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Zhuang Mu can not cook, su Su hit a helper to help cut course, xu Yunfei is in charge of washing dish, gu Moyu is in charge of a fried dish, 3 people are quite fast still. Pony brother does not come for ages, went arranging the thing advantage with next childe may redundant rooms to manage, in addition cleared away a little below probably the thing that no-go someone else sees.

Su Sudi busy was over to go out to receive a visitor, asked Zhuang Mu, "Should call your girlfriend to come over to eat together? "Should call your girlfriend to come over to eat together??

"Need not, she should have eaten. " Zhuang Mu answers her briefly.

Dream Li hinders to be cleared away everywhere in the room at the pony arrange, do not have a l魔都新茶论坛aw to go expeditionary, be obliged to wait in the sitting room, and Zhuang Mu is a tacit person, she did not chat with him. She is midway rises go it is good that dining-room saw Gu Moyu seriously a little while, in the morning he also cooked breakfast to Su Su, she has not thought of he can do these really, although listen to Xu Yunfei to had said, put all the time however have suspicion.

"Do not hit a phone to affirm, know she has eaten? " dream Li oppugned Zhuang Mu, at a loose end also is at a l[db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]茶交流群FDoose end, she not be afraid of getting into trouble is big, a bit more lively her humor is good.

"I go asking. " Zhuang Mu sees her, rise to go outside. Result dream Li tied him intentionally, zhuang Mu paused to cross the past.

Did not make Yun Fei come out a little while, say Gu Moyu calls Su Sujin to be in charge of placing dish and end dish, su Su answer南京spa哪里好玩s a kitchen again.

However when she goes in, place basically dish had been done, gu Moyu also did not let her be carried outside, after holding a person, in cistern edge collect the past kissed her.

Turn block after one small conference, su Su still was flounced off, "What to do, there is a guest in the home... "

Gu Moyu casts aside twitch one's mouth, "Why did you a moment ago drop me to go out, does Xu Yunfei have what to say with you? Does Xu Yunfei have what to say with you??

"It doesn't matter, he resembles dot with respect to strength of Li saying a dream, make me much excuse. " of Su Su save oneself to still do not have an end, gu Moyu still is dominating her middle two side, did not let her move place.

"Otherwise, do we go today am I old dad there live? " Gu Moyu is a little depressed, this open the door to a dangerous person lets him very regret.

Susu shakes his head, continue to push him, "They are in dream Li here it is a guest, original on the weekend come to an agreement or understanding can go, it is very strange also to lived in the past temporarily, and today Zhou San, also with respect to 3 days of two time? Also with respect to 3 days of two time??

Gu Moyu mouth sighed, "You must not say not to want that tonight. "You must not say not to want that tonight..

Su Su saw him a little while, did not talk, not he also did not reject the consent him.

Silent in after pony elder brother coughs twice outside, come in carried course, called someone else to come at the same time have dinner.

The Zhuang Mu when sitting down says to Su Su, had made a telephone call to Guan Lin, she has eaten, did not come over.

A moment ago he went out to make a telephone call really, it is to follow Guan Lin to say he does not go back nevertheless have a meal. One this many year he thought a lot of method let her move out, seek a decent job, earn one's own living, but the woman battles move and he says for go also be sibling relation, did not move all the time.

He hits a phone to answer hall in when, hear Xu Yunfei to be in Li following a dream " attentively " communicate, gist is to let her do not look for a job again intentionally, also do not make a noise again with Gu Moyu rise, should not offend him painstakingly more. Dream Li basically is complexion changeless, the reply is to know mostly, I am done not have, and understand completely.

However he says that on table, dream Li received a sentence, "Your girlfriend or last that? I feel at that time, her height bodily form is like Su Su it seems that, if see rear affirmation,cent does not come out. If see rear affirmation,cent does not come out..

This word besides Su Su, someone else is know the inside story, but even if is Su Suting come, also part is barpque, be to said when to Zhuang Mu chooses a girlfriend, consult she? Although she feels Zhuang Mu does not have this meaning absolutely for certain, but feel Gu Moyu will be angry, wanting to turn so the head saw him.

