Brother of the 145th dispute since Zh南京场子全部关闭2020ang Weiai eventually fall out with sb

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Iron till the butt in the hand in one's hand when, mu Linfeng just eats a painful smoke flick, the Mu Linfeng in brooding, pullbacked again reality.

At this moment, doorbell sound rang suddenly, he thinks, stand up to open the door, did not think of bearer is Liang Wei and star unexpectedly, subsequently Zhao ease morning and Chengdu of Chengdu of wash one's hair also arrive together, had agreed like each other general.

Fishily looks at Mulin maple face they, know the intent that coming, do not have justifiable meeting so, face about return sofa to go up, light a cigarette afresh.

"Little dream dream, is little dream dream still done not have is coming back? You give me to which do to go little dream dream you, you rot this broken bits person. " , liang Wei just went with respect to rage growling aloud to Mu Linfeng, except star and soft fine elder sister block the way is worn, she thinks early.

Walk along Chengdu of Chengdu of retrospective wash one's hair to listen to her to say so, not willing at that time, "Hello, you talk to be nodded completely to me, who is broken bits male ah, we beautiful graceful is 100 times stronger than heart dream, she does not come back to be not accepted, who to complain, tolerance is so small, how to come when family name of wash one's hair goodwife. How to come when family name of wash one's hair goodwife..

"Good you a Mu 南京哪个水疗会所好AKLinfeng, lose life to give birth to child within an inch of to you when dream of dream of lower primary school, you follow that actually now small 3 flirt avowedly in the office gas walks along little dream is, cannot have thought of really, your f[db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]国际炮楼amily is so impenetrable, I say Miss Mu Jiada, careful you are the following husband also betrays you so, person ah be to be able to have Nemesis. " Liang Wei listens she says to carry heart dream immediately so aggrieved rise, scold case frame come she is to won't lose one.

"You, you dare curse me so actually, the mad girl that where comes, dare come to home of our wash one's hair act wildly actually, see me do not teach us a lesson not to surname wash one's hair well today. " the lamp that Mu Rongrong can not be province oil, extend a hand to want to write down hand to Liang Wei, did not think of to be worn by Zhao Yi morning however hand.

"You unlock me " hoarse of morning of ease of Zhao of angry goggle at calls Mu Rongrong, she very do not understand, he can bear others actually such bully disgrace she, this or her ease morning elder brother?

"Enough, you are over " , enrage the Mu Linfeng of impetuous with respect to be perturbed originally, the brawl that looks at them is fly into a rage more, after be furious, rise trend stair.

Did not think of at this moment Zhao ease morning calls Mu Linfeng however, "Is little dream in? "Is little dream in??

See news when him, he indignant thinks Mu Linfeng has done not deserve to become her man, since did not come back to explain to did not excuse him, that oneself won't be in certainly miss this opportunity that exclusive God bestows, aux would rather displease brother to also want to comply with press the intention that be unable to bear already, a person of extraordinary powers that it is love bets.

Mu Linfeng hears, stopped the footstep has turned round to come, black ad cool-headed face, in a low voice, "What are you in charge of her to cry? " already showed on Mu Linfeng's face right now unwilling the look with detest, hope in his heart he just calls a fault more name.

But Zhao ease morning is full of provoked manner however, look up look at Mu Linfeng, he already was packed up before ruffian laugh, tone sturdily again: "Little dream. "Little dream..

"If still be a brother,do not ask, this has nothing to do with with you. This has nothing to do with with you..

Mu Linfeng has turned round, frozen eye eye upstairs is looked at, pause, he installs Nai to live after inner mood hard南京君临国际炮楼, zhao ease morning receives track again: "If m南京桑拿第一体验网ust I ask? "If must I ask??

The eyes that Mu Linfeng sees him and expression appear he had had overmuch care, mind is tightened, unavoidable before remembering, frown closely some are hesitant rise.

Zhao ease morning also mights as well now with respect to face-off, he has made preparation early, so hereat meaning looks for Mu Rongrong today when excuse, it is to think dream seeing a heart is had actually, he pledges oneself do not allow him to be in absolutely harm heart dream, for love, he cannot have been been in charge of so much.

"Your what meaning, are you to want certainly such? Are you to want certainly such??

Mu Linfeng is black face looks at him gravely, be complete be angry this, think he can reckon brotherly feelings won't speak a mouth formerly.

But Zhao ease morning still holds to toughly: "You are very clear, I am very affirmatory also. I am very affirmatory also..

A long time, filling even air a nip in the air, mu Rongrong sees before going up, shape quickstep is playing the hand of Zhao ease morning, express very do not understand, "You are mad, what are you saying? That is my elder brother's wife. That is my elder brother's wife..

"It seems that now is not your elder brother's wife any more, right. " although this word says to listen to Mu Rongrong, but he is staring at Mu Linfeng to be not put all the time however.

Mu Linfeng listens the intent that gives him, very rusty path: "I do not know she is in, but I know we are likely won't be a friend again, don't bother to see me out. Don't bother to see me out..

Mu Linfeng was sucked greatly at a heat hind, face about is on a building, he what close the door is to use fist to breaking a wall angrily more, suddenly low first, the marriage that looks at the ground to get on that piece to be fallen to break by heart dream photograph, although full ground ins disorder but still can see the La Xinmeng in the photograph in the bosom that that one face leans close happily in oneself, happy smiling expression, want to be illogical why can become today such.

The back of Mu Linfeng of watch sb go away of Zhao ease morning answers a room, have kind of inarticulate taste, but whole now heart by La Xinmeng cram, face about looks at later aside Mu Rongrong receives acoustical apologize to again: "To living " walk out of a door.

Mu Rongrong special astonish, also understand them what saying, how to concern break with, blame that freakish smelly wife, agitate does not get everybody quiet.

Look at the back that Zhao ease morning leaves, mu Rongrong is extremely sad very, but she is firm,chase after was dragged by Liang Wei however, warn: "This thing you have no right to interfere, had better give me good point. Had better give me good point..


Liang Wei knows the meaning of Zhao ease morning, awe lives after Mu Rongrong, pulling star face about to also leave.

Liang Wei just went to the outside, see Zhao ease morning drives come over, immediately encourages: "Cheer, must make her happy, bring back her. Bring back her..

Listening to the good friend's support, courage of instant of Zhao ease morning times add, "Thank, be at ease, I can make her happy certainly. I can make her happy certainly..

Say to raise a head to upstairs look at that black shadow of window edge, do the Bujialadiwei that there is edition of blue set limit to after the triumphal gesticulation of the challenge swagger off of dragon racing bike.

Mu Linfeng looks at what the window leaves Zhao ease morning to choose side, annoy namely distressed, show should be this brother also lost nowadays? Why to should the person beside leave him and go?

Mu Rongrong looks at Zhao ease morning to drive although be sad very,leave, but the elder brother had be toed be in charge of again so, be forced to call a person to clear the sitting room of dirty chaos clean.

Do not have a little while, song Wanting received haste of Chengdu Chengdu phone to drive come over, but dinner when no matter who be,call Mu Linfeng not to open the door.

Song Wanting is afraid very, guard the entrance in Mu Linfeng overnight, mu Rongrong is to her eye of this kind of give up the idea forever also to there are any methods? The following day the room that early morning Song Wanting is listening to to do not have activity all the time, afraid feeling is aggravating, knock forcibly cry greatly: "Maple of continuous heavy rain, you had opened the door, you do not frighten me, beg you what to thing there is had been we solved together? Beg you what to thing there is had been we solved together??

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