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224 marria南京性价比高的场子90分钟ge banquet

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" [db:标签TAG]alent of faithful dog crazy love " song Xiaobai / , this chapter in all 3422 words, update at: 2016-09-22 12:00

Free from worries of Su Suyi tone the work with much a week, gu Moyu wanted the seventh evening of the seventh moon enough again that evening, lie between a day she sleeps a bit late accordingly.

"Began to need not take medicine now? " be in namely when that she sees dish, he was not worn set, she has after the event however take medicine, he is not not to know, so later also wear without or else set.

Su Su is not open-eyed he knows this thing, just do not have reply, gu Moyu also mouth sighed to abandon.

He also is not to want to want a child again really, it is her only this manner is offended he is malcontently.

"I am old father is asking me, marriage banquet wants when to doing, he the person that the meeting there should show up please for me, still have make an appointment with a hotel. Still have make an appointment with a hotel..

Su Su this ability one astounded, "So fast? "So fast??

"Old father said with your pa Mom, can be in September or October, are they to think we are the card that get last week? " Su Jiafu's mother is to taking registered permanent residence to come over originally, take them to say to let them got the marriage certificate last week.

"Then you are decided. " Su Su has been mixed parental come to an agreement or understanding, they won't attend the marriage here celebration. Also had chatted with Gu Moyu before her, do not want to do what ceremony, for the moment according to them consuetudinary, it is good to do a bender to tell next people that should know.

Gu Moyu and he is old after dad has chatted, do a late banquet with respect to the decision, be marriage banquet constrainedly.

Went going up two days next the Su Su of the class, patted marriage gauze to illuminate again on the weekend with Gu Moyu, only indoors, the scene that Gu Moyu feels without where Beijing is appropriate can pat good-looking exterior marriage gauze to illuminate, laid aside first.

He the work there is much, also did not have been to a company to be troubled by her, company person is very interrogative, from July end heard of boss and them that day revive always got card, also did not see he comes to a company appear again.

It is next by August when, gu Moyu said, marriage banquet is ordered was in 22 days of weekday after the Mid-autumn Festival in the evening. Such he has time to help her carry appropriate evening dress, give her those so called close friends that may show up below explanation ahead of schedule even.

September on the weekend Su Suji this getting on that spend on the thing that picks happy candy, such giving a gift, and what differ before is, they answered Gu Zhai to do these things every weekend.

What full-fledged member is in charge of these matters concerned is king is old, detail part is Lin Bai, the pony did not share so complex responsibility, still basically be in charge of Gu Moyu just.

And also decided consider inscription book to won't go that evening, lin Baihui accompanies him in the home, he himself also agreed.

Su Su still is a bingle, the model that can make is not much, she does not like hairpiece again, gu Moyu also does not agree to use wig, final within an inch of is forced mad is hairstyle division.

Do sth over and over again for a long time gets preparative job eventually decided, s南京现在哪里有好场子u Su is so tired that Su Su be no good, not be the body go up, basically be a heart tired.

21 the leg was massaged to her first after considering silent eaves go to bed that evening, pretended to do next massage to her after that, "You look, do I say to make the life that will you come to cross me very painstaking? Do I say to make the life that will you come to cross me very painstaking??

"So dot hardship is unapt still let me abandon, after all you are so good, I got too easily, total feeling is truthless. " Su Su is bending over so answered him, she drilled for a long time wears high-heeled shoes today, crural acid is a fact.

Gu Moyu has pretended to end, the hand extended the place that wants to go, hear her this yell is gotten some happier, "Is my where good? You do not need what to do, I belong to you namely. I belong to you namely..

Su Su by move he did to one's heart's content, she is in actually nervous tomorrow evening thing, should be changeover mood.

Lying between a day want filling class originally, the work that nevertheless she should intend is much still, become warped naturally again.

Marriage banquet is to be in a hotel, banqueting hall gets some greatly unusual, did not think of to come actually that evening to it corresponding person, su Su is whole be dumbfounded, good gracious follow beside Gu Moyu. He did not go accost guest, the late banquet of self-help type also does not need every desk to propose a toast of what.