Gu Moyu has some of spunk really, not be strong Zhuang Mu, however because of dream Li, before she knows Guan Lin is clearly the person of element of that face-lifting Chengsu, mention intentionally this stubble is looking for indolence namely apparently fast.

Xu Yunfei defeats her really, inserted sentence, "Say you are unique so that seem like, seeking a person that with your height average type of build or figure comparatives also is to catch a big. Seeking a person that with your height average type of build or figure comparatives also is to catch a big..

"Xu Yunfei you are beyond the mark, again how a meter of 7 female unapt also it is everywhere, do this plant Su Su how is common body compared high? " dream Li has not followed Gu Moyu to make a noise really, she made a noise to rise with him husband directly.

Pony elder brother feels satiate, his home childe does not have disposition originally of late, had sent bout today, this old young lady is made again go down, his day sincerity is uneasy.

"This is, su Su follows you to compare, that is much commonner. " Xu Yunfei agree she.

Although this word sounds,part debases Su Su's meaning, dan Xuyun flies is truth fact says, and feel so say to won't offend Gu Moyu about, can be he considers a fault, "Su Su is my wife, she how annulus be less than you to make carding comments, love eats, do not love to eat me to boil! Do not love to eat me to boil!!

Su Sumo silent has a meal in, she is quite hungry still, the god-given Yu Qin that consider silent is fast, made one desk food at a heat, she does not think waste.

"Gu Moyu, we rent the home now, arrival is a guest, you what manner is this to my husband? ! " still make a noise as expected next rose.

Had heard they upstairs were moved before Zhuang Mu, the issue that lends temporarily, just treat this condition, at least two people do not have law coexist completely. Thinking so, he looks some do not insert Susu to go up word, light tone asked sentence, "When they borrow, often so noisy, how long to live even? How long to live even??

Su Su awkwardness was laughing to answer him, "Today the first day. "Today the first day..

Gu Moyu the answer of the Li giving a dream there is, "Letting what you come is Su Su, I did not become you guest, do not want to be able to boil. Do not want to be able to boil..

"Su Su, what do you talk about with Zhuang Mu? Your husband drives us to go out, you are what idea, do you also feel we should not live be here? " dream Li turned a group of people of same interest pulled Su Su to enter bureau.

Zhuang Mu consequently indescribable medium darts, glare of eaves of the silent that be considered one eye hind, he is silent had a meal.

Su Su is grasping chopstick be in a dilemma, this ability drives a person the first day to go, not quite appropriate really, but they too cross extreme misery to not allow, "Gu Moyu he is the mouth only go up not Rao Ren, you listened to calculate, not be to agree before him, can you live to what end this month? Can you live to what end this month??

It is better that Xu Yunfei just should start to talk to persuade dream Li or be taken away, dream Li is decisive nodded, "Also be, still be Su Su your person is nice. " this word falls she turned one's intention revealed in saying, "Gu Moyu, you make food quite delicious, available teach me, I am returned won't, my home husband says to let me want effort study. My home husband says to let me want effort study..

Gas of the world that consider silent is angry full, turn the head saw a Su Su, "Had eaten? I was stranded. I was stranded..

Risk on his head catch fire, say he was stranded, who is believed ah... Su Su still put down a bowl, "Pony elder brother, wait for meeting trouble you are cleared away below. Xu Yunfei, bother you to entertain Zhuang Mu, still have send out him for me. Still have send out him for me..

3 men are to nod express not to need her to worry about, two still worry about her quite instead.

Advocate lie the bathroom in is farthermost from sitting room and guest room, su Su by move he was done inside, feel him or very nest fire, also do not know how to persuade. She does not think everything is the fault of dream Li, she feels him Gu Moyu gets angry easily just is main reason.

