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" [db:标签TAG]alent of faithful dog crazy love " song Xiaobai / , this chapter in all 3318 words, update at: 2016-10-31 15:00

Will be over too in June, dream Li is already off nearly 3 months, they went back to the motherland at the beginning of July, also answered oneself abode, visit silent house namely his home is upstairs.

Xu Yunfei from move in, had not lived a few days really here, see the room of present a entirely new appearance, cannot help thinking a sigh only. Look she spent many money to decorate, did not build lotus pool really fortunately, it is wine ark was bought really however only.

After coming back lie between a day they asked downstair neighbour to come in the evening have a meal in the home, xu Yunfei also just wants to fall with his boss report, his plan report back after leave of absence.

Su Su went looking around advocate bedroom, after get through very big, follow the room size difference of the Gu Moyu that visit the home not to leave probably.

Because with respect to her two, dream Li still says with her, xu Yunfei is like be enlightened, they plan to want the child next year. Susu some indissoluble, since had progress, why to want to wait for next year again. Dream Li just thinks her brain is bad, explained sentence, later the work in her home is much, not quite appropriate this year.

Will begin dream Li to be able to go out everyday in July occupied, she there actually very busy, a few months had dropped a lot of matters before, even if off she still has the thing that does not do actually. And the arrangement that this month Su Su also has go to the countryside, everybody gets together many, detached time is enough also.

Through endless negotiation, dream Li will return his post in August, although still be some slanderous gossip, she not dispute, be disinclined to make fun of them even. The thing is too much she is essential busy come nevertheless, wish to let Gu Moyu help, feel he can be one times more relaxed than her the ground finishs.

Consequently section of the seventh evening of the seventh moon, she was missed, put Xu Yunfei to celebrate a festival together with downstair neighbour alone.

After the event hears of however, he accompanied the book that consider inscription to played a period of time to come back, did not interfere Gu Moyu's favour.

"Section of the seventh evening of the seventh moon conceives your child, the feeling is quite romantic still, there is not this time now regrettablly. " dream Li is very serious said such word, xu Yunfei has a little some use a facial expression, although the word that she says occasionally is very strange, can be what she thinks of place to want.

He still was worn that evening set, he did not think Li letting a dream is pregnant so actually, although promised this work, he always feels meeting beyond redemption. No matter be male,be female, meet the child that becomes Hu Jia, feel the following to the life has been met very painstakingly, dream Li has been very good example.

Because he did not follow dream Li to had chatted seriously, also do not know, she does not plan to leave the child. If he wants really after 3 years, she can give him the child, after all he is alone child, she those two husband's father and mother wait one day this very long.

She reckons her elder brother also won't object, they know, let the child be brought up in introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad home with its, still be inferior to letting his surname make, total feeling will be happy a lot of. Although she wants his child, but it is OK to give birth to him, she did not want exclusive meaning.

Still differ somewhat probably nevertheless, that day, xu Yunfei sent a gift actively to give her, say be first time, the likelihood promised that exchange requirement because of her, he also achieved his commitment really. From after coming back, he is in so that be with her all the time lift case Qi Mei, besides won't do the sort of thing actively, when she asks, he also makes her active no longer.

Can receive her to come off work in the past now and then at ordinary times, meet her prepare food occasionally, can accompany her to go now and then bender. He resembles is like accepting the man with allied commerce, like her besides not very, do so that be close friends than Lin Shicheng a lot of.

Guess Gu Moyu won't take Su Su to go before Xu Yunfei any socialization or it is a banquet, after accompanying dream Li to go more of late nevertheless, just assured this matter, still include him Gu Moyu to won't attend completely also. Before he also has some of shoppy cocktail party now and then, but osculatory person and dream Li here differ completely, the crowd is different.

"Gu Moyu such person, it is normal to calculate? " once he so asked a dream Li.

The dream answered him after Li consideration, "This kind of person is not much, he is the among them person that above aver南京性价比高的场子90分钟age, never will attend, do not have a friend completely also, look for less than mixing probably like him. Look for less than mixing probably like him..

