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Ge Tian very feel distressed her appearance, know she likes him all the time as a child.

"Your what issue to involve? " Mu Rongrong sheds next tear cold hum path, lamplight is fortunately dark not, otherwise he is met certainly him jest.

"I like you. " still was discovered by Getian her sad, tender ground helps her brush brush tear say.

"You were engaged, your flicker who? . " Mu Rongrong just is not believed.

"That is perfunctory my pa and her home, we are the holiday is engaged she has liked person, had waited for paragraph of time to say to part company, everybody also is not hurt amiable. " Ge Tian is earnest explain.

"But I do not like you. "But I do not like you..

"I know, I want to tell you only, he does not suit you, he has not played enough. " Getian lets Mu Rongrong read Xiang Zhaoyi morning, he been takinging that female move to the doorway slowly, she knows he wants what to do.

"I know, so I wait. " Mu Rongrong is to get hurt very right now, but tone sturdily however.


"Foolish girl, don't I think you get hurt understand? Worth while? " Ge Tian in a low voice angry touch line, both hands exerts oneself to do sth. the shoulder that is grabbing her is shaking however.

"I think the value is worth you who ah, you are not in charge of me. " word of Chengdu of Chengdu of wash one's hair has not said to be blocked up to go up with the mouth by Ge Tian.

Mu Rongrong is struggling angrily, after swinging his ablaze a slap on the face forcibly, crying to run away, at the same time Ge Tian also was chased.

Mu Linfeng accompanied her to jump only a dance, call to La Xinmeng all the time in the doorway, but she was not received.

After ball ends, company lottery activity begins, this world of continuous heavy rain of wash one's hair lets Mu Linfeng appear on the stage to award prize for them, mu Linfeng is forced to put down a mobile phone.

The word says Zhao ease morning is jumping when heating up dance cannot be able to bear or endure already urgently, ball has not ended, wear with respect to region of too impatient to wait the belle rushed to make up, 2 people began acuteness work / stuff moves.

After half hour ends, this female dress already was ripped bad by the Zhao ease morning of ferocious, moved toward bathhouse, zhao ease morning is smoking smoke to wait for her in the doorway.

Did not see her open the door a little while, show a head to in a low voice only: "Dear, I just wanted to open bathhouse to discover the door is a lock, someone cries inside call, very weak, be female, be in by the lock bathhouse, I cannot change the clothes. I cannot change the clothes..

"Troublesome. " the stamp out with Zhao ease impatient morning smoke, pushed the door to go in, at ordinary times he just is paid no attention to, if it were not for her dress tore cannot change the clothes he goes early person.

"Who is inside, say a word. " the say with Zhao ease slack morning, use crural kick door.

"Beg you, put me to go out " . La Xinmeng cries begging, being had been being closed 4 hours, she is very scared the darkness here.

When Song Wanting goes, involved the lamp, la Xinmeng fears exceedingly helpless, begin desperately loud cry, but is essential nobody heard?

She weak finally, can hide in the corner of the dress to be being surrounded only, do not contact again outside, fear she of dark fear is about to break down almost, also do not know to cry dizzy woke again again how many times, hear the voice of somebody this eventually, although some are extremely ambiguous.

"Be heart dream elder brother's wife? " Zhao ease morning hears voice special like La Xinmeng, yawp is worn.

"Elder brother's wife, are not afraid of, I this helps you open the door. " although Zhao ease morning hears the voice that is less than him, but her sound is very affirmatory also, her sound remembers forever.

Right now the kick using a base of do all one can of Zhao ease morning opens the door, call the belle beside to seek the key rapidly greatly, she was found in typllt一品楼江苏[db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]茶交流群BGhe drawer finally ran quickly, can discover the door has been opened by kick, she dare not believe this how old effort, this can be the good woodiness that makes newly.

"Elder brother's wife is not afraid of, I am ease morning, I send you to go to a hospital. " Zhao ease morning turns on the lamp, hold a faint La Xinmeng in the arms to leave to the doorway quickly.

"You go looking for Mu Linfeng that scram, go to a hospital rapidly. " Zhao ease morning cries aloud to the belle beside.

"Beg you to put me, beg you not to black out. " there always is this word in mouth of blue heart dre南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路am.

Zhao ease morning knows she is to be psyched out for certain, his scarcely meets the person that Rao Shu involves her this, no matter who she is.

Song Wanting is tonight undoubtedly optimal award winner, mu Linfeng appears on the stage in the last link lottery smoked 23, award is You Hemu of luxurious Europe two-men the hug of mapl南京紫峰一号女的出台多少钱e of continuous heavy rain.

Song Wanting is on a stage complacently, this is she follows Chengdu Chengdu to give award intentionally changed, mu Linfeng did not refuse, song Wanting is the bosom that enjoys Mu Linfeng very, she hopes to be able to go down so all the time at the moment, the stage issues a hurrah.

Mu Linfeng is loose Song Wanting, want anxious come home, but by Mu Lin this world they drag of these company veteran cadre are worn, drinking celebrate result wine, congratulant anniversary celebration is finished satisfactorily.

A lot of female stars, before going up, male star surrounds Song Wanting this bright red person, the smile of Song Wanting accept everything is worn drinking wine, perhaps she is intended, drink finally much, she begins to install drunk cry aloud:

"What do you do, be drunk then, in come to a cup. In come to a cup..

"Beautiful graceful elder sister, you are drunk much, cannot drink again, you are helping Lin Jun up quickly she, send guest room to go her. " among them the female bit of an alley is saying intentionally.

They very be fed up with Song Wanting, just come back to follow president actually before long so close, the ability that basically is her too fill, colourful the jealousy enrolling a person that presses beautiful women or fragrant flowers, want to take the advantage of this opportunity so her fuddle, let Lin Jun this fame is not too good playboy will accompany her, assure to let her also taste the flavor that red hears.

"You are loose me, I just need not you are helped up, who are you. " Song Wanting offends everybody intentionally to notice aloud, see Mu Linfeng is gone to here the end that saw her become her to want greatly.

"What do you do, let go. " this world of continuous heavy rain of wash one's hair cries, ran to had received Song Wanting quickly.

"General manager, she is drunk much, we say to send her first. " alley explains rapidly.

"That also does not use you, you should work dry go. " this world of continuous heavy rain of wash one's hair looks at the Song Wanting corners of the mouth with this drunk fashionable dress to go up slightly raise, immediately cold hum path.

"Small maple, you come over, remand beautiful graceful the hotel goes, I still must send you elder brother's wife, what you see her be stranded there is washed-up, bother you, give others I can not be at ease. " this world of continuous heavy rain of wash one's hair is very feel embarrassed look at Mu Linfeng evade to.

"Do not have a thing, give me, you send elder brother's wife to go back first. " Mu Linfeng is helpless be obliged to agree.

Helping up when Mu Linfeng when the Che Gang on drunk Song Wanting goes, zhao ease morning also is being held in the arms have a fever almost insensible heart dream also comes to hall doorway.

He puts La Xinmeng in the car, oneself drive went to recent hospital, mu Linfeng did not see at all after so that belle goes back, the person goes about the same, but he just knew Zhao ease morning to still do not have there's still time,take a telephone call, she was Ied hope to come home directly.

Mu Linfeng drank much Song Wanting to remand hotel, they still are in to crouched the dog young that defend to pat when meeting place comes out had corrected, so big news, continue to dog of course, dog young is caught took a lot of pictures.

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