The female bathes to be careful too often the skin


Recen[db:标签TAG]ly, beside Kang Xi's emperor " aid especially " the life fondness for that Su Ma pulls aunt all the year round not to bathe caused many netizen heat to discuss, think this is she is compared even " BOSS " macrobian reason. All the year round does not bathe, whether true can healthy long life?


But loose of stimulate the menstrual flow is sudoriferous induce sweat

Guangxi nation hospitalArticle of Zhao of dermatological department doctor is green: People goes out everyday, skin surface can be stained with bilge. Bilge jams pore, can affect cutaneous metabolism thereby healthy. A few special body place (wait like the vulva) , bilge is too much can cause reproductive disease even. Accordingly, bathing is beneficial healthy. On the history, one of important contribution of fourth case Er austral the nurse, rinse the body to the patient namely, reduce disease of the patient东莞夜网 东莞夜网, person that hurt therebyInfectionrisk.

Shi Hebang of traditional Chinese medical science of university of medicine of Guangxi traditional Chinese medical science is wide: Bathe can exciting, massage skin, can exercise the skin " function " , make the body m上海品茶工作室 上海品茶工作室ore healthy. ColdWhen having a fever, people can swab the place such as forehead, double arm with the cold towel that touchs water, with hypothermia. If be to wash a hot bath, have " sudoriferous induce sweat " effect, after giving a suit sweat, your meeting discovery has a fever the symptom can alleviate apparently.

Yellow sword of division of traditional Chinese medical science of Guangxi nation hospital is smooth: Often bath of bubble bath, the bath that use heat, can have effect of preserve one's health of indefinite of stimulate the menstrual flow.


Bathe every day the skin

Guilin city combines traditional Chinese and Western medicine doctor of vice director of hospital dermatological department is like Han Wen: Bathe to had become consensus benignantly to the body, but the undesirable consequence that bathe is bathing at modern " too diligent " . A lot of haveSkin Sao is urticant, dry the patient that waits for a problem, one of its patho东莞夜网 东莞夜网genies are " won't bathe " .

Surface of human body skin has film of a fat, resemble an umbrella, maintain human body temperature, prevent body moisture excessive volatilize, keep wet. Bathe often, the 佛山夜网 佛山夜网water that perhaps uses overheat bathes, can destroy this fat film, makeThe skin is dry, the person can become be afraid of cold etc. Accordingly, bathing every day is incorrect.

In hold the body below healthful circumstance, 3~5 day bathes the most appropriate, water is warm maintain it is advisable that in temperature 37 Celsiuses are controlled. In addition, contain a上海水磨 上海水磨lkalescent bath dew, toilet soap is excitant to cutaneous stronger, unfavorable and frequent, many use. Actually, bathe with clear water only, can have clean effect likewise.

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