The 181st chapter comes from Tartarean devi南京夜网梧桐客栈l is originally mad

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The look that sees Song Wanting only is green a little while violet a little while, very ugly, one pushs this world of continuous heavy rain of wash one's hair to cry: "You give me Pull in your ears! , you this bedlamite, come from Tartarean devil. Come from Tartarean devil..

This world of continuous heavy rain of wash one's hair shakes the dress, catch to hers mad he appears very enjoy, "Come from Tartarean devil, I like this word very much, very good, need not it is OK also that I help you, but do not blame me to did not remind you, now is moment should travel you agreed to mine, devil won't sympathize with a person. Devil won't sympathize with a person..

Song Wanting heart issues one Jing, before be being blamed anger above, want to teach him come of firm firm curse him one time, if not be him himself also won't be reduced to poverty arrives today such situation, but do not have the thing before thinking of him 5 years to let his cash today, hair of the back after wanting to feel is cool, he can not know with respect to him plot, just harm Mu Linfeng how doesn't he also want to do.

After thinking over and over, song Wanting starts to talk in a low voice: "I did not get Mu Linfeng really, you ask by what I work to you. You ask by what I work to you..

This world of continuous heavy rain of wash one's hair has preparation early to her act shamelessly, he takes skill chance, open video, that picture moment is piercing Song Wanting's brain, the carnal agitato of two ** interweaves together to twist will be twisted, either who can oneself and he be, she raises a head, know he is He Yi already, this world of continuous heavy rain of wash one's hair is light path: "Do you see you do you still have the qualification that follows my argy-bargy so? I had given you the chance, if you agree good gracious if listening to me, I still can let you continue to stay beside his probably. I still can let you continue to stay beside his probably..

"I had agreed before you, won't harm him. Won't harm him..

"He is my younger brother I how give the heart to, just want to answer everything what belong to me originally just. Nowadays, your rival in love came back, he had too many visitors or business to deal with again to the company for certain, you want him on the body that full attention puts in you and heart dream, 5 this years I had made enough arrangement, those partner people was used for me almost, the experience blow that wants his small error to perhaps can make him small only now is not running a company, I am OK of be perfectly justifiable everything what replace him. I am OK of be perfectly justifiable everything what replace him..


"I want not to understand, that also belongs to maple of continuous heavy rain originally, how to say be you, old president is not early teach equity company called him, you with respect to stop, it is a family, contend for for this v/arc a person's status why endlessly. Contend for for this v/arc a person's status why endlessly..

"What do you know, the die tragicly of my Mom he without any consideration, the career that all works hard me even like that regards as apologize sends him, really funny, I won't make that old if fellow wishs, I want an all one belongings to transfer grandfather of my that sea to manage entirely, medium of movie and TV of family name letting wash one's hair disappears from now on. Medium of movie and TV of family name letting wash one's hair disappears from now on..

One face despises Song Wanting look at him, cold path: "It is bedlamite really, say what to let me this do? Say what to let me this do??

"I can be in paragraph La Xinmeng lets cooperate with the company inside time, next although you abreact to her you all rancor, the prize-giving evening banquet that spends paragraph of time wants to be destroyed only, he is met by partner people drive nonofficeholding, actually I am done so also helping you, when the man cares about mark weakness, you give some of warm consideration the word that encourages and so on more, what I believe he can be touched very much is right you, cannot say can happen by chance is good into yours, wait for me to had arranged all my meetings to think method helps him begin afresh next, he is my younger brother, I won't let him be upset by unkindness, this you can want to believe me. This you can want to believe me..

This world of continuous heavy rain audition wash one's hair says so, the Song Dynasty feels disgusting and clinking immediately in beautiful graceful heart, the dissembler of this hypocrisy, still dare saying now is maple elder brother, this is shameless to acme, see glare of firm of Song Wanting firm only he is one, of that one face distain conspicuous bottom, took the bag on the desk to go subsequently, and this world of continuous heavy rain of wash one's hair that place drinks is visual her back, corners of the mouth is ticked off remove laugh of a unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, afford for thought.

Early morning, zhao ease morning is ready breakfast, mu Chenhao walked out of a room, look at the cate on table, already the small morning grand that empty stomach rumbles, one face sits excitedly beside the table, look at Zhao Yi morning laugh laughs ask: "Ease morning uncle, thank you to prepare big breakfast for us, really delicious, can I often still eat after? Can I often still eat after??

"That is of course, deli南京200——400的场子汇总cious take a place more. " Zhao ease morning bestows favor on be addicted to look at small morning grand, touching his small head, all over the face love, do not know to still think they are a pair of father and son really.

La Xinmeng comes out from closet, look at sweet occasion, she is touched very much, to the happiness before, she very content with one's lot, morning laugh laughs at the Zhao Yi before sitting to look at an eye subsequently remind: "Take care his be used to is bad. "Take care his be used to is bad..

Zhao ease morning looks at morning bright low laugh: "Be used to is bad I am willing, it is bright, what to want to be able to want from ease morning uncle later, wrap your satisfaction. Wrap your satisfaction..

Small morning grand listens so say to put down the bowl chopsticks in the hand immediately, those who holding sweetness of Zhao ease morning in the arms became close readily, glad to: "True, know ease morning uncle is best to me. Know ease morning uncle is best to me..

After waiting for Mu Chenhao to eat, zhao ease morning drives again taking La Xinmeng to send bright bright to go to school together, after teaching a teacher morning bright, blue heart dream is mixed subsequently one ibid of Zhao Yi morning goes to company of maple ease jewelry going to work.

Just entered group large building, all employee drive presence greatly in what first floor hall awaits a boss, la Xinmeng now already is international famous stylist, she what have name so already was not in those days the girl 南京spa哪里好玩of that obsequious, the her very self-confident nowadays back that follows in Zhao ease morning, accept each media dispute photograph report, subsequently very ou南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路tstanding introducing oneself on work exhibition? Design.

In win each agency applause in the center, the Zhao ease morning is back-to-back gem that announces La Xinmeng is you designs chief inspector one duty, tighten the media news briefing that follow, la Xinmeng makes countrywide central point more quickly.

Sit in the Mu Linfeng by the television, knitting Shuang Mei closely, look at the La Xinmeng that be all smiles, get the Zhao ease morning of the thing with that pride, their happiness is self-evident, and oneself are the suffering a crushing defeat that be defeated however, he rises shut TV, outside walking along a window, look at flourishing city, but his facial had shown an unwilling desire that creates from the bottom of the heart then, abandon little dream, be his lifetime is painful.

Mu Rongrong returns 5 years once more from the United States, be like what differ before is beside much a Baiyi's man, mu Rongrong has say those who laugh to have pulling this man artifice, walked out of the airport, the assistant from the back helps them pushing baggage.

Did not see a little while accept this world of continuous heavy rain of wash one's hair o[db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]茶交流群FDf machine, before Mu Rongrong laugh laughs at double to go up, embracing him, one face happiness: "Elder brother, I think you very much, you do not go to the United States seeing me. You do not go to the United States seeing me..

Yang Song of continuous heavy rain of wash one's hair opens Chengdu, low laugh: "I is this busy, good now, you came back this to should not go again. You came back this to should not go again..

The happy circumgyrate of one face young woman crosses Mu Rongrong the man before the head looks at an eye acts like a spoiled child: "That is natural, although I receive your mail to drive the financial chief inspector that comes back to promise you to want enter a company to do you, but for me actually dear just agrees me to come back, so you should thank him well. So you should thank him well..

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