Xu Yunfei deep sigh tone, he still is expecting him to be able to attend trade cocktail party now and then before, nowadays is covet at all presumably.

"Irrespective, he has do necessary socialization, especially black path, he is like very be popular. " dream Li pacified Xu Yunfei then, what she knows he is afraid is Su Su, gu Moyu has been done ahead of schedule.

Visitting the home is to take up a political career originally, in here had had very good concern, after but consider lord,retiring, this line can come down infirmly, and Gu Moyu did not take the concern here all the time, hard to avoid lets a person worry about those who visit the home to will come.

Make Yun Fei listen to her to speak this kind of word, have some of shock a little, "His home and relationship of a member of the same clan are so poor, does light rely on that road to you can go well? Does light rely on that road to you can go well??

Dream Li end became high red wine cup, lying between a cup to look at her to worrying about the husband of others, "Is so he handed in with me ' friend ' ? "Is so he handed in with me ' friend ' ??

"You think, I and my elder brother go to be here now in Hu Jia, the what that lean be? " dream Li lowered goblet to ask him.

Xu Yunfei is not witting, just feel puzzled the ground looks at her, dream Li did not say more, he is pulled to came down to feed him after drinking wine.

"If only this world is to want to have Qian Youquan only, can do as one wants, get all all worlds. " after dream Li loose person, looked at him 南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路to say such word.

Xu Yunfei swallowed the thing in the mouth, "Are you to had gotten a lot of? "Are you to had gotten a lot of??

Dre南京水磨信息网am Li and he is right inspected a little while, still abandoned speaking a mouth. She is held out want her at the moment this man, although be inferior to Gu Moyu clever, but she likes closely, feel he is met beside the result is no good, wished to tear open eat next abdomen to calculate.

Can have this man only however, no matter how she is full of the four seas, always cannot get his heart however.

The Mid-autumn Festival September, gu Moyu took Su Su to answer Yun Fu and family to reunite, xu Yunfei is god-given also took dream Li to go provincial capital sees parents.

The result arrived 11 long holidays when, after Xu Yunfei greeted him to accept the current situation, the first new challenge, su Suyi pressed his door bell to look for him early greatly.

Although time is early still, dan Mengli went early in the morning, he let her take the door. Originally he fills even of Mian, dream Li felt he has a holiday last night consequently do sth over and over again he.

"Occupied? " the person let sit down in hall, xu Yunfei poured water to her.

Su Su asked a dream Li, after knowing she is absent, be like some feel restless to rise. Be afraid she is to think have a holiday dream Li can be in the home, just choose this kind of time to visit, "Still have two months, little book is full 9 years old, can place wine to pass 10 years old to moment, want to ask you and dream Li to be celebrated together, specific place has not been decided, I just come ahead of schedule say. I just come ahead of schedule say..

See her say to rise shou南京梧桐夜雨网FDGld go, xu Yunfei helped a person, "Say, do not have a thing, say to go down as soon as possible as soon as possible, he should not wake so early. He should not wake so early..

Still sat down after Su Su is hesitant, "Actually he is not to speak of first, he says little book is full 10 years old, want to send him to go all previous drills. Want to send him to go all previous drills..

"Is all previous experienced? " Xu Yunfei asked sentence, he feels he guessed Gu Moyu's intent, the likelihood is regular meeting of small The Book of History with his oppose, he just thought method loses him son give a door.

Su Su nodded, "I think originally is and so on of bivouac of summer camp or this kind of short-term, gu Moyu says to want to let little book experience field lives, and time is 3 years... "

"Your disapprobation, he should also won't extortionary so do? " this sounds dangerous the gender is very tall, and time also has some too long.

Look if before Gu Moyu did him really, saying, ever once he says, little book if become in the home silvan park, he can send virgin forest him, look he still is not joking really.

