The 8th chapter accompan南京现在哪里有好场子ies wine female Xiong Ying

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The 8th chapter accompanies wine female Xiong Ying

Some, bad to go, be forced to change path. Some words, say to be not exported, can choose only silent. Some people, be destined to do not have a result, be forced to choose complete partition. I never had thought I meet be others love want, because of myself, did not hold any hopes to oneself. -- Yan Mo

The next day, yan Mo came according to the address on calling card " TIME " . She pledges, she daydreams also thinking of this is met unexpectedly is a bar.

Yan Mo goes in, the bar of become known day has not done business, the young lady that recieves her downstage smiles a little feel sorrily, she says: "Feel embarrassed, this lady, our bar still does not have business hours, ask you to come again later on. Ask you to come again later on..

"I will apply for, your boss gave me a piece of calling card. " Yan Mo explains, still handed calling card along with all [db:南京喝茶交流群BG][db:南京桑拿第一体验网][db:南京梧桐龙凤论坛][db:南京夜网419][db:南京夜网419][db:南京梧桐夜雨网FDG][db:南京君临国际炮楼][db:南京喝茶交流群FD]茶工作室the others she.

That person looked her up and down up and down, some suspiciously say: "Th南京好的spa推荐ACe meeting such as your, I call ask. I call ask..

The phone put through rapidly, then the head did not know what to say, downstage person asks: "What do you call the name? "What do you call the name??

"Yan Mo. "Yan Mo..

After reflecting real return downstage, there immediately hang up phone.

That person drops a telephone call, one face reads Xiang Yan write from memory despisingly, say impolitely: "You go, our manager is disinclined to manage you. Also do not look in the mirror see oneself a few jins a few, with respect to you such returning presumably accost our manager. With respect to you such returning presumably accost our manager..

What Yan Mo hears her is sarcastic, smile a thin smile, both neither responds her, also do not explain for oneself. Look in her, these are done not have necessary.

Yan Mogang plans to leave, the Xu An that face of the underside of a quilt comes hurriedly cries. He runs to the outlet that she held off in front of Yan Mo, character silent frown removed good-looking the top margin of a page, say: "Is your hobby in the way namely? "Is your hobby in the way namely??

That person not only did not get angry, return very happy look instead. "How to before coming, call to me, I am waiting for your phone all the time. I am waiting for your phone all the time..

Conscientiously ground answers Yan Mo: "I do not have a mobile phone. "I do not have a mobile phone..

After he listens more in high spirits, "How did I forget, go! I am bought to you. " his take advantage of an opportunity pulls Yan Mo.

Yan Mo flounces off his hand, do not want to continueing with him this topic is pestered go down, she says: "Can I do what works excuse me? "Can I do what works excuse me??

See he laughs it is to be taken off happily, yan Mo feels the overall situation is bad, as expected, he moves close to Yan Mo, light tone say: "The secretary that becomes me how? "The secretary that becomes me how??

Yan Mo is a little factitious, she receded a few paces, answer: "You what post do this still lack? "You what post do this still lack??

"With respect to the secretary ah ~ "

See the look of his that careless and casual, yan Mo pures colors: "Look you this does not lack a person, that I with respect to foregone. That I with respect to foregone..

See she wants really, xu An was worn urgent, he says embarrassedly: "I am to lack a secretary really, your otherwise thinks dry word, was born when the service only. Was born when the service only..

"That is born with respect to the service, I am OK. I am OK..

The secretary that sees Yan Mo is becoming him and service are unripe between she chose latter actually, xu An is frustrate very, "Good, you come in with me. You come in with me..

After they go, downstage person has not awaked from inside astonish, manager so treat a wife, head of occur for the first time meets with. Wait a moment etc etc, the word that didn't oneself a moment ago say what is beyond the mark? Was over, was over, this fell to be over really.