Zhuang Mu takes a person rapidly after natural meal, dream Li saw Xu Yunfei send a person to go, pulled him to want to go advocate lie the doorway listens activity. Xu Yunfei is faint very, "You like to listen to sound to be able to see dish, or it is similar frequency. Or it is similar frequency..

"How that is same, true person and the person that still knows. " dream Li consideration should start work let him cannot refuse directly.

Quarrelling in them nevertheless when arriving near the bedroom, saw a pony, he has cleared away bowl dish generally rise, went be on duty at the door bedchamber.

"Pony elder brother, won't you play a woman? " dream Li although voice is cool, but make a way or let the gooseflesh since the person.

The pony has some of black line, he feels Xu Yunfei's time passes very hardly, "Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad young lady is not stood by, I won't start work. I won't start work..

"It is OK that then we chat? " dream Li does not have backtrack, still asked him the question really to standing, "Why to consider silent eaves to believe firmly the person is in my hand last? Where be I have neglect? Where be I have neglect??

She acting explodes at that time canopy, gu Moyu did not believe her actually. And she used the car with Gu Moyu and plate to receive Su Su, cheating Su Su to say is the issue that wants to look for her to talk about Xu Yunfei, because consider silent eaves to won't agree to let her be not informed, include to be in downtown finish her mobile phone, she also is done so that maintain one's composure, su Sugen this not know the inside story.

"How the childe thinks, I am not witting. " the idea that pony where is clear about a childe. He followed the issue of monitoring kinescope at that time, after but the car was entered,one did not photograph the place that resembles a head, also come out without same car again, and the place that loses a track from at that time, also judge do not come out the car was to go to introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad home.

Dream Li traded a vehicle really, pretend flameout, next her elder brother is apropos and transient, got on the car of her elder brother. Include to enter Hu Jia, they entered a garage directly, went directly from the elevator of the garage her wait for passenger compartment, did not let someone else know Su Su's existence.

"Then I trade an issue, you that evening altogether with respect to 8 people, the Hu Jia that how division of labor enters? Gu Moyu knows Su Su is in my bedroom how possibly, and how can he go to my bedroom? And how can he go to my bedroom??

The pony is helpless, "Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad young lady, you this is 3 problems, it is profitless that I say the thing of division of labor more, how does the childe know your bedroom is in, how go in, I more have no way is witting, the person that I just listen to your act just. The person that I just listen to your act just..

Xu Yunfei also is not had by language, she was defeated not to know to be defeated to finally where, it is meeting not reconciled to really, he is right nevertheless these also utterly ignorant. The query of dream Li he also wants to know very much, gu Moyu did not leave Hu Jia he is guessed, his conference assault fortified positions comes in he did not think of however, and he himself a person went to the bedroom of Hu Meng Li, if say,was to take relief map to know the position still calculates ahead of schedule can explain, but beefeater of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad home is unapt let his quiet silence arrive the bedchamber of Hu Meng Li, do not say to catch him, it seems that nobody discovers him.

Just see from this, although he a this wife adult already mind spirit is gotten solely provoking irritated, but compare with Gu Moyu, still differred probably so 9南京梧桐夜雨网FDG cut. Gu Moyu can be enraged so that dinner also did not eat by dream Li, it is the cause because of Su Su completely, if complete by move Gu Moyu's strength, reckon he is early with respect to vent one's anger free from worry.

"That, let me go in ask him himself. " dream Li raised reasonable requirement next.

Pony elder brother saw Xu Yunfei, "If introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad young lady thinks compare notes falls, go out to start work more convenient. Go out to start work more convenient南京爱约派吧E..

Edge of dream Li lip is ticked off remove a to laugh, xu Yunfei sees feel bad, as expected she issues one second to be about dehisce cries, outside notting have it is to call Su Su, say those who hit her and so on to pony elder brother starts work. He carries the hand covered to fall, by the hand that dream Li made him, do not have much consideration, decisive Fu body kissed Xu Yunfei her.

Dream Li does not have expect really he is met so do, the instant became red face while, lost voice completely also.

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