Winter garlic eats a law 3 kinds to be able to prevent disease 5 kinds of people are unfavorable eat garlic to prevent cancer


Win[db:标签TAG]er is the tall hair season of the respiratory tract contagion such as flu, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks " healthy atmosphere is put inside, unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease cannot work " , in pointing to the course that produces in the disease namely, the disease-resistant ability of human body oneself is crucial. The method that increases oneself disease-resistant capacity has a variety of, face every night for instance base of hot water bubble is used before sleeping, can promote circulation of blood of respiratory tract mucous membrane, can rise already resist the ability of flu, return ameliorable Morpheus. And in dietary respect, a lot of we feed capable person commonly also is a magic weapon that enhances immune power, e.g. garlic.

Winter garlic eats 3 kindsLaw canPrevent disease

Garlic besides eat raw, still have other have a way, and the flavour that can avoid to make a person awkward.

Garlic of garlic congee violet skin 30 grams, rice 100 grams. Garlic flay, 1 minute of fish out are boiled in putting boiling water, take rice next, put into water of the garlic that boil to boil gruel, put garlic again, boil together for上海品茶工作室 上海品茶工作室 congee. This congee has next energy of life be good at stomach, detoxify stops the effect of dysentery, apply to patient of acute bacterium dysentery.

Garlic steep garlic 10 grams, white sugar is right amount. garlic flay pound, add boiled water 50 milliliter, clear add white sugar right amount become namely. This steep is had relieve a cough 东莞夜网 东莞夜网alexipharmic effect, apply to whooping cough.

Garlic of black soya bean boils brown sugar black soya bean 100 grams, garlic 30 grams, brown sugar 10 grams. Will fry boiler to put flourishing fire, add water after 1000 milliliter boil, enter black soya bean (abluent) , garlic (section) , brown sugar, come with article baked wheaten cake black soya bean is ripe sodden become namely. This kind eats a law to have be good at the effect of lien上海品茶工作室 上海品茶工作室al beneficial stomach, suit kidney empty model gravidOedemaPerson edible.

5 kinds of people are unfavorable eat garlic raw

Garlic is mixed as commonly used vegetable flavor, it is to fit major person of course daily edible, have to sufferring from especiallyTuberculosis, Cancer, andHypertensive, ArteriosclerosisThe patient that waits for cardiovascular disease has profit very much. But, if you have eye difficulty, or contract cancer, or contract liver disease, orDiarrhoea, that cannot busy do not eat garlic raw.

One, eye ill patient

The ancients says: "Garlic treats 100 disease to feel one eye only " . Long-term, many eat garlic, yesEyeIt is harmful. Ji Kang is in " preserve one's health is talked " in say " laborious of meat or fish feels eye " , garlic flavour most laborious, and it is a key to do sth walking along Qing Dynasty, open an eye, cause the loss of the eye easily. Eat garlic to want to notice so not overmuch, have a sick person especially, when be being treated must avoid drops hot food.

2, frail the person that have heat

What the ancients thinks to feed garlic to meet dissipation person more is angry, at the same time also the blood of dissipation person, " a book on Chinese medicine anew " account " garlic laborious heat is poisonous, give birth to phlegmy get angry, medicinal powder blood of air waste time, frail the person that has heat do not touch a lip " . The body is so poor, Gas deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it is weakthe person wants to notice.

3, liver ill patient

A lot of people prevent with the method that has garlicHepatitis, even somebody is in suffer from on garlic still eats everyday after hepatitis. This is incorrect. " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " account garlic " long eye of caustic of the liver that feed an injury " , garlic sex is hot, can aid laborious of igneous; flavour, perverse stimulate a gender strong. Liver has inside fire person if edible, irascibility is met more flourishing, time became long can cause loss of course.

4, patient of lienal empty diarrhoea

Of unripe garlic excitant very strong, taking a place less usually is OK hurried is digested, but if suffer from,garlic eats again when the enteritis that is not bacterial sex, diarrhoea, intense exciting meeting makes hyperaemia of alvine mucous membrane, oedema aggravating, promote oozy, make an illness exasperate.

5, the person that weigh disease careful feed

Garlic belongs to hair content, alleged hair content, it is to point to cause certain disease particularly easily, or the food that accentuation already delivered a disease.上海水磨 上海水磨 Edible resembles the hot food such as garlic, chili, for the serious to must sufferring from defect, person that perhaps taking drug, appear probably apparent side effect, not only the likelihood causes old disease, make possibly still medicaments invalidat上海品茶工作室 上海品茶工作室ion, or produce chain reaction with medicaments, the influence is healthy.

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