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This matter says is come back from Su Sucai not how long when start, the reason is pony elder brother tells her, the stickpin that she sends Gu Moyu before had a flaw. Her after the event has seen a thing, thing itself maintains very well, do not have any injury. She realizes pony elder brother just wants to remind her, she is too long had not sent a thing to give Gu Moyu.

Two that years at the back of Paris she did not work, him does not have Qian Yin and also give him to had bought a thing without the fund that uses Gu Moyu, what though send salary,come back this still is him, how can also be her to rely on the money that her earns again, su Su has put this issue on the heart.

However regrettablly is, she is in after that the thing of busy go to the countryside, wanting to look originally the opportunity is had to pick a thing when going out, gu Moyu followed the past however, two people still made a noise a few things, the return trip did not have his time completely again.

The circumstance after this also it doesn't matter is different, after coming back, they made a noise a period of time, she had however some go out opportunity, basic it is to accompany a son one case, run 南京桑拿梧桐论坛to see Linshiliuna secretly namely later second.

The beforehand that marries namely next gave all sorts of states after around, real need stops, had given last year mix the past. Wait for her to remember this thing again, had been birthday of the eaves that consider silent that day, he says birthday present is cogent at that time when was being received, she some are actually compunctious.

Consequently she wants to manage to find time after this go what buying to give him, come home in when doing wine, she also is being taken the advantage of go out the opportunity has looked in Yun Fu, can do not have really appropriate, she is thinking or answer Beijing look again.

But later was taken by him Harbin, did not have oneself time possibly of course, work of the beginning of the year on the job after answering Beijing is much, she laid aside this thing temporarily again.

Took Lin Shiliu to see her from Xu Yunfei actually, she looked for Lin Shiliu to ask this thing, where proper place buys this kind thing, what to send appropriate this kind? Include that Lin Shiliu to say to want to take her, she still thinks she wants to help her do this thing eventually, thinking of is she thinks much. How can because to Gu Moyu some resent,she know Lin Shiliu, plan to help her seriously far from so.

Considered silent eaves to send her birthday present again after that, she is very glad at that time, he did not send her a lot of years handmade thing, and look delicate beautiful. Although later the Yun Fei that be made sprinkled cold water, but she does not have get to the bottom of, also did not take this problem to look for Gu Moyu to check. No matter this thing arrives,base price is worth how, to her character is husk.

Just from this later, her feel apologetic feels more intense. When including Du Mei to play, she asked her, what can she send to give her husband at ordinary times. However their located circumstance difference is too big, the answer that Du Mei gives does not have too big referenced sex, purse, leather belt, briefs of what, essential unlikely, thing of this 3 type is like Gu Moyu is fixed and custom-built.

Nevertheless she has new progress, be after Du Mei goes, xu Yunfei had a hand in this thing, ask she sends a gift to give Gu Moyu in irritated heart. Who tells him she also knows, and also can know Lin Shiliu's attitude, if she wants to help really, estimation lets Zhu Ziyao helped early in the morning.

That she saw he also asks when Zhu Ziyao in April, the man gave her a few proposals, su Su feeling was short of some of new idea. What she does not know is, because Gu Ming book is present also, he had told after the event his dad, his Mom is in irritated this thing, let him be done as soon as possible calm. But Gu Moyu was not carried all the time, he wants to see her what can send this time to give him, reservation nods be concerned about to appear to have a surprise more.

Dan Susu helps actively to making what the cloud flies was not answered, if followed him to buy a gift to Gu Moyu really,she knows, no matter what send finally, have new idea more, visitting silent house probably can be skinful gas.

It is second half of the year after manage draw has come, gave Susu a new way, had not thought of completely before her, but she still is in hesitant. Besides thing, he is short of really however, su Su bought a few common things to be being put beforehand, plan when he gives together when his birthday.

The Yu Congzhi that consider silent after she should send a gift, waited for ages to did not see what movement is a little anxious, can be short of what thing in order to feel to hint for cover now and then. But he did not get after the event those things, letting him suspect is his son is playing him, still be he is alluded too uniden南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路tifiedly show, su Su is overlooked.

Actually neither is, he says those Su Su also was bought, before mixing she suggests from what be informed over there someone else basic be identical, he did not give acrid and acerbity difficult problem to her, but the sense is too common, she won't do what handiwork again, send tardy consequently do not move, also look for those who be less than appropriate festal and so on.

Manage draw once let her send rehearse in the seventh evening of the seventh moon, su Suchou delimited for a long time still follows finally Gu Moyu's rhythm was spent, can not send a pron any thing, received a few gifts however.