A flock of people in inn see Xu An took a wife personally, they look Yan Mo up and down singularly. Does the old turn quality? This girl, calculate constrainedly go up beautiful, her hair is in little to chin only, carried a black knapsack on the back, figure of what is to do not have more. She comes over with common old belt " elder brother's wife people " the place that can not compare at all. Think in those people affirmation is that woman after paying back, xu An's word lets them be surprised however.

Smile of Xu Anman face, language fast also slowly. "This you still remember how be being used. "This you still remember how be being used..

Yan Mo shakes his head.

"Do not have a thing, I teach you. I teach you..

That is tender, straight straight ground called them to hit cold quiver. Aside curly jab the man that fur clothing wears before stamp, "Yes, is you say the eldest child this to come really? Is you say the eldest child this to come really??

That person frown that is asked about, this woman he always feels look familiar, look carefully, he seems to once had seen this woman on the mobile phone of the old.

That angle, resembling is patted secretly.

Yan Mo stands over, sensory back is about to be seen by them a cavity come. She cannot help reminding the Xu An that saying ground vigorously aside, "You are occupied with respect to foregone, look for others to teach me to also go. Look for others to teach me to also go..

He did not work, "How does that go, I have to teach personally, who do I see dare gossip! " making is those who see Yan Mo is factitious, he puts loud amount intentionally.

Crowd break up a hubbub.

Yan Mo mouth sighed, "Xu An, I need a simple work namely just, you are formidable a barkeeper, instruct a young staff member however personally, I do not have blessing bear really. I do not have blessing bear really..

Xu An is silent a short while. Do not have a little while, he is called out come to cry " big pine " man, say to him: "You teach her, I am occupied still with respect to foregone. I am occupied still with respect to foregone..

There will be ample time, to Xuan, without what more important than leaving Yan Mo.

That person is wearing fur clothing of a suit black, the figure is lofty and forceful, unripe still calculate charming. The eyes that just looks at Yan Mo is not quite affable.

Yan Moquan becomes this is his individual character, she said voice courteously " bother you " .

After Xu An goes, big pine begins to teach Yan Mo, a word did not say during him, absorption the use method that demonstrating each machines. Finally, he says voice: "Understood. "Understood..

What he says is affirmative sentence, yan Mo feels strange, how does he know he learned. But she or calm are pure sound " thank " .

That person manage did not manage she went.

Character silent loosened tone, begin to work.

Bar, bar, it is of course with respect to wine bubble, drink of enjoyment. What the lamplight in inn is moved is very dark, there is a peculiar aroma in air, sundry person has dance as music, qing Gongzi's green illumination is on the person's skin, decadent.

"Vomit. " the wife of a miniskirt was being spat rise, her paralysis is on wall edge, many men start work to her use a base. Yan Mo hesitated or went by, she is supporting sb with hand she rises, pull her skirt downward, the body that uses oneself holds off the look of those man covet.

She asks her: "Does somebody accompany you to come? "Does somebody accompany you to come??

She is covering wind, it is painful very it seems that, "Without, I accompany wine namely. I accompany wine namely..

Character silent be clear, "I help you make a car, you go back rest. You go back rest..

That person lies in character silent wind, "Hum " .

"Do you live? " she always should know her address just can send her to go back, but what she drinks is blotto, how does silent holding the post of character make make do not wake. She was forced to bring back her the place that her rents.

The house is at the back of bar, very close, very cheap also. After Yan Mo has found a place for her, go back worked.

Busy to the late night, yan Mocai comes off work, carry oneself arm, the feeling of ache receives.

"I send you. " Xu An comes down from upstairs, there still is car key in the hand.

Yan Mo feels comical only, "Need not, the dormitory is全国凤,凰楼信息网站 from the back, the distance with a few far paces just. The distance with a few far paces just..

"That also is no good, your girl, I am not at ease. " he strides pace to take an entrance directly, still do not forget one face has turned gravely the head will say to her: "Catch up with. "Catch up with..

Yan Mo is helpless, be forced to hold the post of him to send bar from inside bar from the back.

"Arrived. " Yan Mo says to him.

"Good, I look at you to go in. I look at you to go in..