About the same person arrives neat hind, [db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]茶工作室consider lord to appear on the stage to spoke, gu Moyu is pulling Su Su to wait in stage edge, cuddle is worn her waist did not let go. After considering lord to be told, he was pulling Su Su to go up stage, su Su swept the crowd of face of one at present only, decisive abandoned looking up look.

Gu Moyu is pulling her to did not let go, said before mike, "I am old father a moment ago had said, tonight is to introduce the person beside me to everybody, namely my wife -- Su Su. I do this thing to have an objective only, let you identify a servent ahead of schedule, if where be to encounter,went up later, do not make discourteous issue. Do not make discourteous issue..

Su Suting comes over to reaction of the ability in here brain what is he saying, an instant turns the head looks up look at him, what is he telling after all? !

"Since had been informed, who is that without giving thought to later, should touch her only a hair, I can let him pay due price. I can let him pay due price..

Gu Moyu said this to pull Su Su to go down, su Su fails to insert from A to Z on word.

After this in succession the goodwife that somebody comes over to want the Gu Jiaxin below understanding to assume office, considered lord to introduce elder member of family of a few kin for Susu, they are direct after making call foregone.

How didn't Gu Moyu start to talk all the time, home Lin lord child taking Lin Shicheng He Linshi when willow and Zhu Ziyao come over, he still made call however. Although for quite a few days did not see, but see Gu Moyu complexion is bad, lin Shiliu also dare not say more, congratulationed went away with Zhu Ziyao after Su Suzhi.

Feeling about the same in Gu Moyu is moment foregone when, the woman that considered lord to take a charm to still be put comes over to look for him. Su Su sees them one's proper business wants to say, say she wants to go closet, want to seek a ground quiet. The eye looked to follow in his back after Gu Moyu agrees nearby pony elder brother, the pony is not had soundlessly breath caught up with Su Su.

Gu Moyu meets this woman, in him existence time calculates a the longest beside old father. The wife says is get a person hold in the palm, want to ask him to replace a classical dance music to perform play music of keep sb company, this kind of work as one used to do he is old dad not likely can agree, took a person to ask his meaning however nowadays, it is him apparently very old father circles old nevertheless friendly feelings.

Since such, gu Moyu feels last the thing that Su Su gets rescued, how be also him old father has to him favour, also answered to come down.

The Su Su there went really closet, the pony is after all male, waited a little while outside. The childe's concern he is not not to know, much m南京建邺区会所推荐outh of person of this kind of banquet is miscellaneous, one cannot say for sure can have what strange flower, before him although had not attended, saw today know, and also had been explained b南京梧桐网Aefore Lin Baizhi.

Su Su does not know is luck owes beautiful, still do not escape to pass this kind of work namely, an assembly room just took after coming out, a man estimates is the word that says because of Gu Moyu, arose to want tried think of a way, came over to block her painstakingly unluckily.

"Feel Gu Moyu is an alien all the time, the eye that did not think of he carries a woman is very abnormal also, still say, are you special on the bed extraordinary? " the man was saying a word to extend a hand to come over, it is to should raid a bosom it seems that.

The pony is timely appear captured that pig hoof, "This gentleman is asked self-prossessed. "This gentleman is asked self-prossessed..

"Are you a servent nevertheless? Let go, appear Gu Moyu is in charge of me to call 4 elder brother even, you dare start work to me! " man so put a word, made the pony's hand.

"Since be the childe of 3 father home, also should give a childe a few minutes outer part. " pony edge in is blocked was in before Susu, so persuaded.

The man refuses malcontently, face about is to should go it seems that, pony also with respect to get out of the way, preparation gives Su Sudao apology. Never think man fall out is faster than turning over a book, turn answer a body to be about to catch Su Su, this the pony did not follow him again polite, capturing that pig hoof is one is captured backhand, be fond of the person so that half genuflect was in on the ground.

"2 uncle, the servent of your home returned a day! " man evil person brought a lawsuit against to still make reputation first first.

This child those who watch the scene of bustle is initiative gathered to rise, the Gu Moyu there was promising that work, look here circumstance, followed him old father goes together.