Cross year of Gu Moyu and Ji Na's special that day costar to be in Paris, the abode that they also went to Paris shacks, after the show ends, gu Moyu followed Su Su to go back, be part doubt, manage draw and on wild smooth did not leave them actually, nevertheless think better of thinks, manage draw knows the likelihood today is his birthday, he still has established program in the evening, just let off him so?

After arriving home however, su Su went upstairs to still close the door quickly, ate to shut door a thick soup to him, gu Moyu stood outside room door to be dumbfounded. Seek the doubtful person of abet Su Su in brain at the same time, considering at the same time is to follow her oral communicate come quickly, still let pony elder brother send the key to come up more convenient. But latter is very apparent some are awkward, he this the husband of the card is closed outside the door by him wife this kind of thing, much individual knows is discreditable.

Nevertheless Su Su does not have Hua Taijiu, while he heard door lock to leave, also hear her to say.

The person inside sees after Gu Moyu opens the door, closed the door heavily immediately, attack while asked sentence, "Are you worn went hearing a performance inside? "Are you worn went hearing a performance inside??

Su Su just took off the dress outside really, if want to be worn now,expend many time even, stretch one's hand blocked him, "Still have other present, you look first, like? Like??

Many things still were placed really on the bed, she is ready before this goes however, but which have Gu Moyu now this mood, "Does this kind of gift on the body still have preparation other? Can cold? Can cold??

He was saying a word to had held a person in arms, hypocrisy replaces the meaning that she warms oneself, actually Su Su runs hurriedly disrobe, the central heating in the room sufficient, had not felt particularly cold.

"Exceed those who like, be yourself choose? " Gu Moyu reached person area on the bed, as to other and hinderous gift, he is very optional ground brandish left, even if drop the ground, he also is paid no attention to.

Su Su nodded, manage draw gives the proposal, herself picks the thing, if be before, buy this kind of thing impossibly for certain, but now and then word, she still carried a Gu Moyu to should be met liked style.

"Su Su, I love you dead. " Gu Moyu also proved this thing with real operation, although he is right this thing itself won't be bored with, she is god-given and active nevertheless active, he all the more benefit from.

With great difficulty he came down calmly, su Su was changed at ordinary times bedgown, also did not care about wore the gift that discards as useless, anyway she also does not plan to be worn the 2nd times. Yu Qing of this turn back silent ordered other gifts, to him character is dispensable, nevertheless he prepares those who send to change her entirely however, besides cravat, xu Yunfei recommends he feels, do not plan to use.

"I use this rarely, put first, will begin otherly to use tomorrow. Will begin otherly to use tomorrow..

Susu has some of be struck with terror, this person also too acumen, though although major dress is shirt suit,she also has considered Gu Moyu, but he makes tie rarely really, xu Yunfei says formal now and then circumstance or can need, also be supervise and urge he does bit of one's proper business more, always not be what conference nonattendance, she was bought for the moment finally.

When be being arranged almost, gu Moyu came suddenly sentence, "Su Su are you a money complete consumed in him account? "Su Su are you a money complete consumed in him account??

"Also do not spend at ordinary times anyway, is in the final analysis also your money? " the wages that's all right that Su Su grants her to him is special the sincere feeling that hate to part with.

Gu Moyu sighs, "How to after going back to the motherland, turn all money to your account? "How to after going back to the motherland, turn all money to your account??

"Hey? All? How many is there? Won't connect an uncle also calculate inside? " Su Su investigated this affair seriously.

"Can oh. " cast accounts of the space that consider silent, he is done not have at ordinary times how fine calculate, when seeing forms for reporting statistics, never also had done add and.

Saw him become true, su Su did not want to joke with him, climb the past good gracious had sat, "I am in charge of Zhang to be no good, or it is good that you are raising me, moment of junior high school does young group leader to collect a fee, I close not orderly. I close not orderly..

Gu Moyu nodded, "I know, saying is a person 5 money, you received everybody to differ 8, how accomplish? How accomplish??

"Hey! How you know? " Su Su if oneself know a reason, can you still receive a fault?

Consider silent eaves shrug, before dull when he looked for Xu Yunfei to drill second fist foot, in path house, lay the person bend over after falling, xu Yunfei tells to him, still said some of thing that offends him to get angry. Saying this thing is with Su Su present intent is same, xu Yunfei lets him do not want temporarily cerebral heat hangs too much thing below Su Suming, meet her bring a lot of troubles.

"Still hear of, moment of your junior high school once malty wine, dallied with the schoolboy in the class? Did not see you still have this kind to go qualitative, is this fabulous is medium wine strong lubricious heart? " Gu Moyu did not hide the truth from her, continued to say.

Su Su goes up red face, "Xu Yunfei says with you? "Xu Yunfei says with you??

