Private parts maintains pubic hair also wants ventilated take a breath


[db:标签TAG]o you know the effect of pubic hair how many? The female can repair wool of haircut, brow, armpit hair, foot regularly, but seldom touch however pubic hair, meet at other hair relatively ev东莞夜网 东莞夜网en more " shame at " allude pubic hair. Pubic hair is located in illicit close place to be inferior to show outside other hair, but if clip has spent word, it is however can make sure the woman is healthy more, broad female friend should learn to pay close attention to pubic hair health.

One, pubic hair " ventilated take a breath "

Had not worn the original period of pants in the mankind, pubic hair rises to guard the vagina, those who avoid eyewinker, bacteria invade what be born with dimension bodyguard to defend function.

In sexual life, the main effect of pubic hair is the mutual attrition when reducing sexual intercourse, avoid raised monsveneris to be injured. Actually, the pubic hair in the male in male female sexual intercourse is enough already achieve the mutual attrition when reducing sexual intercourse, avoid the action of the injury of monsveneris.

In modern society, canal of sweat gland of human body pudenda is relatively bulky and rich, perspire the capacity is much, add place to concealment, incidental breathe freely undesirable, the existence of pubic hair, can rise " ventilated take a breath " action.

2, the measure looks health

The body hair of normal female is little, great majority is physiology sex, what is there inside body significant pathological change, also do not have an influence to health.

1, pubic hair is overmuch

Some females appearMuch wool, also often be a disease is indicative. Thick pubic hair is right the cover of vulva, make vulva lies from beginnin上海品茶工作室 上海品茶工作室g to end tepid, damp environment, became what mould, trichomonad, crab louse reachs a variety of pathogenic bacteria to derive a place, very the sanitation that goes against vulva.

Suffer from acidity of be addicted to or be addicted to is alkalescentHypophysis adenomawoman, pudenda often produces much wool phenomenon. Function of hypertrophy of thickening of appearance of banger of elephant of former occurrence finger, gum, tongue, sexual gland is maladjusted; Ministry of latter occurrence face is like full moon, abdomen greatly beat, The skin is coarseCompanion has amenorrhoea and high blood pressure.

Suffer from adrenal coriaceous and excessive hyperplasia to reachTumorwoman, male hormone is secreted overmuch, cause pubic hair to reach clitoris hypertrophy too much thereby.

Much bursa is ovarian and integrated proofAlso can appear bushy phenomenon, its characteristic is to begin not much, sparse hair of occurrence amenorrhoea or menstruation, Fat, infecund after waiting for an illness, hair of pubic hair, body increases apparently.

2, pubic hair is too little

Pubic hair and armpit hair height exiguous or be short of what when be like, say to be little wool disease, 2.5% what take a crowd about.

Pubic hair is too little on body of a few female is a kind of morbid state东莞夜网 东莞夜网. Count little wool disease to belong to pathology sex rarely, if one kind is calledSpecial accept family name is asked for integratedlysexual chromosome is unusual hereditary disease, also call sexual glan上海品茶工作室 上海品茶工作室d development undesirable or congenital ovarian development is undesirable, the patient's chromosome is more 45, x, little chromosome of a sex, it is sexual cell chromosome of mature process neutral does not depart or lose be caused by.

The sexual gland function of patient of this kind of female is not complete, expression is low, Web neck, mammary development is undesirable, external genital organs is babyish, monsvenerisWithoutWool or little wool, because of ovarian without follicular and companion amenorrhoea, although can live sexual life but without fecundity. Have the woman with thyroid low function not to have armpit hair, pubic hair is exiguous also, can have sexual life but sexual desire is apparently low decrease.

Pure sex sexual gland is depau佛山夜网 佛山夜网perate also accompany have little wool disease, after light disease is treated recoverable fertility.

3, pubic hair is wholesome

The female notices she issues half-length sanitation quite, on the disease that concerns with pubic hair, crab louse is a commonner kind. Generally speaking, it is briefs no matter common or it is lid quilt, the means that possible by contacts andInfectionGo up crab louse.

Be like the infection that should prevent crab louse so, basic sanitation of the individual must add an attention more. If affect crab louse unfortunately, best method still drops pubic hair shave, in order to break off the space that crab louse grows. Additional, if briefs is chosen undeserved, also can produce needless drag in to pubic hair, may cause the symptom of wool bursa agnail, grow small scleroma then.

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