When Yan Mo goes upstairs, be called by him, he does not talk tardy however, she indissolubles the ground looks at him. Finally, he says: "Will see tomorrow. "Will see tomorrow..

The Yan Mo in the night looks not clear his expression, but she is a bit tired out however, yan Mo knows he is right him intention, but she is not to allow him love. Besides, character silent knows clearly, oneself do not have a feeling to him.

Calculated, with respect to a month, she can leave this after a month, she won't give one any loving want.

More not allow to make oneself have love want.

And downstair Xu An did not go all the time, when after her lamp went out, he just drives and go.

These days his mood all the more good, they are in before a few months after Japan is apart, this thinking this all one's life won't adieu, did not think of to be in this new city two people unexpectedly can meet again.

Yan Mo, my Xu An lived to never believe lot for years so, but this, I was believed.

Xu An dialed a telephone, did not ring a few times there received rise, xu An's dialect is relaxed very, "Gu Zi, I find her. That lets me see heart-to-heart woman. That lets me see heart-to-heart woman..

"Be, since be found first than me,did not think of you. I am fast also nevertheless, I see her, she is in with me now a city, I can look for her. " the necklace that Hu Gu is grasping Yan Mo, it is to bestow favor on be addicted to completely in the eye.

Xu Anxiao leaves, "A bamboo stick used as a toy horse of your that green plum? ~ will come to Hahaha tomorrow my bar, our elder brother two drink a few cups, let you see the goddess that sees me incidentally. Let you see the goddess that sees me incidentally..

"Are you done decide her? "Are you done decide her??

"Without, nevertheless she want全国凤凰楼信息网站ed my calling card actively, still stay in the job in my inn. Still stay in the job in my inn..

"Gu Zi, do you know, she is a very extraordinary woman really. She is a very extraordinary woman really..

"Very beautiful heart is before me, nevertheless since after encountering her, I had the idea that wants how to come down surely unexpectedly. I had the idea that wants how to come down surely unexpectedly..

"You, stable? Then I return true inquire for to see this person, can call your this loafer to turn round unexpectedly. " Hu Gu is intended jokingly he.

"Good, will see tomorrow. Will see tomorrow..

"I come certainly. "I come certainly..

The following day the day has not shined, yan Mo was given to wake by hair silk, open an eye to see the face that has piece of enlarge at the moment when her hind, she was frightened indeed jump.

That person giggle rise, she asks Yan Mo: "You bring back me? "You bring back me??

Yan Mo " hum " .

"Why not berth, it is a woman, what are you afraid of? What are you afraid of??

Yan Mo shakes his head, "I am too tired last night, touch sofa to slept to go to death. " actually, yan Mo last night is to think berth comes, can be her sleep appearance, yan Mo is really dare not flatter.

"What do you call? "What do you call??

"Yan Mo. "Y南京喝茶交流群BGan Mo..

The chin that she is holding herself in the palm looked Yan Mo up and down repeatedly a little while, reach finally a conclusion. She nods, "Your name and you are to hold out resemble, same Wen Wen is swallowed. Same Wen Wen is swallowed..

Yan Mo not quite the meaning that knows her.

"That is to say meaning of never mind of your this person. "That is to say meaning of never mind of your this person..

Yan Mo also not answer, before she walks up, go clearing away the bed that was crossed by her devastate last night. That person sees shape twitch one's mouth, no longer feel snubbed of ask for it. "My foregone, small silent ~ "

By her so cry, yan Mo removed a suit gooseflesh.

Think she left, did not think of she came back again, she hands the scrip that Yan Mo is writing a telephone call one piece, say: "What needs to help with respect to Call me, I owe your individual favour. I owe your individual favour..

She twists a head to be about, yan Mo calls her, "Yes, you... "

"I do not cry yes, I call Xiong Ying. " she says to go, golden long wavy hair is in sky raise a rondure. Yan Mo looks logy, she feels she that momently especially good-looking.

Actually, she should not ask her the name, everybody is a woman together, below the sort of circumstance, the fatigue of raise one's hand just, she had not thought what still is returned.

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