The woman fights consenescence not to miss purple food


[db:标签TAG]he woman maintains best method is food, and dietary first-rate method is absorbed from inside the fruit namely. And purple food is a very good method, purple food is common very in daily life, so Where is the what effect that has in the career that purple food maintains in the woman after all? Its woman is shared to maintain for everybody below the purple food that cannot miss.

Purple onion

Onion whole body is treasure, have very powerful hairdressing effect, and very effective to thin body still fruit! The itself in onion contains microelement Selenium, it is very strong antioxidant, effective buildup cellular vigor, defer skin consenescence. And cyanine element still is contained in the skin of purple onion, the woman wants to fight consenescence, so this kind of violet onion is not missed!

Purple carrot

Divide blue however上海水磨 上海水磨 berry, contain cyanine element most is vegetables and fruits it is purple carrot namely, and purple carrot still is to have by what people says " small ginseng " say, this kind of title its be worthy of. This kind of purple carrot is more beneficial to health, can defer consenescence not only, and still to healthy have very good effect, can prevent cardiovascular disease and some someCancer.

Violet sweet potato

Violet sweet potato is common very in the life, this kind of common food has the effect very much, because violet sweet potato is medium,this is one kind is opposite of human body nutritionHealth careMaterial and in be maintained to be in recent years use variety especially. And the skin of violet sweet potato, violet Roudouke edible, flavour slightly sweet. It is good to fight oxidation function, hairdressing raises Yan Gong effect is very powerful oh.

Violet grape

The grape is the delicious fruit that the summer cannot miss, because contain a lot ofa variety of nutrition,this is not only, and for the person that reduce weight to those, purple grapy glamour belongs to boundless hair. Purple grape is next to what La Mei reachs purple carrot to contain a lot ofcyanine element fruit, kind of contains yellow ketone also be a kind of puissant antioxidant, combatting anile effect is infinity really! The woman maintains, so the attempt is great try this kind of fruit!


Besides defer consenescence, mulberry still has the effect of other, can improve cutaneous blood to supply, nutrition, beauty skins in vain, fit of bright eye black uses this is the optimal food that the woman maintains. Companion grows as the age, everybody can not miss a few food! These food can help improvement very well its body condition, help woman maintains.

Violet wild cabbage

Have powerful cyanine element not only, and still contain in violet wild cabbage a certain quantity of the antioxidant that has main effect: Vitamin EWith material of vitamin A predecessor, contain a lot ofa variety of nutrition material, the nurture that makes sure上海水磨 上海水磨 body place needs is qualitative. And still contain a kind of very good to skin nutrition material, skin of sulfur element tenability is healthy, spring is a lot of skins sensitive person sad day, and for can very good resistanceAllergicProblem.


Besides cyanine elem上海水磨 上海水磨ent, aubergine has very good block up effect to a few toxin in daily life, rich vitamin E is contained a lot ofin aubergine, because oxidize,can defer a cell not only and ageing, permanent the young stance that keeps green. Aubergine still fights cancerous strong opponent, can prevent and cureCancer of the stomach.

La Mei

La Mei is called " super fruit " , contain a lot ofrich cyanin佛山夜网 佛山夜网e element, this also is to help a woman maintain the good food that fights consenescence. Besides fight consenescence, still can prevent improvementEyesight, Colonic cancer, eliminate eye departmentFatigue. This kind of whole body is the fruit of treasure, so the woman maintains, cannot be missed more in the life!

The woman maintains 8 kinds of purple food that cannot miss, the everybody in the life mights东莞夜网 东莞夜网 as well great attempt! Believe the result that can get you want, ladies can get an attention!

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