"I follow Xu Yunfei, who grows more handsomely? " Gu Moyu asked her this question seriously.

Bring about the desired sensation of Su Su hold back has some not suitable, final ability is spat sentence, "Of long eye knowing is you, is this compared even? Is this compared even??

Gu Moyu loosened tone, "I fear your eyes is bad to make namely, or be, your aesthetic differ with someone else. Your aesthetic differ with someone else..

Xu Yunfei in that story, su Su is drunk much later, below the classmate's inquiry, although enunciation is not bright but she said according to the facts really, "Xu Yunfei? Grow good-lookingly, hum, very handsome, like... " went up in schoolboy face in the past with respect to collect after that accurate without kissed by accident.

At that time is first 3 semester, banligen discharges the position according to achievement, they are to be the same as desk, ferial in still can say on two words, it is particularly good to can co江宁大学城足疗攻略ncern and be done not have, do not have more had come out what red is heard.

This one gives everybody expect greatly, make Yun Fei especially, he did not realize Su Su is what to should do at all at that time, after thinking she is giddy and advanced only, shake, ineffable and wonderful was dallied with, and still be a stoned woman, after the event can forget to get completely probably.

After this such really, sleep to the Su Su that awake is like and was not remembered, the likelihood is after listening to other classmate to say, cross apology to his path, also be to say oneself did not remember. Do not have friendly intercourse nearly a few times she is drunk drunken circumstance, xu Yunfei has known, she should remember, just pretended knowledgeably break recall, the likelihood is to avoid awkwardness, and she follows that after the event he is complete make a clear distinction borderline. Say them to never cross connection however in same place high school, also have the reason inside this about.

"Su Su, actually you remembered you what doing, right? " Gu Moyu is clearer to this, she what did not believe Xu Yunfei completely to say so forgot this to return a responsibility.

Su Su considered moment to nod, "Saying is very early the thing previously, I lost a very good friend accordingly. I lost a very good friend accordingly..

"Oh? "Oh??

"Concern with a girl in the dormitory at that time very good, she still lets her lower berth berth to me, because of me not quite be good at mounting climb down. But I do not know all the time, she likes Xu Yunfei, in that after the event, the someone else in the dormitory just tells me. " Su Su said only so simple a few.

Then the thing of moment ha全国凤,凰楼信息网站ppening stops again 3 two words, su Su at that time very abhor oneself slow, too little to the fri全国凤凰楼信息网站end's care. The friend has before let her help look for Xu Yunfei to had borrowed a book, borrow every time and still be to pass her, she never has asked reason however. This after the event, because not very of Xu Yunfei usually borrows a book to give others,she just knows is, he is a book crazy, cherish particularly to oneself book, can borrow her to also become some kind of evidence that having special interest.

Although the person in the dormitory says she pretends not to know horizontal knife to seize love,she is done not have really, but she did the sort of thing, later the red Wen Chuande that she and Xu Yunfei pass in the class is bubbling with noise. And her friend goes professioning, still was rejected by Xu Yunfei, given reason was to had had favorite person actually. All everything makes her indecipherable, also say to not be clear about, although the friend says to believe what she didn't do, can mix after all different before, slowly became average fellow student.

She can do at that time just also did not follow Xu Yunfei to had been contacted again, when somebody looks for her to trade a place, agreed immediately, changed a more clamorous difference to give birth to the place that build up. She did not check him after all to have liked person with Xu Yunfei even, as to then the individual is her, she more disinclination. Occasionally she still has hated Xu Yunfei's so cursory answer in the bottom of the heart, let her become target of public criticism, still blaming him is to look for evadable nevertheless, cannot search better.

She just also is in at that time afflictive when think so, what to produce to Xu Yunfei really negative sentiment, just kept away from as far as possible he lest idle talk broken words just. After high school and Xu Yunfei have connection afresh, she also had not investigated the affair of moment of junior high school again, also do not know, xu Yunfei still is blurt out says only really, he is the excuse that chose to let give up the idea forever of the other side the most easily nevertheless just.

"Do they elbow out you? " Gu Moyu falls to the game between this kind of woman is saw from teleplay many.

Su Su saw his expression answer sentence, "Gu Moyu, you are very persnickety. You are very persnickety..

"I am done not have. "I am done not have..

"I still had kissed my pa in one's childhood my Mom my younger sister, I an all sorts of kin, yes, still have the dog that my home raises, do you want grouchy? Do you want grouchy??

Gu Moyu lay to go down, deep sigh tone, "Dog, calculated. Calculated..

"Hello, is the dog only OK? ! " after going, Su Su lays down accordingly also is to spit groove feebly, he is to have much narrow-minded after all, still do not agree to admit.

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