Come over together still have his father bosom friend of that red pink, closed a lady to saw spot circumstance ask sentence, "You are in charge of without giving thought to? "You are in charge of without giving thought to??

Consider lord to laughing to answer say, "Tonight is not me advocate, the youth's thing, still let themselves solve. Still let themselves solve..

Gu Moyu sees this circumstance had been guessed, the pony sees he answered a word, "Childe, he wants to move little madam, I just start work. I just start work..

"Be this hand it seems that? " convenient and easy to use of the world that consider silent was taken on the side the fruit knife on the desk, su Su sees he pulled a flower to move build euqally on the hand, knife handle is grasped was in in control, blade is gadarene.

Carry the foot plays the man after walking on the ground to bending over, gu Moyu him by pony sprain that hand is being caught smooth put on the ground, the knife in the right hand is perpendicular insert downward go down.

All these happens between flint of light produced by electricity, su Su eye does not have there's still time to blink, see here cried, "Gu Moyu! "Gu Moyu!!

Other surrounding the person of view also is to be smoked at a heat, whole assembly room quiet.

Lin Shicheng knows now, what Gu Moyu says is quite good-tempered to him, be what meaning. Ever once he also has asked, which hand, because he once had pulled Su Su in that way,be, but he was not found out really later.

Tonight this one act, although do not know Gu Moyu does a person to look painstakingly, but his reaction is very immediate, the real situation that is him about is revealed.

The knife inserts between man middle finger and ring finger point to seam, establish the carpet that was in the ground to go up in. The man is frightened terribly, had not answered a god, just look reach he has some of shiver.

"I had said her a hair also is touched must not, daredevil all can try. " after Gu Moyu rises so said sentence, put away the foot says to the pony, "Throw. "Throw..

Finish cuddle of these past of the eaves that consider silent Su Su's waist, "Was frightened? "Was frightened??

Terrified terrified quite a while just answered Su Su to say, "A bit. "A bit..

She replies this let Gu Moyu some are surprised, and consider lord to had let everybody continue to play his at the same time, beside him close a lady to going against stream of people to walk南京桑拿第一体验网ed over to hold a hand with Su Su however, "A moment ago did not have there's still time to greet sb, very glad to know you, consider a little madam. Consider a little madam..

Su Su still does not have answer, feminine happen by chance said in her side side of late sentence, "You are like very be fed up with him to run amuck so those who do not have avoid is overbearing, but I fall very envy. But I fall very envy..

This word says her to say to want foregone, considered lord to also follow her to leave together.

"Then the individual says he is you 4 elder brother, how you a moment ago were opposite in that way him? " after someone else goes, su Suzhi asked Gu Moyu.

Gu Moyu slants the head sees her, can regret to did not let him plunge into today probably after her go down that one knife, probably also won't?

Just the pony came in, gu Moyu is opposite in his side side in a low voice he says, "Two things let you do, besides a moment ago thing, you let Lin Bai check Zhuang Mu again. You let Lin Bai check Zhuang Mu again..

The pony goes making a telephone call, gu Moyu is asking Su Su is tired, although she says not bad, gu Moyu still took her to go back first, and it is to review curtilage.

After on 2 buildings, gu Moyu put Su Su to look for a son, oneself should go toward 3 buildings, lin Bai catchs up with for, "Lord still is done not have come back. "Lord still is done not have come back..

"I am upstair wait for him. " thinking of he estimates was to go over there that woman, gu Moyu did not turn round or went up.

Lin Baiyin and next buildings went to oneself lord phone, do not have much congress to considered lord to come back. It is Su Su does not know why, look for Gu Moyu before long instead, just dash against considers lord to go upstairs, still asked sentence, "Uncle, the thing tonight Is am sorry, can you affect the relation of you and other kin? Can you affect the relation of you and other kin??

Considered lord to laugh, "It is us, element your this thought must transform quickly come over. Element your this thought must transform quickly come over..

Susu is a little red face, "Yes, uncle. Uncle..

"Still call an uncle? " considered lord to receive smiling expression.

"Haw, pa... father. " Su Su also changed a mouth.

Consider lord to stretch one's hand touch Su Su the top of head, got on a building after that.

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