists on meeting confusing, also be return to the roots. " Gu Moyu speaks of these things, complete He Linbai is different, resembling is to be like the story that tells others, su Su is whole was immersed in the story plot that makes part of not clear character in.

"Saying was to chase after 7 years, escaping all the time with respect to before 3 aged dad about, the likelihood begins to talking after this, nevertheless the likelihood is different idea over there elder, so old father moves him 25 years old to live, should have live together with my Mom, in that time the likelihood is done not have little be denounced. Procrastinated two years to marry again, here was moved to live after marrying, saying this residence should be my Mom. Sayi南京个人spa联系方式FDGng this residence should be my Mom..

"Why so say? " Su Su does not understand, there are a lot of his own analysises and affection conjecture in his story, but sound seem to make sense.

Gu Moyu ticks off a lip, "Because I am old,dad is eat soft meal. "Because I am old,dad is eat soft meal..

Is this a reason far from? Su Su is very faint, how is he met so say him father, and the case that considers lord from now, how can you reach of this conclusion? !

See she is not believed completely, gu Moyu just is laughing to continued to say, "Be in in those days, the grade of my Mom is older than me dad is tall, this house should be ** is distributed be willing to stay in China to make contribution for the motherland, and made my of outstanding contribution Mom of this scientist. Otherwise with respect to me old father the circumstance at that time, it is normal that in mechanism courtyard cent flatlet still is, want to take a whole such floors in that time, more difficult than entering a day. More difficult than entering a day..

Su Sujiao gets her from consider ask to be less than these about over there lord, "Why can you know? "Why can you know??


"I certainly literacy, there always is the thing of the word in the home in one's childhood, I had looked. " he knows these all the time, more than his home building is his mother, he is old the capital of dad get rich also is his mother, it is his mother also did not misread a person only, he is old dad all the time diligent and conscientious, augment of the family property in the home is gotten very fast.

"My Mom can overtake me old father, it is difficult still that the likelihood chases after you than me, after all I am old dad the sort of strength, say to be able to choose the woman with a tender obedient housekeeping according to manage. " Gu Moyu is thinking so so said. He now some these, it is him in the main old father gives, su Sudou is not willing to accept him, and Su Su still is a schoolgirl.

He is old dad can persuade him to be together with his mother, abandoned him somehow all the time since most bring think the self-respect that be proud, the person with a so good strength, can bear however finally fall to be said by others he is to rely on feminine get rich, this also is a kind marvelous.

Although Su Su is not willing to abandon ego for him, but he feels not bad also, she did not love him so, must do oneself, he can accept this responsibility now, also be willing to respect her. Their position is different, from her angle, that is the thing that accomplishs too hard really.

"What kind of person your mother is in your heart then? " Susu can not think of Gu Moyu thinks actually those, it is curiosity asked only.

Gu Moyu thought, the memory in his memory actually very few, his mother goes too early, faint can be written down, it is warm smile and a kind of tough feeling only.

"Explicit in light of, it is an optimistic and easy, mild risible wife, not very is good at housework, also not very is attentive; Her nature has been gone to say, it is persistent, go to bad say, it is some ego and bigotry. Certain place may be mixed you very picture. Return some exceeding innocent and highbrow, although very clever can be very good however cheat, eye is right still, estimate otherwise can be coiled by the man money runninged to still be in a family to count money. Estimate otherwise can be coiled by the man money runninged to still be in a family to count money..

Su Sujiao gets his this opinion also too outside place oneself thing, and with her very where is the part that resemble after all? Lin Bai also so had said, but in the description from Gu Moyu, she did not find collective place completely, be good at housework doesn't she calculate? Optimistic and easy is that manage draw?

But whole sounds, su Sujiao must visit silent eaves strength and his mother very picture. It is persistent that come to an agreement or understanding listens, not Orphean it is ego and bigotry, although very clever but very good cheat... as to the part with good eye, su Sujiao also must calculate for the moment, if he is carried medium is not her, be cheated really likely by the woman smooth family property still does not know oneself.

Ability understanding was less than 3 months to send her so expensive plunge drop, in Chengdu that one evening says his whats can give her, be in abroad when giving her money also is to say, his some is all everything also is her. If she wants really, won't he give her entirely really?

The Su Su that thinks of here was exploring to ask, "Gu Moyu, you have how many money after all, if I want, can you give me? Can you give me??

"I had said those also are yours, are you willing to want now? ! " Gu Moyu is a surprise completely, he feels this may be a good sign, if she can accept his thing, that leaves accept him to be crossed one stride.

"I just ask. " from his manner Su Suzhi the answer, he does not have talk irresponsible. Regrettablly she does not mean those things, that also is not the thing that belongs to her.

Gu Moyu has liquidated his property in brain, when she talks, he also is starting to talk saying, "Bring capital this year after accrual still gives me old father, do not calculate those finance kind, beneficent kind, does the company of my under one's name have 3... why to want? Does the company of my under one's name have 3... why to want??

Su Su knows from those ability in his mouth he still was these two years to do a lot of things really, looking more than is to play piano, "Your mom is the acute disease that causes because of radiation, is you just can leaving you so early? Is you just can leaving you so early??

This topic that she turns too too heavy, in silent of the Yu Chen that consider silent, feeling the schoolgirl held him in arms to seem is to want to be comforted to him.

Because of Lin Bai at that time is so say, su Sujiao gets him to also should know, his silent, she thinks is go back on her word again after the query that a moment ago explored because of her, harmed him.

Likelihood this also is a reason, but a little other still, gu Moyu does not want to say. He knows the cause of death of own mother actually, and because of that thing, in this Beijing city, before be afraid in him old father dies, do not have a person to dare use their home; And in that way thing, it is now in his hand; Although probably after a few years, progress as science and technology, such things will be invalid, but at least nowadays, just passed 16 years short, had not made the history.

"Su Su, I love you. " Gu Moyu answered her only this one, did not go be in charge of now is after all when, his foreplay is done too long, entered directly making fun of.

They just get up after the end go having a meal, on dining table, gu Moyu still asked Susu, "What to still have other inquisitive? "What to still have other inquisitive??

After knowing after Su Su, become aware the ground realizes, he is not to think she goes looking for an uncle to chat probably, clever shook the head says to do not have. She also does not prepare to ask again really consider lord what, the job that has produced had gone, to considering lord character, also be grief probably.

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