Su Su mouth sighed, "Little book seems to be very interested, so I want to ask you to persuade. So I want to ask you to persuade..

Xu Yunfei is stupefied, he did not think of what she troubles is not Gu Moyu actually, consider the attitude of inscription book however. Nevertheless his think better of is guessed, little book is the thing that likes this kind very much, his pa just casts its place became good just, solve him incidentally this is troublesome.

"Is you just came from Gu Jiahui? "Is you just came from Gu Jiahui??

Susu shook first, "He took me to unseal see chrysanthemum, we should be met tonight go back. We should be met tonight go back..

"I knew, I can say with dream Li in the evening, do you invite us to consider the home to have dinner tonight? " Xu Yunfei rises sent her next buildings.

When climbing stair to go up, he remembers dream Li suddenly once sudden crank, she says otherwise otherwise tells Gu Moyu, flat a hole is dug on the floor, look for a person to repair a stair next, next direct going to downstair. Xu Yunfei at that time is to not have very language, do not say building construction does not have obligate such leeway, she wants to do this kind of thing to be able to give big question, nevertheless he pours discovery to go to the lavatory really so now a lot of.

As a result dream Li was not free in the evening that day, him Xu Yunfei disturbed them in the past, accompanied little book to speak of this thing with him when playroom plays.

"Why you know perfectly well your pa to just want to drive you to go out, do you still want to go? Do you still want to go??

Little book put down the basketball in the hand to go by, "I do not want to stay, also like him fitly that arrangement, be my Mom looked for you? Be my Mom looked for you??

"You are small still, be opposite especially for your Mom, she is at ease no less than. She is at ease no less than..

Little book taps the Xu Yunfei the top of head that crouchs over, "Make an uncle, your true canal is too much, my pa can get angry really oh. My pa can get angry really oh..

"Don't you also want to make your Mom so afraid? " Xu Yunfei had had psychology to prepare to what he says.

Little book shakes his head, "Since my Mom is not willing, my pa also won't let me go, you do not need make an unnecessary move. You do not need make an unnecessary move..

"Your him pa raises an issue that come, can be he still prevented conversely? Can be he still prevented conversely??

The book that consider inscription laughed, "He had been done, saying is me before be being hit so that cross pony uncle, won't let me go. Won't let me go..

Xu Yunfei stood, he discovers him or understand Gu Moyu not quite, between the issue that he considers to the thing that do and Su Su want to do in oneself, appear to always can choose latter.

"Are so you hit do not win be opposite? "Are so you hit do not win be opposite??

The bookstall that consider inscription opens a hand, "Be no good at present at least, likelihood even a few years. Likelihood even a few years..

Xu Yunfei loosened tone, look Gu Moyu instigated the interest of little book, it is quite difficult still to want to prevent him now.

"Wait for me again grown dot, he is again a bit older, should be no problem. " little book looks up after saying this, signal Xu Yunfei crouchs.

After rising small book back, xu Yunfei is a little helpless, "Little book, do you like to let a person carry you on the back very much? Do you like to let a person carry you on the back very much??

He is so good move, should not like this kind of thing?

Little book shook on his back first, "I just like you. "I just like you..

"Why? You are that to tell really, want to let me become your father really? " did not ask all the time before Xu Yunfei.

The book that consider inscription heard here to mouth sigh however, "You are too sneaking, is if you are me really,pa very good? Hear you know my Mom earlier than my pa, why not is concentrate on work at selected units close? Why not is concentrate on work at selected units close??

Hello, xu Yunfei thinks a sigh a bit, is he to tell really? Does so ability meet Gu Moyu to often be enraged by him haematemesis?

"If you are my son really, won't resemble so clever now, can you perhaps envy your little sister instead? Can you perhaps envy your little sister i南京梧桐网Anstead??

"This also is. " the book that consider inscription so saying, cuddle tightened Xu Yunfei's neck.

This person hair is loving him from the heart, than his father more resembling is his father, meet for the first time so very fast debus guard, so he likes Xu Yunfei so.

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