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" if love [db:标签TAG]o be able to turn round " astral heart dream is loved / , this chapter in all 1046 words, update at: 2016-10-27 14:00

Her figure is so good, conversation is so tender still, but oneself still are expecting in the illusion however everyday he can pay close attention to himself, really foolish still innocent, wishful thinking.

"I know, come with me. Come with me..


La Xinmeng accentuated talking mood, she equipment is stricken, make her complexion choppy, should not be in what be fed up with oneself even than this moment.

On the road, the La Xinmeng that goes in front begins the whisper in the heart ceaseless, the edge walks along Bian Qi to asking earnestly Mu Linfeng because oneself what be late and wait is impatient, already foregone, but what cannot solve again it seems that real problem, the heart was full of contradiction.

But, idea puts in idea 's charge, very regretful is, reality broke her illusion, la Xinmeng an南京spa哪里好玩d belle just walked into the hall to see he stands before information desk, with that pair of sharp eyes glare at is worn oneself, asing if is to telling her, you are late so long, you were decided to death.

La Xinmeng just thought the mouth explains, can be path of the tenderness before the bell南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路e from the back walks up immediately however: "Maple of continuous heavy rain, so you are here, early know I come in with respect to breakfast, see you are really good, think me. Think me..

So open the door the s南京200——400的场子汇总traight colloquialism that builds hill, frightened heart dream to jump immediately, fool listens come out they are what relations, slow-witted arris of blue heart dream is in aside, bottom of the heart more lose, dim.

"Song Wanting, how can you be here. " , mu Linfeng did not think of she can look for herself, some times move is unexpected.

"The family is to think you of course, touch very much, otherwise should ask you the belle before eats a beautiful food, I still am familiar with not quite here, chengdu Chengdu is very busy, remain you to南京喝茶资源群 accompany me only. Remain you to accompany me only..

Song Wanting acts like a spoiled child like the arm that holding Mu Linfeng in the arms is shaking a smile to gently, before because of Chengdu Chengdu arrange for many times, they are already familiar become a friend, it is Mu Linfeng only however not so think: "I am sorry, do not have time, I am occupied still. I am occupied still..

Mu Linfeng makes Song Wanting's hand, he knows the destination of the intention of Chengdu Chengdu and her visit, but oneself do not have a bit to her the sort of surmounting the feeling between the friend, she is done so the more, can let him feel disgusted more only just.

Song Wanting is open-eyed very temporarily, she was not in whose before humble this appearance passes, he dare reject himself so actually.

"Mu Linfeng, how you are OK this appearance, it is a friend to look for you, I think you also won't refuse, do not let me had lost face before your employee please? Do not let me had lost face before your employee please??

Now this moment, desultory is the time that come off work, what after the employee of the company sees, feel clinking is open-eyed.

"Look, this ability is to match absolutely. This ability is to match absolutely..

Also do not know who cried in the crowd, then they are being looked up and down with despised eyes again aside absent-minded La Xinmeng, it is a pair of appearance that values play to wait for her to give dry ration.

La Xinmeng is listening their satirize, the heart resembles euqally afflictive by pinprick, ache, did not think of to make the mockery of entire company again again, be forced to brush brush tear, bury below face about runs away.

The back that Mu Linfeng looks at La Xinmeng is to feel distressed very, did not think of to be able to make her embarrassed for oneself again, his frozen eye eye gently to all round cast aside, leave quickly after everybody sees his fury, dare not gossipping illicit tongue.

"You stop to me, you this is to should go, he is the friend of my little sister only. He is the friend of my little sister only..

La Xinmeng pauses, had turned round hesitantly, he works want to explain like her, oh right, before the colleague they are returned is sweethearts, so do oneself accompany him to act in a play even? So selfish a fly on the wheel, injure the person of love for face actually, still have enough cold-blooded really.

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